Republicans always say religious freedom. We all know that’s code for Christian Nationalism.

The Freedom to say you don’t have freedom because of their freedom to judge your religious freedom.

Of course, the Evangelicals and conservative Catholics have a peace pact until the other one goes to hell.

And Mormons get their own planet?

All are way cool with Jews for Jesus. Everyone loves regular Jews even now! And Israel!

Not so cool with Muslims though. Whether Sunni, Shi’a or Sufi.

Sikhs? Aren’t they like Muslims and terrorists?

Hindus? Yeah, I take yoga now after pilates.

Buddhists? Dalai Lama is dope. He’s like cool.

Wiccans and pagans? Don’t they worship Satan?

Satanists? They don’t worship Satan even?!

Zoroastrians? [just skip them, they did nothing]

Shinto? We’re dancing

Confucianism: as long as that is allowed.

Taoism? Chill, we got this

Native American Religions? – whatevs, we got this for ourselves.


We know about Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Paine, Fillmore, Taft, and others.

There is not any established religion

But there is the establishment you could be of no religion.

Religious freedom. Don’t play the victim.

Anyone that wants to legislate from a book

Is not the victim. Believe what you want but

I read history, and I write my own books.

Keep your beliefs to yourself. Please.

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And don’t even get me started on what they’d like to do to the Bahá’ís! LOL