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AdLib On November - 28 - 2016


The election of Donald Trump as President has unleashed a great deal of primal hatred and bigotry around the nation, offering affirmation to those who have yearned to escape society’s “politically correct” shackles of having to pretend to be decent human beings.

Unexpectedly, a new manner of expressing themselves has been catching (or discovering) fire with such Trump supporters…going caveman.

To participate in this new (anti)social movement, Trump supporters vow to only speak (or tweet) in grunts and groans, express anger toward any who don’t look like part of their tribe and stop shaving and showering. These “New-anderthals” as they call themselves, claim their practice has been going on for many months but it only seems new because the public hasn’t been able to tell them apart from regular Trump supporters.

“We am here to stay just like first Neanderthals,” grunted Trump supporter and Newanderthal, Clyde Ham, previously explaining that part of the lifestyle includes not “con-jew-gating” verbs properly because they own the banks.

Instead of clothes, Ham proudly wore a pelt around his waist made of many rat hides sewn together, proudly bragging that he only needed to kill one tiny field mouse to have a pelt that sufficiently fit him as underwear.

Ham now lives in a cave, many miles away from his modest home that was coincidentally foreclosed on by JP Morgan Chase Bank, the CEO of which is in the running to become Trump’s Treasury Secretary. “Me happy in cave instead. Have running water…well…have to run to get water. Built in heat and air when sun is out and wind blows. And best of all, have second amendment rights to protect cave from terrorists…but mostly bats.”

One thing Ham hasn’t given up is his cell phone and internet access. “Trolls live in caves!” Ham laughed about hysterically for four and a half minutes before choking on a bit of rat meat that was sucked loose from his teeth. “Me on internet all day making libtards crazy! It as American as Russians!”

Ham does have a mailbox leaning up against his cave and scoffed at a summons he received to appear for assault against a woman hiker.

“Me wanted her so me grabbed her, just like President would! Me try to drag back to my cave but she libtard and maced me. And them want to put me in jail?! Can’t wait for President Trump to make law forcing all women to like me as Constitution says! ”

Touting the growing popularity of the Newanderthal movement, Ham explained that he has joined a club club…that is a club of fellow Newanderthals who have acquired clubs to beat others with. “We call clubs ‘arguments’. We win debates with libtards with them, on climate change, civil rights, we just swing  ‘arguments’ at them and we win! Who smart now? Really…who smart? Me want to ‘argue’ with them now,” Ham shouted as he frothed at the mouth and beat his chest with his club…soon falling down and clutching his chest after having knocked the wind out of himself.

As Ham demonstrated, America will have to come to terms with dealing for the next four years with the self-destructive, field-mouse-pelt-crotched, Newanderthal crowd that has backed and supports the presidency of Donald Trump.

Following something Groucho Marx once said, perhaps the solution for the rest of America is to join a club too and beat them over the head with it.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Blondannas says:

    Since the Donald has now stated that he will continue to run his business and produce his television show while serving as President, I can’t help but think that he is having second thoughts about the constraints of being President. Maybe he is becoming aware of the ramifications of his election, maybe he is struggling with the reality of Milania living in NYC while he is stuck in the relative tawdriness of the White House vs the gilded glamour of his Trump residence. I live in hope that he will find a way to resign before his inauguration.
    One can only hope. Maybe then, the miasma of hatred will dissipate and float away in the cleansing wind.

    • AdLib says:

      Hi Blondannas!

      I would propose that this is just reflective oof Trump’s narcissism and greed. He wants to have it all, conflicts of interest and time mean nothing to him as long as he can grab as much public attention and money as possible.

      And doesn’t it show how corrupt the GOP and their majorities in Congress are, allowing him to have so many conflicts of interest that taint our presidency, government and democracy…as long as Republicans can have power.

      Repubs have and will continue to prove that they have no principles (consider how many Benghazi and email inquiries they had on someone who had already left government at the time and yet zero interest in Trump’s true conflicts), they only show a commitment to grabbing as much power as they can, party before America.

      I doubt Trump will do anything that makes him look inadequate to be President, I know Michael Moore is suggesting Trump might quit the presidency but I think this is just wishful thinking. Who would want to be on Mount Rushmore or the $20 bill more than Trump?

      I do think that after 4 years, he will be the most infamous President in our history and go down to a landslide defeat. There will be hard times between now and then but considering he’s failed at almost every venture he’s tried (but in America, the wealthy get the laws passed that protect their wealth…like being able to claim $1 billion in losses when they haven’t lost that amount and save hundreds of millions in taxes). The presidency will be no different, he will bankrupt his support before long. It’s just a matter of time but we do need to do our part and stand up against him and the unprincipled Repubs all along the way.

  2. kesmarn says:

    Too funny, AdLib! I love it. To go along with the Groucho quotation, I have to cite another comedian (a few decades before Groucho) — the very first stand up comic: Mark Twain. Wasn’t he the one who said that he wouldn’t want to be a member of any club that would accept him?

    As far as I’m concerned, Ham’s club fits into that category — but not in the way that Twain implied. I really don’t want membership in that one under any circumstances. If they would accept me, it would be a scary indicator that I had really, totally gone off the rails. So please don’t invite me, Ham!

    Believe me when I say that I SO do not fit in. Don’t want to fit in. In fact, I will cling to my libtard status indefinitely, thank you very much, Ham. Now settle down, boy. Here’s a nice piece of rodent-burger for you, Hammy. Go sit in your crate.

    On a more serious note, I’d also seen the three videos that Kalima posted. I’m sure we all would agree that these people are exhibiting signs of mental illness (I think the one woman really is severely bipolar) but the sad thing is that these types of people --as you said in your parody — now feel that they have some legitimacy. They feel that they can publicly insult people with impunity and then call them “sore losers” or “politically correct little cupcakes” when they object to the verbal abuse.

    And most recently a guy who’d been incited to near violence by an anti-Clinton fake news story terrified everyone in a DC pizza place yesterday by taking a gun in and threatening to “do his own investigation” into false charges of a child sex trafficking operation that was allegedly being run out of that site. Madness!

    The next four years cannot go by fast enough if this is what we have to look forward to. I can only hope that the Hams of America figure out sooner rather than later that it will never be 1952 again. Women are not going to start wearing pearls and heels and having potatoes au gratin with ham on the table when Ham gets home from the rock quarry. And black Americans are not going to start dashing for the back of the bus. The party’s over, Hamster!

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks Kes!

      I know Groucho said that “club” joke, don’t know if it goes back to Twain but it’s a good one!

      Those who are saying that we need to understand the Trump voters seem to me to be the ones trying to normalize this psychological break in many Americans. No, I am not like those who voted for Trump, we don’t think alike, they show no interest or aptitude in trying to understand the majority of the country that is aghast at Trump winning so I have no interest in normalizing the thought process of those who voted a destructive con man into the presidency. We have nothing intellectually in common…mainly because no intellect was used in choosing to vote for Trump.

      In time, these emotional voters will instead come to understand the majority of Americans and see that they were played as rubes. They’re the ones who need to return to the fold of rational human beings who have a conscience and at least a crumb of wisdom to not make emotional, self-destructive choices.

      Indeed, in a syndrome that might compare to mass hysteria, Trump has inspired these social misfits, mentally unstable people spouting hatred wildly (and sometimes dangerously as with the pizza place) and they think what they’re doing is okay. Not attacking people or vomiting hatred indiscriminately is being “politically correct”.

      I think we’ll see more of this once Trump is confronted by many Americans once he takes office, his supporters may feel authorized by him to confront any who stand up against him. In the end, all of them will lose but in the short term, it sure looks to get ugly.

      I’d guess that The Hamsters will learn as slowly as their namesakes but after being shocked every time they try to find health insurance or keep up with rocketing inflation, I think they’ll stop running on their wheels and start realizing that they’re being treated like dumb animals.

      • kesmarn says:

        AdLib, you raise a very interesting point here: that is, that trying to understand the Trump voters is also — in some sense — trying to normalize something that cannot (should not?) be normalized. Maybe utter bafflement is an appropriate response after all.

        I seem to recall that quite some time back you said something to the effect of the fact that people on the far right wouldn’t really wake up to the awareness that they were (for the most part) voting against their own best interests until the bottom fell out. And by that was meant that the bottom would need to fall out even more than it did in 2008 when the economy crashed. In other words — that event was painful. But maybe even that was not enough pain to wake them up. I think you said that things might have to get even worse before there was any sort of belated realization that they’d been played for fools.

        We might be witnessing that state of “even worse” in 2017. Here in Ohio John Kasich is already warning of a coming recession. Despite his (falsely) vaunted fiscal managerial skills, he says that State expenses will exceed revenue next year. And this time there’s no Democratic Governor Ted Strickland to blame for it. The GOP has dominated state government for years here. Things could get verrry interesting in the fairly near future.

        And I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Ohio mirrored on a national scale as well. The hamsters are about to have their cages rattled… And they will have no one to blame but themselves.

        • AdLib says:

          Kes, it is something that we weren’t hearing, at least right after the election. Since then, I’ve not spent as much time following MSM sources as a bit of a protest of their promotion of Trump for ratings so I don’t know if it’s being said much now.

          I think it is irresponsible for the MSM and some Dems to insist that we need to be sympathetic now to Trump voters to curry favor with them. Because it does normalize hatred, racism and ignorance. Nope, we don’t need to sing Kumbaya with the Alt Right. We don’t need to make bigoted raging at coffee shops and craft stores something that’s “just different”.

          It’s deranged, it was before and it is now. The degree of derangement in many Trump voters varies, from slight, the ones who walk around as dupes thinking Trump’s BS utopia is going to be real, to extreme as seen in those videos.

          The majority of America should continue to conduct a rational and reasonable society despite the fact that there are those among us who have been radicalized by Trump. Decent society should not be just an option, it should be required of those who want respect.

          Yes, it has been my theory that the only way to breakthrough the self-centered or apathetic ignorance of many of the less educated voters is that they have to suffer terribly first. They don’t make decisions based on reason and wisdom, they make decisions based on their emotions. Hence, many voted for Trump because he struck a primal emotional chord in them.

          I think that Trump will do profound damage to our economy, beginning on day one when he will apparently try to sign a bill killing Obamacare. The insurance market and hospitals will be turned upside down as will the economy since health care represents such a huge portion of it.

          As for OH, that is very interesting how Kasich is trying to prepare the people for economic turmoil. I think you’re right, this may be just the prelude to economic trouble spreading across the country. Ironically, it would seem that red states will be hit the hardest and Trump voters will suffer the most. Red states typically take more in tax dollars than they give, meanwhile blue states will do better because many give more in taxes than they receive.

          We have gone for a long unbroken period of gradual economic recovery under Obama but that can’t last forever and signs sure point to bad economic times ahead.

          Repubs will get their tax cuts through, kill at least sections of Obamacare and get into trade battles with other countries. That means billions in tax money will be taken away from states and social welfare programs which can only depress the economy. And trade conflicts will pump up inflation. And coal and manufacturing jobs ain’t coming back, they will keep leaving.

          Many Trump voters will be trapped in a vise between skyrocketing health care costs they can’t afford, fewer jobs for the uneducated and rising costs for gas, groceries and other necessities. They will be crushed by the con man they so foolishly believed in and only then, when they are suffering intensely, will they push back.

          Right now, they’re on the verge of having nervous breakdowns, they don’t know whether to howl in delight or scream at all the “others” that they feel threatened by.

          The worst will have to come to them to open their eyes to their ignorance. Some children learn the easy way, they understand what causes them to get in trouble and simply use reason to avoid repeating mistakes. Other children need to learn the hard way, they keep doing the wrong thing and need to be punished and become very upset at losing things they want before they finally catch on.

          The uneducated never seem to learn the easy way. They seem to need extreme situations to correct their views on what is truly bad and what is truly good. It becomes clearer why Repubs undermine funding for public education when this is considered, they know from their own studies that the less educated are more easily manipulated against their own interests.

          But the mitigating factor is suffering. One can’t be propagandized out of feeling pain. When you’re being kicked out of your apartment because you can’t pay the rent, no amount of Trump’s boasts about how well everyone is doing under him will convince you of that.

          You know how in the old movies and cartoons, they would say, “Pinch me, I must be dreaming!”? Well, I think that Trump voters will snap out of their delusions once they’re put in a tight and painful pinch and I can’t see any way right now that they will be spared from that.

          We’ll all be hurt too to one degree or another but the worst suffering sure looks to be aimed right at the ignorant Trump voters who helped elect a narcissist sociopath to “shake things up”.

          He will do that, he’ll shake up their lives like a monstrous earthquake, causing them terrible times. Then, hopefully, we can all start back up the path together on repairing all the damage and having a government and society that works towards the best interests of the people.

    • Kalima says:

      It won’t be the last either as the “trump nuts” come out into the open. The fake news turds should be arrested for inciting violence too.


      Fake News Purveyors and Trump’s Conspiracy Theorists Have Real World Consequences


  3. grammit says:

    he is NOT MY PRESIDENT!!! and never will be actually HE thinks he is King drumph AND HE IS FRIGHTENING IN HIS IGNORANCE AND HIS ARROGANCE

    • AdLib says:

      grammit, I think before long, the majority of the country and world will feel exactly the same way. We have no choice but to deal with and fight against him while he’s in the White House for 4 years but I will never use the title “President” before his name.

  4. Kalima says:

    Perfect description, AdLib. Below, three perfect examples of those you described.

    Forgive me for posting something I have already posted on Time Out, but here they come.

    Is this their new game plan? Victimisation? Not working if this is their cockeyed excuse for voting for trump. As pathetic, aggressive, dumb and classless as we thought. Just like their dear leader.

    It sounds too scripted. Poor, poor white people. :roll:


    ‘And I voted for Trump! So there!’: Woman accuses black Michaels employees of discrimination


    Racist White Woman Trump Rant in Chicago Store 11/23/16

    ‘I voted for Trump! You lost!’: White Starbucks customer accuses barista of ‘discrimination’

    Pro Trump Rant on Delta Airline Caught on Video

    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, a WAPO article that carried the Starbucks video listed this too:

      Since Trump’s election, a wave of racially and religiously motivated acts of intimidation, violence and harassment has swept the country.

      Students at a Michigan middle school began chanting “build the wall!” during lunch on the day after Trump’s election.

      A black student at Baylor said she was shoved by a white male while walking to class on the morning after the election. Her assailant, a fellow student, told her “no n—-s allowed on the sidewalk,” she said — then echoed Trump’s campaign slogan, declaring: “I’m just trying to make America great again.”

      Days later, a University of Michigan student was approached by a stranger who threatened to set her on fire if she didn’t remove her hijab, campus police said.

      At a high school in Pennsylvania, two students paraded through the hallways with a Trump sign as one student shouted, “White power!” — a moment that was captured on video.

      On Saturday, an Episcopal church in Maryland was vandalized with a chilling message: “Trump nation. Whites only.”

      The following morning, in central Indiana, the organist at an Episcopal church discovered a swastika, an anti-gay slur and “HEIL TRUMP” spray-painted on the outside walls.


      These racists who have been suppressed by decent society for decades are coming out from under their rocks but look and sound like the hysterical and insecure garbage they are. Poor white racists have been rejected for so long by society and now that they have a President who’s validated their paranoia and bigotry as “normal” they are freaking out in public.

      As horrible as it is, it’s only going to make them look like the ugly creatures they are and paint Trump with the same brush. Meanwhile, as we’ve discussed, opposition to Trump will be a gathering wave of people of decency from everywhere that will in four years, wipe out Trump, Trumpism and the validation these psycho-racists have received from him.

      • Kalima says:

        Read about many cases too, like the letters to mosques in CA saying that “trump will do to you what Hitler did to the Jews.”

        Then there is this in the story below, and everthing sure to follow. I really don’t think that any decent American will stand for or keep quiet about this overt racism. Not now. Not ever. Trump will be reviled not just inside your borders, but across the world, and whoever the next Democratic president is, they will have to travel around the world mending fences that President Obama had so diplomatically mended and tended after Bush and during his outstanding presidency. The drop from Obama to trump is so deep that it pierces the earth’s core and comes out at the other side like an arrow through the heart of democracy. He might think he has 4 years but he’s already finished the minute his fat arse sits down in the Oval Office.


        Shouting match erupts between Clinton and Trump aides


        Conway’s premise made me roll my eyes to the back of my head after hearing the repubs chant, “He’s not my president” and questioning the legitimacy of his presidency for the last 8 years.

        “Guys, I can tell you are angry, but wow,” she said. “Hashtag he’s your president. How’s that? Will you ever accept the election results? Will you tell your protesters that he’s their president, too?”

        • AdLib says:

          Yes Kalima, we’re seeing this ongoing eruption of repressed racism thanks to Trump’s provocation of it and the odd thing is, the racists seem as shaken by their outbursts as those witnessing them…aside from the assaults and vandalism that is.

          It’s like watching cavemen who’ve been frozen in the ice, defrosting and being hostile yet terrified at the majority in the world who are more evolved than them.

          Hence, my use of that imagery in this post.

          We don’t have a choice about going down the path that lies ahead of us, the racial division in this country may become inflamed in a way we haven’t seen since the 60’s.

          History will be challenging all of us to stand up for our principles and those of the country. It could get very ugly but it will bring a majority of Americans together and hopefully, bury the power of racists in this country for good.

          With the shrinking of the white majority, the racists are on their last legs of having the opportunity to seize power like this. When we put them down this time, it could be the last time we have to.

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