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AdLib On July - 25 - 2013

So my daughter was trying out a new photo app on my iPad using photos of our puppy to do so and she was really amusing and impressing her dad. With this in mind, I wondered, what about a bigger challenge? So I gave her photos of political figures, gave her a one sentence description of who they were (though she knows who Barack Obama is very well).

I was very vague about Anthony Weiner, just told her he was running for Mayor in New York and got in trouble for doing things he shouldn’t have done, that seemed to be enough.

So, hoping this doesn’t come off as too self-indulgent (just self-indulgent enough), here is my 10 year old daughter’s first go at political humor:







Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Assumed Name says:

    I’m late to the party, but may I say, “Very well done, and very fun!!”

  2. Ad, this is from one of my favorite writers, Ralph Waldo Emerson. It’s a short piece from the wonderful essay, Self Reliance.

    “A child is in the parlor what the pit is in the playhouse, independent, irresponsible, looking out from their corner on such people and facts that pass by, they try and sentence them on their merits, in the swift, summary way of children, as good, bad, interesting, eloquent, silly, troublesome. They bother themselves not about consequences, about interests; they give an independent, genuine verdict!”

  3. Just wonderful Ad and little Ms. Ad. You make a great team. To little Ms. Ad, brava, brava, keep up the good work. You have a shiny future.

  4. Jenuwin says:

    Oh my, she truly takes after her father! Well, looks like she has a head start so watch out Ad Lib!

    Truly funny and great to see this imagination in someone so young but so astute.

    • AdLib says:

      She’s at an age where she can beat me at a variety of games but I never guessed political humor would be one of them! I’m watching my back!

      She really enjoyed creating these, I may have more to add to this thread if she wants to do more today. And yes, it really does tickle me to see her displaying her wit and creativity like this.

      Sure beats the Nixon macaroni art parodies I did when I was her age.

  5. SueInCa says:

    LOL Adlib, I would expect no less from your very mature 10 year old daughter. Make sure she reads these comments so she will understand how we appreciate her humor and most of all how she was not really mean to anyone. Good on her, she has a very bright future.

    Sometimes kids speak louder than any of us and make more sense.

    • AdLib says:

      Sue, very cool of you to say! She is happily reading the comments posted here (she’s at summer camp right now but will be back later) and what I just thought about is it’s her first time creating something and getting reactions from grown ups who aren’t Mom and Dad and that could make a big and positive impact on her.

      Instilling a sense of responsibility and importance about our democracy and world events seems so critical nowadays. We try, we bring her with us when we vote and she’s joined us at protests and rallies.

      When she comes home and sometimes asks me what’s happening in the news, that of course gives me a smile.

      She is a fun loving girl, seeing this side of her though is even more fun for me.

      • Creating is, in my opinion, what life is all about. It doesn’t matter the form or medium, but the process itself.

      • SueInCa says:

        I am glad she is seeing the comments. It is so important to teach our young to respect others but to also know when to speak out against wrongs. Sounds like she is getting a very good lesson from you and your wife. I share these things with my grandson too, I want him to know what is going on in the world. Slowly he is understanding and you can tell from their conversations with us, they are truly learning.

        • AdLib says:

          Sue, so true. All of childhood is a learning process about what is right and wrong to do. And a big win would be if kids learn to stand up and speak out for what’s right even if others around them aren’t doing so.

          Very pleased (and not surprised) that your efforts with your grandson are paying off and he’s “getting it” more and more.

          One thing I’ve said before is that the crucial thing schools don’t teach and only parents and grandparents can teach their kids is critical thinking. With that skill, the ability to think for themselves and not just accept what they hear, the skill to discern what’s true and what’s important, paired with a sense of responsibility to stand up against what they know is wrong, can end up giving us a pretty powerful and invaluable next generation.

          • SueInCa says:

            It is amazing how kids soak up info. I think we both have some pretty amazing kids/grandkids

          • SueInCa says:

            Exactly right Adlib. What I do is probe him for details when he mentions current events or a situation that happened at his school. By asking him questions and giving what I think is sound advice I believe he will gain crucial critical thinking skills. I have told him that in certain circumstances it is appropriate to question authority and he has tried it with success at stating his feelings and thoughts so that also enforces the lessons. He is a caring kid at any rate and automatically understands the underdog’s plight. Prior to being cool, he went through some of the things he sees other “not cool” kids going through and his experience has taught him to be compassionate.

            • AdLib says:

              Sue, isn’t it silly that the simple practice of asking kids questions teaches them so much. To assert themselves, to learn to make educated guesses, to accept that sometimes they’re wrong and of course, to develop critical thinking.

              Some parents have the mindset that school is where their kids are taught and that’s that, they don’t really think about educating them too.

              And indeed, as they get older, the ones who have learned to make good decisions for themselves won’t go down the road that other less-prepared kids may go down due to being around kids who are bad influences.

  6. AlphaBitch says:

    Well, there was a very astute saying in my family: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    I think this is the case! Please explain it to ChicaLib, although from the looks of things, she will likely explain it to you.

    VERY smart young woman you got there, Daddy-O. Good job to you and Jenuwine.

    The Blov thinks SHE should run for office. He agrees that maybe it’s the girls’ turn. -- AB

    • AdLib says:

      Hey AB, she’ll get a big kick out of your on the Blov’s compliments!

      She may have to settle for being the second female President…or the first female Daily Show host!

      Thanks so much!!!

  7. choicelady says:

    OMG -- that’s simply wonderful! That’s amazing political savvy for one so young! She has a GREAT future ahead should she decide to give Sally fodder for the Sunday funnies someday not too long from now! She could easily contribute to the Daily Show, too! Clearly a chip off the old (merely a saying) block, AdLib. Give her our best, our thanks, and tell her to keep on keeping on with such great talent!

    • AdLib says:

      CL, thanks so much for the lovely words! She’s asleep now but I will show her your comment in the morning, she’ll be thrilled!

      This has been such fun for her, discovering a whole new creative avenue and making Dad laugh in the process.

      She does watch The Daily Show with me and really enjoys it so hearing that you think she could contribute to it will just delight her!

  8. Kalima says:

    Oh AdLib this is pure delight and very enlightened for her 10 years. I will admit that I couldn’t do any of those things that she did with those pictures. 😳

    I love it and please keep up with the good work. I know that your dad is very proud of you. :)

    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, it is amazing how quickly kids pick up computer stuff! She’s read your comment and was so pleased, it’s given her a lot of confidence…I’m sure of that because she’s now alleging copyright infringement if I don’t pay her for publishing her work!

      Man, where does she get that from?

  9. kesmarn says:

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† Well done, Little Lib! My favorites are John Boehner and Anthony Weiner. Yes, AW does look very nervous, as well he should. He’s overdue for a Major Time Out!

    Please keep up your efforts in the political humor area. We need bright young artists and thinkers like you. Otherwise the Mr. Know-It-Alls will run the show. And that would be no fun!

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