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AdLib On February - 8 - 2011

My first title for this was “Jumping the Sharkington Post” but after considering how Arianna’s selling out has exposed her and HP for what they really are to so many, I thought writing another negative parody of their name would be kind of inconsiderate. I mean, this could be the first genuine thing she’s done to empower the Progressive community so wouldn’t slamming her be a bit unkind?

Instead, I thought about all the fantastic people that this has brought to other legit Progressive sites such as ours and the process it takes to change what one calls home for their blogging.

It’s almost like ending a romantic relationship. Except with less restraining orders.

So, with Valentine’s Day coming up, that theme brought to mind the old Paul Simon song and I considered…there must be 50 ways to leave your blogger…

You just slip off the screen, Jean
Make a new click, Rick
Don’t need to be a mod, Rod
Just get yourself free
Hop on the web, Jeb
You don’t need to fanned, Jan
Just drop off the troll, Joel
And get yourself free

On the other hand, being committed to a blog can be more like a marriage…and in this case I think bloggers should sue Arianna Huffington for alimony.

After all, they bent over a hot laptop all day, slaving to put fresh content on her site day after day and what did they get for it? Nothing but pictures of half-naked Kardashians!

So, as the cause of this divorce, I think she should first be sued for alimony under a charge of infidelity. I mean, consider the gall of her repeatedly expressing her fidelity to Progressive values while all the time being in bed with Corporate America.

And being that corporations are regarded as being people, we should sue AOL for AOA (Alienation of Affections). I say we go for it all including custody of the blogs. Let’s face it, Huffington Post would be far better off with its caring family instead of an unprincipled mother who exploits it for her own personal greed.

She can have weekend visitation at the site and be with it on every other holiday.

And don’t get me started on compensation for mental anguish from all the trolls, deceptive headlines and heavy handed moderation! We should be compensated for all the spa time and margaritas our doctors prescribe for us to recover from such emotional cruelty.

I’m making a call now to the law firm of Bleed & Soakem, I’ll let you know how it goes but always remember, there are always more blogs in the intertubes.


Here are links that you can share over at HP with your friends to spread the word about The Planet:

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Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. KB723 says:

    Cher I am just saying the our gov’t does Not have the health of it’s people at the peoples best interest. Look how they are looking to do away with the EPA, I am sure the FDA will be next. Sadly I must also say that “My Opinion” is that our gov’t is a shadow gov’t. They do as they are told.

    Have you ever spent any time looking at infowars.com? I like to look at All aspects, and am just as free as anyone else to have my own opinions, POV.

    What is your POV Cher?

    • Chernynkaya says:

      BTW-- do you believe Alex Jones? You mentioned that you read infowars.

      • KB723 says:

        Cher I look at all the aspects of politics, or news? I even read the Onion. Alex Jones as far as I am concerned helped in starting the Tea Party movement.

        Go check it out sometime. To be Honest I am actually afraid of spending Any time at that page, but do go to check it out from time to time.

        BTW, I made NO quote of anything religious. I also enjoyed watching Jesse Venturas show, when it was on.

    • Chernynkaya says:

      My POV, KB is that the New World Order conspiracy theory is bunk.But worse, I consider it potentially harmful bunk. Before the 1990’s, New World Order conspiracism was limited to the militias and fundamentalist Christians concerned with the Antichrist. Any theory those two bring forth is worthy of contempt, IMO. Lately, some conspiricists on the Left have adopted it too--but about The Fed, which doesn’t give it any more credence.

      As if all that weren’t enough reason for me to consider New World Order folks beyond the pale, the conspiracy is also connected to anti-semitism, especially when the Left starts conflating NWO with The Fed. And from there they go to on to talking about how the Fed is run by a cabal of Jewish bankers, and start quoting the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

      I hope that answers your question. and yes, of course you may have your opinion. But then you should be straightforward about it and not dance around.

      • KB723 says:

        Cher. I was Not dancing around. I was stating my POV cos you asked. Many thanks for your POV.

        By the way I make it a point to look from many perspectives and Am Not a conspiracy theorist.

        • Chernynkaya says:

          I appreciate the clarification. However, you say the government is “a shadow government.” That sounds like a conspiracy theory to me, but maybe you mean something else that I can’t figure out.

          • KB723 says:

            Cher I answered your question, and made it a point to mention that I am NOT a conspiracy theorist.

            Again, You asked my POV and I kindly shared it with you.

      • zootliberal says:

        Cher, looks like I wandered in smack dab in the middle of a heated conversation. Trying to find the beginning of this thread now, but so far I throw in with you on this.

        • Chernynkaya says:

          Hey, zoot! I was just asking if anyone had seen you all weekend. Glad you’re OK! BTW--it’s a new conversation, but I think it may be over pretty quickly.

        • KB723 says:

          zoot, How’s Things I was wondering where you have been lately.

          I find nothing here “Heated” Cher asked my POV and I answered her.

          • zootliberal says:

            Hey KB723, I realized I overstated after I left that post, it seems like there’s a longer conversation but can’t find it. I have been heads down in a heavy work schedule for over a week, which is coming to an end soon, thank goodness. I miss this place.

  2. KillgoreTrout says:

    Foxhole, here, a person can actually grow. The freedom of expression and the respect that others give to you and your opinions allow for intellectual growth.
    HP is like they say about cigarettes, it will stunt your growth. The only thing really frowned upon here is nastiness, which I never saw in any of your comments at, “that other place.”

    • zootliberal says:

      Hi Killgore, saw your message in thread above, good to hear from you. This is one tired green muppet, sorry i haven’t been around, though looked in occasionally and was happy to see this place jumping. I will be back soon enough, will have more time on my hands as my work schedule died down. you take care and will chat soon.

  3. Foxhole Atheist says:

    Brand new HP refugee, here. Thanks for opening your door to me! I should probably take my shoes off before I enter. After all, I have been wading through $316 million dollars worth of shite.

  4. JMBrodie says:

    Well written. It has, indeed, been a difficult parting for me after nearly three years, thousands of entries and hundreds of “Fans.” HP, to its credit, did bring me into the online world, and for that I am grateful.

    I guess you never forget your first.

    • Buddy McCue says:

      I’m glad you made it over here.

    • jdmn17 says:

      First moderation? First deletion of a well thought out post? First snarky comment about your offspring or lack of a brain?

      Kidding. I am grateful to HP for eventually getting me here.

      Welcome JM

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks JM!

      Same here, HP was my first blog too but as I allude to in the piece, that didn’t make me want to stay in an abusive relationship.

      After the 2008 election, the Oak Investments buy in and the shift to the right, supporting trolls and tabloid stories, the romance was completely over. I jumped ship in early 2009 and never regretted it or wished I was back in a regular basis.

      Until the merger, I would still pop by during the day to see what they were up to and skim some comments for the good ones but since the sell out, though I have been pretty buried handling everything here, it takes an enormous amount of will power for me to go over to that place, knowing the vermin in, around and owning it.

      But, even if they are the new National Enquirer, they have a big footprint out there so I do need to keep up on what lies they’re pushing, just as I do with Fox News.

    • Truth says:

      JMBrodie, you’re sure not alone with this. There is one thing that I’m grateful for to AH, and that is she started an excellent blogger community. Sadly, as I realized somewhere on the road, it was not in her interest to make proper use of this. But, thanks to her all of us met and thanks to Planet POV now we can get started on the real thing! Very pleased to meet you here!

  5. Fuzzy says:

    What a great place, glad I found the link.

  6. TekVahana says:

    I never had any socks at HP. (The only time I ever use them is when I’m setting up a web thingamajingy and need a generic user ID to check the install out from that perspective instead of as an admin).

    I hardly log in over there any more, usually just a short lurk for a quality check, and to see what my favorite peeps may have to say.

    The quality has been going downhill for well over a year and never seems to get any better. It’s more tabloid and the ‘Maudes’ just keep getting goofier. Sorry to hear about so many folks getting the banhammer dropped on them for expressing themselves in any civilized manner.

    I copied the PlanetPOV logo and re-sized it to one half and added it to the banner rotation of a small site I do volunteer work on, and will add PlanetPOV to the links pages on the few client sites I currently have when it’s OK with my them to do so. (Will also add a link in my sigs soonest). Best I can do to help promote PlanetPOV at this time. Need more graphic elements from 80x15 on up to 468x60. Is there a ‘link to us’ page I’m missing that has that kind of stuff? If not, I’ll try to knock a few together as soon as time allows.

    • AdLib says:

      Wow, very cool TekVahana! Thanks so much! We don’t have a Link To Us page at this time but am familiar with them. If you’re offering to help create one, that would be fantastic.

      Please feel free to email me at [email protected] to discuss and I can provide a variety of graphics as well.


  7. Wiseronenow says:

    Good morning all. Well, couldn’t sleep and thought I’d check in on varioius sites to see how the world has changed since I last ventured there. Well, but no surprise something that really got my juices flowing: Arianna Huffington on Bill Maher’s show yesterday. She is now claiming that her site is NOT political and never was!! Seriously? Then the question bears asking: WHY!!! has she ONLY been on “political­” talk shows? I never heard her venture onto those shows and talk about fashion, entertainm­ent and the like which she is now claiming is the actual makeup of her site. But, no surprise that Bill wanted to continue with his sucking up to actually ANYONE that he would give her a forum to counter any negative comments about her AOL buyout. But, then Bill goes right on to ask HER a POLITICAL QUESTION and about Obama. Unbelievab­le. And, OF COURSE, she said nothing positive about Obama. She should have said: “no, no Bill ask me a question about what Suri Cruise’s spring fashion line might be”. The woman is a total hypocrite.

    • Artist50 says:

      All I can say is -- huh?

    • Buddy McCue says:

      “Not political?”

      I’m not saying that I don’t believe you, but it’s hard to believe she actually said that! As if there were no evidence to the contrary.

      Arianna Huffington is a regular guest on KCRW’s “Left, Right and Center” (which is a really good show BTW; I listen to it via podcast.)

      Robert Scheer is there, and he is introduced as representing the Left. Tony Blankley is introduced as the Right, and Arianna Huffington is always introduced as “representing the Progressive/Independent blogosphere.”

      She is not introduced like that sometimes, but EVERY time on this weekly show.

      What do the words “progressive” and “independent” mean? Are they or are they not political labels?

      You are absolutely right; Arianna Huffington is acting like a hypocrite.

  8. reveal5 says:

    I’ve had two occasions that Internet Explorer closed this website due to security concerns over unwanted or malicious or unwanted addons trying to access my computers memory improperly…any ideas?

    • TekVahana says:

      I wish I did. But I don’t do Windows. I’m getting the old “Busy or unresponsive script. Cancel or Continue” error dialog box twice on each page load in Firefox this evening that I wasn’t getting earlier. Any chance they are related?

      One thing I hated about the ‘Po’ was there were just too many fracking scripts running on every page. Definitely not designed for accessibility from older hardware.

      Lots better here from that stand point in spite of having to click ‘Continue’ and then repeat again for every page load. At least this one hasn’t crashed my browser like HP did if I hung out too long.

  9. audadvnc says:

    Over at CorpsePost today -- every comment is moderated and held offline, even stuff that agrees with an article’s author. Even that “7 worst stick figures” post!

    It appears that they’re choking off the comments stream, with the intent of becoming a 1-way feed. Yet every 3rd comment is a complaint against over moderation.

    Interesting times, watching the zombie site collapse on itself.

    • jdmn17 says:

      I went over this morning and got really pissed (that’s such a singular phenom for my otherwise calm persona) and wrote about Michele Bachman trashing FLOTUS. Once again the posters were raging about the government intruding on peoples lives despite

      1. FLOTUS is not an elected official and cannot enact legislation
      2. They don’t want government intrusion but they want to intrude on womens bodies.

      How they can trash her for wanting to help childhood obesity and now nursing mothers to use breast milk for health reasons is beyond me.

      One (annfromca) actually said “creating a nanny state” was one the MAJOR issues the right had wit POTUS

      So I threw some stuff out and challenged others and got two posts out of ten to post.

      And I wonder why I’m here.

      • escribacat says:

        JDM, Remember Nancy’s “Just say no” campaign? I bet the rightwingers didn’t get all paranoid and hysterical and “nannystate” about that.

      • liberallioness76 says:

        It sickens me how much venom some in the rightwing have set aside specifically for the FLOTUS. All the hullabaloo over her tackling childhood obesity is ridiculous. Fist of all, obesity IS a big problem nowadays. When I was in school, there was perhaps one overweight child in my grade each year… and I grew up in Trenton, NJ so the class sizes weren’t exactly small. Now overweight children are more or less the norm.

        As for the whole “nanny state” argument, it isn’t as though she is the first First Lady to have a pet cause involving children. With Baraba Bush it was illiteracy. With Nancy Reagan it was “just say no”. I don’t recall anybody making a stink over it being “big government” intrusion back then. Why is it such a big deal now?

        I hate to say this, but I think what they are really offended about has absolutely nothing to do with the validity of her cause or that she is doing what so many First Ladies have done by tackling a pet project.

        • jdmn17 says:


          So we can attribute that to skin color, POTUS party affiliation or, as some suggest, she’s using the platform of FLOTUS to launch a Senatorial campaign. That one was funny and a slap at Hilary. What I don’t get is how women buy into it. We talk about TPers and how they vote against their own interests yet here are Republican women supporting the further intrusion of government into their lives. Frankly I think most people are flummoxed by the whole obesity thing, you raise you kids, mine are vegetarian and both of them are thicker than kids when I grew up. And then there are the truly obese, I don’t know, maybe the parents are obese and don’t care. Or maybe they offer up what I’ve seen for years. Food stamps don’t cover a lot of green leafy vegetables so you go with what you can afford. Pasta being one. We don’t eat worth a damn in this country, esp at the lower end of the economic scale

          Lastly, there is one dark thought I have (such a conspiracy theorist). Maybe most of the noise is coming from a well funded and very below the radar attempt by the fast food industry to discredit her and anyone else who attempts to teach us how to eat better. Nah, that would be like saying the energy companies are working to discredit global warming. Never mind :-)

          • KillgoreTrout says:

            jdm, I think in a lot of cases of obesity it is simply a matter of a lack of not only exercise, but from children leading sedentary lives.
            I think a lot of technical, “gadgets,” like video games and computers, television replace the time that used to be allowed for playing outside, sports and a certain amount of physical labor.
            We live in a society where technology makes our lives less and less dependent on physical activity. People drive everywhere, millions in office jobs that require no physical involvement, children, no longer having a physical form of recess.
            And, much of it is just plain laziness.

          • Artist50 says:

            There is something to the conspiracy theory but it’s the government and what they have subsidized and recommended that we eat that is making our kids fat. Corn syrup is cheaper than sugar and is in everything from pop, cereals to lunch meats and our bodies don’t process it the same as sugar resulting in weight gain and diabetes.

            I’m a sorority house mom at a small university in the Midwest and every year my 100 girls are getting heavier, even though more are vegetarians and we offer fresh fruits and salads at every meal. The government lunch programs have been filled with processed foods for 30 years and until recently the food chart had us eating more grain than fruits and veggies. Again, let’s look at who the corporations are that are lobbying the government -- fast food and huge companies that make processed food.

            • Chernynkaya says:

              Artist50-- I’m sorry, that question was a response to KB7. I totally agree with you about the govt’s collusion with big agra.

            • Artist50 says:

              There’s no reply to answer you so I’m replying to myself. No I don’t think the government is trying to kill us -- some of it is ignorance. It’s like saying butter and eggs were bad for you and then finding that margarine was much worse. Many people believed margarine had less calories. I just think they have put money into processed foods and corn subsidies not knowing how bad they are for us and they the have been influenced by the large corporatiions. The medical field has little knowledge of nutrition and really has been slow to be concerned when you think of the great strides we’ve made in medicine. I’d have to do some research but I’m on my phone -- I’ve done some before. I’ll try to get back to you.

            • Chernynkaya says:

              KB-- Are you saying the government is trying to kill us? Forgive me but I can’t think of anything else you could mean. And if so, why would they do that?

            • KB723 says:

              Artist50. I agree with your post, but have my own views on why things are that way.

              Maybe my own conspiracy that the gov’t is doing it’s best to reduce our population?

              What do you think?

    • Khirad says:

      Seeing as we’re watching her power collapse I think this is appropriate to the times:

      !يسقط، يسقط أيريانه
      Down, down Arianna!

  10. Wiseronenow says:

    Wanted to point out an article today by Jason Linkins on HP. For some reason he felt a strong need to justify why he writes for HP. Interesting that he felt he had to do that now. Maybe, it’s because he doesn’t want any of the taint of the HP merger with AOL to fall upon his (ahem) journalist integrity. Nonethelsss, while reading the article the sucking up was more than obvious, yet he tried to frame it otherwise.

    • escribacat says:

      I read that article, wiser. I’ve always been a fan of Jason but I was really disappointed in the condescending tone of that article. It was pathetic.

      • Wiseronenow says:

        You are right, it was condescending to all the readership there. “You silly bloggers, you don’t truly understand how the real world works, and by the way, I’ll do anything to keep this gig. Even if it means I have to bow at the feet of Queen Arianna. I’ll just let ‘cha’s believe I’m one of ‘y all.”

  11. Buddy McCue says:

    I wanted to point out that Adbusters has just published a short article about The Huffington Post’s sellout called “Huff & Puff It Down.”

    There’s a comment section there where some people are recommending other places to go as an alternative to the HuffPost. I did a quick search of the page and found that Planet POV was not mentioned yet, so I did that.

  12. HotChocolateParty says:

    You guys are going to love this (on HP this morning)


    • Wiseronenow says:

      Disgusting and yet it got past the mod’s there. Of course, note the time when it was posted: 4:59AM. Early morn hours usually allow posts to filter through. So…..food for thought IF anyone wants to spread the further word on this site. :o)

    • topo19 says:

      HotChotcolateParty: That picture leaves me speechless and disgusted, thanks for posting.

  13. bito says:

    The Huffington Post Bloggers Want a Share of the Pie

    Arianna Huffington recently sold her popular news website The Huffington Post to AOL for $315 million and estimates suggest that the deal will make Ms. Huffington richer by as much as $100 million.

    The Huffington Post has an army of few thousand bloggers who contribute on everything from politics to entertainment to tech and a majority of these contributors, if not all, aren’t paid a dime for their work. They get fame but no monetary rewards.

    Now some of these Huffington Post contributors are demanding a share of the pie. They’ve setup a Facebook Page, appropriately titled Hey Arianna, asking Arianna to “give a little back to the unpaid writers who built the Huffington Post.”

    This $315 million buyout by AOL, along with her $4 million annual salary as part of the deal, was built on the backs of hard-working writers who never saw a dime for their labor.

    Many of Huffington Post’s most productive contributors broke news and provided astute analysis to regular beats, allowing Huffington to avoid hiring a paid journalist for the same coverage.

    H/T 8s for the tweet to the Planet.

  14. Plutocrats really suck says:

    Hiya Tex! :]

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