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Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jan - 17 - 2014 10 COMMENTS

Scenes From the Divided Highway is my first poetry collection. These poems were written between the mid eighties through to the early nineties.

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Dec - 19 - 2013 29 COMMENTS

Of course the arguments over intelligent design are many and varied as are those involving creationism, which, in my opinion is not quite the same as intelligent design.

Posted by SmotPoker On Dec - 18 - 2013 17 COMMENTS
Detroit Redwings

Years ago I lived in Colorado Springs, CO. One night my wife, and I went to dinner with a friend of ours, and her 4 year old son. It was deep into the winter, it was quite cold, and there was black ice everywhere. We went to the local Joe’s […]

Posted by SueInCa On Nov - 25 - 2013 4 COMMENTS

You can make a living as an artist if you pursue your goals. Fred Kaye ceramics are for sale on a lot of sites as collector’s items now. What a great thing to leave as a legacy, something that lasts through the years and makes our world a bit better place.

Posted by AdLib On Aug - 26 - 2013 45 COMMENTS
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Posted by AdLib On Jul - 25 - 2013 25 COMMENTS

Hoping this doesn’t come off as too self-indulgent (just self-indulgent enough), here is my 10 year old daughter’s first go at political humor.

Posted by SueInCa On Jul - 19 - 2013 4 COMMENTS

Some things you know are going to be cost prohibitive like buying a kiln for making glass beads, but in the future? It certainly is an idea, besides if you don’t look beyond your current capabilities, you will never learn something new.

Posted by bito On Jan - 17 - 2013 4,746 COMMENTS

The place to post your comments without interrupting the single topic posts. However, be mindful of the strict rules!! If you find the rules here are too confining, try the Morning Blog. YOU MAY ONLY POST COMMENTS HERE IF: THEY ARE OFF TOPIC, TO POST LINKS TO ARTICLES, TO COMMENT, […]

Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Aug - 30 - 2012 5 COMMENTS

Fox’s Summary of the Ryan Convention Speech: Dazzling, Deceiving, Distracting

Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Aug - 26 - 2012 28 COMMENTS

Exploring the conspiratorial roots of Obama’s anti-colonial, anti-white, anti-capitalist, anti-liberty and anti-American agenda….

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Aug - 19 - 2012 6 COMMENTS

    I almost never repost as a new post but in this case the blogger asked to get the word out on blogs and their story was very enlightening.  It’s a long post so you can read the whole blog by viguy007 here. I am a Republican who is upset at […]

Posted by Chernynkaya On Apr - 12 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

News and opinion from around US-opolis for Wednesday, April 12, 2012

Posted by Chernynkaya On Apr - 11 - 2012 1 COMMENT

News and opinion from around US-opolis for Tuesday, April 11, 2012

Posted by Chernynkaya On Apr - 3 - 2012 6 COMMENTS

News and opinion from around US-opolis for Tuesday, April 3,2012

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