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Another Friday is here so once again PlanetPOV presents tonight its live chat on the week's events, Vox Populi. All members are invited to join this real-time, fun and thoughtful conversation between members which takes place here at 7:00...
    I myself believe that there will one day be time travel because when we find that something isn't forbidden by the over-arching laws of physics we usually eventually find a technological way of doing it. ~David Deutsch   When...
News and opinion from around US-opolis for Thursday, May 19, 2011
There is such a sad feeling in this country now that our government seems to have completely failed us. The Occupy Movement is the 99 Percenters Response to that failure.
News and opinion from around US-opolis for Friday, October 14, 2011
Vox Populi, our unique Friday night event begins at 7:00 pm PST tonight and you're invited! Join your fellow members in a live, open chat about the week's events in the chat widget on any page or at the Vox...
News and opinion from around US-opolis for 2012
Congresswoman Bachmann: Well, it is just great to see our leadership here today. We've really got some interesting and luminating topics to discuss.   Sarah Palin: Uh, Michelle, if I could just stop you there. I think you mean illuminating topics.   Congresswoman...
Many of the cartoonish GOP figures running for President and in Congress actually appeared in cartoons before heading into the wacky world of Washington DC, you're invited to peruse their former appearances.
          No Welcome in Hell Burn Till skin is crisp I want you to know my soul Under your feet As you march I want cacophonous wails And speed of fright A skull ripped from a seam I want you to hear Munch’s silent scream Angry vicious Clinical and mercenary White heat Stench of...




How Dems Should Respond to Mitch McConnell’s SCOTUS Hypocrisy

Democrats should threaten to pack the court. And, if McConnell pushes through a new justice and then Joe Biden wins, they should follow through.

Weekend Music Thread – American Woman

This weekend, we dedicate our music thread to a very historic and irreplaceable American Woman, The Notorious RBG. Share whatever songs you choose in a tribute to her, whether about women, justice, heroes, etc.

Weekend Music Thread – Fire

This weekend's music thread is intended to keep a focus on the plight of millions of Americans who are at immediate threat due to these horrendous Climate Change fires. Songs about fire, water and air are the theme for this weekend's music thread.