I have not posted anything but “short posts” in a while because, well quite frankly I am not a writer. I prefer to just exchange thoughts.

However, I have been studying some metaphysical material that really resonates with me, and I think the current health crisis MIGHT be a metaphysical phenomenon. What prompted me to write this is something I read recently about the possible link between COVID-19 and Kawasaki disease. Apparently, this disease primarily attacks children.


a truck that is driving down the street on a rainy night: Major Cities In The U.S. Adjust To Restrictive Coronavirus Measures - May 4, 2020

I have been studying The Law Of One. This writing focuses on creation and the universe(s) in terms of quantum physics. I think it is probably a challenge to religious people as well as atheists because the premise is that not only does “God” exist, but God is the ONLY thing that actually exists, and everything else is an illusion/projection/distortion of The One Infinite Creator. Are you still with me?

I will attempt to give a condensed version of what I have learned/taught so far from this study, which I recently began. It is extremely exciting to me, but then I am a little wacky. Basically, the universe(s) were created by the original thought of the Creator. Everything that we THINK exists are distortions of the original thought. Matter and the physical world are only illusions.

Apparently, there are eight densities, and the inhabitants of Earth are in the third density cycle, which spans approximately 75,000 Earth years. The purpose of the third density is to learn how to give and receive love. If an individual (mind/body/spirit complex) learns this lesson in an incarnation before the end of the cycle, they ascend to the fourth density, which is more along the evolution of The Law Of One. In the fourth density, mind/body/spirit complexes do not exist, but rather they have ascended to social memory complexes, as they have adjusted their distortions to a being of oneness.

So how does this intersect with COVID-19?  Since the end of the third density cycle is approaching, there will be a “harvest” of those mind/body/spirit complexes who are ready to ascend to the fourth density.  At issue is the reality that the Earth is approaching a cycle where it will no longer support the inhabitance of third density mind/body/spirit complexes. The harvest desires to have as many mind/body/spirit complexes as possible to ascend before the third density cycle ends. That can only happen when the mind/body/spirit complex has learned to love everything unconditionally. However, our collective distortion is currently VERY polarized, and this prevents mass ascension.

SUPPOSEDLY there are “Guardians” from other densities who have been watching us and attempting to assist us in our ascension. These Guardians can only assist us if we request assistance, and although many of us have requested assistance, most of us have not due to our current distortions toward negative polarizations.

My distortion as to how COVID-19 MIGHT fit into this is that we need something to unite us and influence our collective distortion toward unconditional love. MAYBE this pandemic can bring us to an awareness that we are ALL connected, and whatever vibrations we choose for our other selves, we also choose for our own mind/body/spirit complex.  

If you were aware of a choice between accepting unconditional love for all things, OR rejecting unconditional love for all things and thus having to remain in the third density on another sphere in the universe, what would be your choice?

Btw, according to the teach/learn, learn/teach of The Law Of One, the primary distortion of the original thought is free will.         

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The virus evolves. The evolution of animals is assisted by co-evolution with viruses. A change at any level causes a ripple. We all evolve together. Learning is part of evolution. Every decision anyone makes causes a ripple. There are doors. We use the doors to investigate, and learn about, new modes of perception, and even cognition. Jose Arguellos talked about that.

LSD is a door, so are several other hallucinogens. But, we do not have the language to describe what we see. So we can’t believe, so we, “know.” We, “see.” glimpses of the beyond revealed as we bump up against the border to the higher densities. We see matter as energy: unitary, constantly in motion, colorful. All matter is energy. We feel the freedom, and the carefree, floating, joyous energy that is all that we know of the next phase.when we have “out-of-body” experiences. As we mature spiritually, we start to learn some of the language, the verbiage, of the Next. But that requires revelation, and the acceptance of the “unreal” as essential. True change.

The language is, the “Language of God,” or, you might say, the “Language of Love.”