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Posted by AdLib On Feb - 8 - 2011 892 COMMENTS

Breaking up with a blog site is hard to do.

Posted by AdLib On Feb - 7 - 2011 1,898 COMMENTS

Arianna’s “Move Your Money” campaign has finally paid off…for her.

Posted by Marion On Jan - 19 - 2011 57 COMMENTS
With friends like these....?

For everyone who watched Keith Olbermann’s show last night and saw his and Arianna Huffington’s wanton and deliberate misrepresentation of President Obama’s opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, then you need to know that this is exactly the abject s-h-i-t-e, about which I ranted in my last blog: the […]

Posted by escribacat On Dec - 2 - 2010 49 COMMENTS
DCF 1.0

I think the time I squander over on HP is having a negative impact on me. The atmosphere there has become so negative and so bursting with outrage generated by incendiary headlines and slanted stories, even “Obamabots” like me are joining the hissy fit class. Take yesterday, for example. As […]

Posted by Marion On Nov - 13 - 2010 20 COMMENTS

People just don’t know and won’t believe that the President doesn’t legislate. This tax cuts brouhaha is another “death panel” debate. It’s when someone takes a concept, labels it and spins it like a top. We all know the origin of the “death panel” meme and how, eventually, it resulted in […]

Posted by AdLib On Oct - 28 - 2010 103 COMMENTS
Trojan HufPo

We all know the story of the Trojan Horse. The Greeks cleverly concocted a plan to present to the Trojans, a valuable gift that in fact concealed those who would attack them from within. Submitted for your consideration, two of today’s headlines about Obama from the valuable gift the Greek-heritaged […]

Posted by Marion On Sep - 26 - 2010 9 COMMENTS

I guess campaign season’s started in earnest now. Congress has returned from its summer hiatus. (If you think they have too long a holiday, come to the UK. Parliament’s out July, August and September, the last month being the bunfest where they go off to the seaside to have their […]

Posted by Marion On Aug - 27 - 2010 43 COMMENTS

All ye who failed to believe my last blog concerning the REAL political leanings of Arianna Huffington, please take a look at the picture she recently tweeted below. She’s on holiday in Italy, and whilst in Amalfi, just “happened” to run into an old friend and his wife. Guess who? […]

Posted by Marion On Aug - 26 - 2010 9 COMMENTS

Arianna Huffington is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post. She fancies herself a powerful voice in the world of American Progressive politics, and I suppose she is, although I’ve always doubted the liberal credentials of someone who was closely-knit, literally and figuratively, into the framework of Newt Gingrich’s […]

Posted by Questinia On May - 21 - 2010 110 COMMENTS

The Huffington Post has gone Vegas. It has instituted a clever way to have commenters engage in what can only be seen as a form of slot machine gambling.  I noticed this  after learning HP had started some kind of  “badges” system.  I visited the site and saw a curious […]

Posted by AdLib On Apr - 29 - 2010 174 COMMENTS

Hey Kids! Did you get your Super User badge yet? You can redeem your Networker tickets for cheap plastic toys at the Redemption Booth!!! And you can earn more tickets playing Whack A Troll!!! Weeeeeeeeee!!!! Blogging time is fun time!!! Have you checked out HuffPo’s new comment system upgrade? If […]

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Mar - 11 - 2010 23 COMMENTS

Yes this ad trying to destroy the democratic process was actually linked on a so called progressive website. I could be wrong but I doubt even people who want to kill the bill out of principle on the left don’t want to block the democratic process. I really don’t know […]

Posted by Marion On Jan - 25 - 2010 54 COMMENTS

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/arianna-huffington/state-of-the-union-is-oba_b_436045.html It seems Whoreanna has become the self-appointed spokesperson on the plight of the middle class in our country. As if. She’s an ueber-right idealogue, who married a fortune and sucked up a mega divorce deal (along with a lot of other things along the way) and suddenly converted from […]

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Jan - 13 - 2010 63 COMMENTS

Huffy is doing it again.  Any good news that does not fit their narrative must be instantly spun to the negative. Case in point a recent poll by ABC News, the BBC and ARD German TV that attitudes are improving towards the West in Afghanistan.  Rachel Maddow even touted this […]

Posted by escribacat On Jan - 3 - 2010 133 COMMENTS

Today I stumbled upon a website called scienceblogs.com. I found a post called “What to do about the Huffington Post’s support for anti-vaccine nonsense and quackery?” written by a surgeon/scientist called Orac. The gist of the article (from May 1, 2009) was the tone and quality of the science articles […]

Posted by Marion On Dec - 14 - 2009 150 COMMENTS

This is my first post here, and I’m livid about the damage one person seems to be intent on doing to this Administration, radging up the base of the Progressive Left that leaves them looking as patently stupid as their counterparts on the Religious Right. This is a rant about a someone whose political acument smells about as rank as feta cheese.

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