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Marion On February - 18 - 2011

As they say things happen in threes, here’s proof. First we saw her on holiday with Newt, then we saw her cuddled up and huddling with Issa in Las Vegas … now she goes for some new (and young) Republican blood. Ladies and gents, I give you …

Whoreanna Fuckington and toyboy Aaron Schock, the youngest (at 26) member of  Congress. You remember him from the bitchslapping he received when he appeared on Meet the Press with Rachel Maddow. He looked as though he wanted to cry.

And so, in brilliant courtesan fashion, it looks as though Arianna’s taken him under her wing. And I don’t think she’s grooming him for either Isabella or Christina (her sprogs), but maybe she is. Maybe what’s good enough for the mother might be good enough for the daughters, if he happens to be rich. After all, rumour in and around Capitol Hill says he’s a bit of a Mehlman (pun intended).

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  1. For America and Roosevelt says:

    I believe this post is entirely, indeed impeccably, appropriate for its subject in terms of language and style.

  2. KillgoreTrout says:

    I am by no means a prude, or get really offended by the type of language you use in your piece, but on an intellectual level, I see no good reason for it. It lowers the value of your dialog, and leaves a less than desirable impression of yourself.
    Try ditching the use of such language and rise above this level. You will thank yourself for it and your writing will be much better received. Just a suggestion.

  3. Wiseronenow says:

    Well, first of all, some may have lost sight of the fact, that Arianna has ALWAYS been in it for the $$$’s. The hook for many it seems that she was not concerned with all that. Secondly, she has never been a fan of the Clinton’s and especially Hillary contrary to whatever was written on her site and usually never if anything positive. Thirdly, notice how she has never been to the yearly event of journalists at the WH? Even Keith Olbermann attended and I assume by invite too. If she was, I’m sure she would have self-promoted that too to the hilt. That spoke volumes and there are reasons for her not being invited. Having said all that, she is still a force to be watched within the media sphere and even moreso now. Meaning: she has a huge platform to air her greivances on basically anything. Yet, at some point she too will realize that just spewing negativity with no real concrete solutions to offer will cause her to become just another talking head and as irrelevant. But, she is not looking to just corner whatever the media market is here in the states, journalistic-wise, but she is looking at her new endeavour much more globally. I’m assuming that is her charge from AOL. To expand “their” world-wide view. Her site, HP, is just a very small part of it contrary to what we just read or more so what she seems to always be self-promoting. But, it does sustain those clicks on her site, doesn’t it? View her with as much of a measure of temperence as any of the other media tools.

  4. While the reporting is good, and linking the information together is good, I really hope we can do better in the other areas than what I see here.

    This is bashing. I am seriously disappointed.

  5. ADONAI says:


    Loved it. Finally, a piece that speaks to me.

  6. Gransview says:

    If you could please redact the perjoratives, it would read a little better.

  7. ParadisePlacebo74 says:

    I don’t have any use for the woman, but the level of vitriol in this piece is outside of my comfort zone. The name calling doesn’t add any benefit or clarity to the article.

  8. boomer1949 says:

    This isn’t mud wrestling.

  9. whatsthatsound says:

    No one deserves to have their name reduced to a playground put-down.


  10. Hay Zeus Boodah says:

    And you are surprised….how….she has always been about the money….

  11. KQuark says:

    Marion you know appreciate your edgy writing. But I think this is a bit OTT and brings us down to the level of AOL HP.

  12. audadvnc says:

    Ooh, you’re pushing it. I can think of one very rich lady with powerful friends and a fresh hundred million bucks to play with, who would like nothing better than to hire a skyscraper full of libel lawyers to bust this little ma & pa site with a defamation suit for words such as the above.

    Expect legal action in 3…2…1…. and then wall-to-wall coverage in HP (complete with published names & histories) on her successful suit.

    I recommend you pull this article.

  13. jcinco says:

    I’ve always found it disturbing that someone can do a 180 regarding their political leanings in midlife. I have more respect for someone that stands up for their convictions whether I agree with their viewpoint or not. I never totally trusted arianna and started to become bothered when I noticed the strict moderation that was implemented regarding palin, mccain, cheney and other neocons articles. At the same time horrible, offensive comments were let fly on any thread regarding the president and/or first lady. I am now of the mindset that ah is much like palin in regards to doing or saying anything in their quest for the almighty dollar.
    I wish KO and Bill Maher would begin to see the light when it comes to the greek palin.

    • Artist50 says:

      I’m confused by AH -- she’s my age and she’s already had one very drastic political conversion which in my experience doesn’t happen often. Someone may switch parties but they are usually pretty moderate to begin with so they could pretty much “swing both ways”. She’s had experience with that.

      I just don’t see people my age changing what are deeply held beliefs -- especially twice in a lifetime. When you’re young and you are still growing up and into your belief system -- maybe -- over the age of 45? Suspicious…

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