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Posted by AdLib On Dec - 9 - 2009 229 COMMENTS

Since the orbit of The Planet periodically brings it close to the wormhole that is The Huffington Post (mainly after full moons), I think it is high time that I made an oath here and now to stop talking about the trolls and personal conflicts at Huffington Post. After all, […]

Posted by Corgi Lover On Dec - 8 - 2009 89 COMMENTS

I would like to communicate to you my sincere concerns over the overall premise and day to day operation of your website, the Huffington Post. If I did not care on how the image of Huffington Post reflects on all progressives, within and outside of the blogosphere, I would just walk away and say nothing, but it is considered a “representative” source for progressive thought. Therefore, I must speak on these issues.

Posted by BlueStateMan On Nov - 25 - 2009 164 COMMENTS

Reprinted from “DocStrangelove’s” message on the HadEnoughington Post… “For what it’s worth, I just heard from my friend on the west coast known as “MrCreosot­­e” and it seems that he is NOT currently in limbo as originally thought. He told me that his profile is now gone and it appears […]

Posted by peacekitten On Nov - 24 - 2009 202 COMMENTS

this will be a short one. just to let everyone here know peacekitten has been banned from huffington post without so much as a warning or a cautionary email.  all i got was a lousy lightning bolt. of course i am but one tiny fish in a pond that is […]

Posted by Corgi Lover On Nov - 23 - 2009 171 COMMENTS

Hi, I’m Rob-S, and I’m a Moderatorholic {Audience}  Hi, Rob {Rob}  I’ve come here to confess I’ve been a heavy handed, two fisted moderator for over two years. {Audience}  Tell us more, brother Rob. {Rob}  It all started when I wandered in off the street one night into Sister Arianna’s […]

Posted by AdLib On Nov - 12 - 2009 217 COMMENTS

No, I don’t have a lisp and I wasn’t cursing. Just a reminder that today is “Thank Huffington It’s Thursday!”. To help me with this reminder, I’ve brought my nephew, MadLib to join me in this post. Say hi to our members, Madlib… “Hi.” Madlib, why don’t you repeat that […]

Posted by KevenSeven On Nov - 11 - 2009 29 COMMENTS

Hey, kids. Just a minute to dash off a few thoughts before going to a screening of Area 9. Last week’s Friday was good, especially considering the technical glitches that made it look as if there was going to be no blog at all for the day. We got two […]

Categories: Huffington Post
Posted by KevenSeven On Nov - 8 - 2009 119 COMMENTS

Kids, I want to reiterate that we had a pretty good Friday, considering the technical glitches.   Actually, I just want to tell you that AdLib’s efforts were heroic and he was turning his efforts away from important professional responsibilities, and doubtless pulled a few long nights to make up for […]

Categories: Huffington Post
Posted by KevenSeven On Nov - 8 - 2009 32 COMMENTS

The other day we had a Huff troll here demanding that we stop insulting conservatives and working to get himself banned in order to make a case that the planet is some sort of Stalinist no-speech zone. We did not accommodate him.    I told him his arguments were weak and […]

Categories: Huffington Post, PlanetPOV
Posted by KevenSeven On Nov - 7 - 2009 182 COMMENTS

Hey, I just wanted to thank everyone for making an effort, against the odds of tech troubles. And doubly so to AdLib, bravo. I just stopped by Huff.     No threads caught fire this evening.     I think the right people came to play at the planet! Let’s make this a regular […]

Categories: Huffington Post
Posted by KevenSeven On Nov - 4 - 2009 45 COMMENTS

I know that AdLib has some definite ideas on the next HuffNo Friday, and I don’t want to steal his thunder, but I also don’t want to repeat what he wrote me because obviously he is still cogitating on the subject. But he told me he is crunched just now […]

Categories: Huffington Post
Posted by nicole473 On Nov - 3 - 2009 59 COMMENTS

David Plouffe responded to HairyAnna’s silly article, and I think perhaps he would like to behead the Queen (or maybe that’s just me projecting). ” While I appreciate Arianna Huffington’s kind words about my book on the 2008 Presidential campaign of Barack Obama, I could not disagree more with the […]

Posted by KevenSeven On Nov - 2 - 2009 293 COMMENTS

Continuing her desperate efforts to be relevant, and playing the Puritans like a two dollar banjo, The Queen has a new post: Obama One Year Later: The Audacity of Winning vs. The Timidity of Governing And of course I wish you luck getting a comment posted.  Only her poodles are […]

Categories: Featured, Huffington Post
Posted by KevenSeven On Nov - 2 - 2009 65 COMMENTS

We had a reasonable, to my eyes, HuffNo Friday in our first outing. But I was hoping for a stronger buy-in. What all do you think?   What can we do to draw more Huffers here to conduct a weekly boycott of Huff? This is a major interest of mine.   How […]

Categories: Huffington Post
Posted by respectingothers On Oct - 31 - 2009 19 COMMENTS

appreciate an alternative to HP. arianna has becoming increasingly unbearable. love the limericks!

Categories: Huffington Post
Posted by KarateKid On Oct - 31 - 2009 324 COMMENTS

An interesting phenomenon has begun spontaneously at Huffington Post, beginning a couple weeks ago and growing by the day.  There has been no overt communication amonst the regulars but a lot of reading between the lines.  As you all are aware, that site has become infested with not only the […]

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