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Truth On February - 26 - 2011

…is going to be the title of the planned series, whose goal is to reveal to a broader public some of our more unpleasant experiences at HP, to expose the extensive manipulation on different levels that’s going on behind the scenes there and how it may be related to Arianna Huffington’s cult, the MSIA, which also goes by the veil “Insight” seminar. Further we plan to lay bare the hidden agenda of Ms Huffington wherever we are able to pin it down and back up with facts. And, most importantly, we want to draw a fair amount of attention to Huffington Post’s striking lack of progressive credentials.

Impertinently purporting to be a liberal outlet and at times hosting articles by real progressives, HP manages to entice many a thoughtful commenter and reader. Yet to my knowledge so far it seldom occurred that a wolf in sheep’s clothing suddenly turned out to be a sheep. Now, please don’t get me wrong: It’s absolutely fine to be a wolf – as long as they adhere to the dress code.


In the meantime more people joined the project. Some others offered links, proofreading and help with research. Many thanks to all of them!  And, it starts to look pretty good! But I still have a lot of reading to do – so far I found out quite a few interesting things, which I am going to share with you shortly.

As of now, there are going to be about 15 – 20 episodes.  The individual post should be relatively short and on topic. Around 950 words seems to be good for the reader to absorb all the information in the article. The series is going to be launched on March 19th, 2011 and it is planned to publish an episode  every Saturday. It is understood that every episode is sent for review latest one week before the publishing date to 2[email protected]

Planned contents of each episode:

  1. Experiences of an average user and how he felt the changes at HP over time (Covered by jdmn17, publishing date March 19th, 2011)
  2. Zero tolerance policy for critique at AH. Moderation, pending, deletions, censoring, banning. How does HP deal with user complaints about that? How does HP deal with unwanted opinions? (First hand experiences of several users sought in order to blend into one or two episodes, depending on the amount of available data. Please be mindful that we plan to address a wider audience later on. Raging in the threads comments’ section however is perfectly ok as long as PPOV’s guidelines are respected)
  3. How Huffington Post manipulates their headlines (Person sought to write. Some links available.)
  4. Misleading headlines and their effect on users. (Covered by SueInCA, publishing date April 16th, 2011)
  5. Misleading headlines and their impact on President Obama’s reputation and the resulting eroding of support from the Left. (Covered by escribacat, publishing date April 23rd, 2011)
  6. Misleading headlines and their impact on the Democratic Party. Nearly no coverage of protests by the Left. Just how progressive is this? (…while the place got swamped by tea-party and celebrity coverage) (person sought to research and write this)
  7. Summary of chapters 3 – 5: How progressive is Huffington Post? Who declared AH the “Queen of the progressives?” (person(s) sought to summarize, probably best one or more of those who worked on Nos. 3 – 5)
  8. Vast discrepancy between the headlines and AH’s behavior: Are her words and deeds matching? How is the record of her deeds in comparison to those of the President? Can she hold a candle to him? (Covered by Truth and ?)
  9. Introduction of AH’s shady cult, main theories, accounts of former members (brainwashing, belittling, life threats etc.) (Covered by Truth and ?)
  10. What is the influence of AH’s shady cult on the HP? Is she still a member, is she in contact with the leader of the cult? It seems that her sister is heavily involved and that at least until 2008 HP employees were sent there for “training” (or rather brainwashing.) (Covered by Truth and ?)
  11. AOL: a) short information about their business philosophy, their political affiliation and their business practices b) First hand experiences of former members  (Covered by Pocket Watch)
  12. a) The following, plus exact legal background: “There is one fact about corporations that must be recognized. Corporations have no responsibility to the society they exploit for their revenues, they have only one legal obligation…to make as much money as possible. Shareholders can in fact successfully sue those running a corporation if such decision makers ever chose to be socially responsible at the expense of generating the most profit. (Entire quote from AdLib) b) Is there anything that can be done about that? (person sought to research and write this)
  13. Summary of the findings of our investigation, conclusions and introducing further steps that we are going to take (Covered by Truth, commenter’s input is going to be included)

For the episodes a little further down the road I can’t give exact publishing dates yet. There is a lot of material pouring in every day, so I may need to accommodate new episodes in between the existing ones.

In order to enable launching this series in March, a few more people need to commit writing an episode or two. Considering the fact that Huffington Post still is widely viewed as a progressive outlet, – even by many who really should know better – plus considering that election season draws pretty close and in that (artificial) frenzy nobody would listen to a story like this, it is well worth to get to work now in my opinion. If you’d like to join, please mail to [email protected] …What can I say… first come, first choose… 😀

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  1. Truth says:

    KQuark on 03/15/2011 at 12.48 am:

    Where is the criticism of Bill Maher from the left over his vitriolic anti-Muslim comments?

    Maher starts of implying Islam is a prison religion when he interviewed Rep. Keith Ellison and then calls Islamic extremists more dangerous than other terrorists.

    “You converted as a young man. I didn’t even know you went to prison,”

    “I do agree that there are other groups that pose a terroristic threat to this country,”

    “I would say that the threat from radicalized Muslims is a unique and greater threat. It is the greatest threat.”

    Then he calls Islam a radicalized culture and insults the Quran.

    “We are dealing with a culture that is in its medieval era,”

    “(Islam) comes from a hate-filled holy book, the Quran, which is taken very literally by its people.”

    The fact is once you reach a sort of progressive sainthood in the media you can say whatever you want because progressives pundits protect their own.

    ***Edit: And this was Truth’s reply:

    People should understand that Maher and Huffington both never were progressive. I try do find a way to include this into the anti-Huffington series (Secrets From Beyond The Emerald Curtain).
    Hey, yes, good idea! One more chapter could be the role of prominent supporters of the Huff and their own progressive credentials – well, or more accurately, the absence thereof.

    PS: KQuark, if you have more material from Maher and others which would fit in, please leave it on the “Invite For Collaboration Part 3″ thread, or after Friday on Part 4 of the Invitation, or send it to the email mentioned there.

  2. Buddy McCue says:

    Truth -- Here’s the painting. It didn’t come out as well as I liked, and Lord knows I’ve painted better things in my life. It’s so much easier to copy things than it is to try to create a new image. (Notice that the curtain is the best part. That’s because I had some real curtains to use as a model.)
    I wanted to use the Wizard of Oz idea because it depicts Arianna as a manipulative person, and it also ties in with the Emerald Curtain title.

    If you want to use it, do. If you don’t want to use it, that’s okay too. I always manage to learn a lot with challenging work like this, so nothing is wasted.

    If this doesn’t give you the full resolution scan, you can get it from my Flickr page:

    • Truth says:

      Thank you so much, Buddy! I find it came out very well. Of course she looks much kinder than she really is…. but then, maybe it’s good to also hold a good vision of her. After all one of my favorite sayings from Karl Jaspers is: “People become better, if they are treated as if they were already better.” Yet of course I still want the truth about her to come to light. Anyhow, her hands and the scenery still point out very well her manipulating.

      Now I need to know in which form we can use your picture: I understand we’ll take it as the guiding motive throughout the series? And did you think of adding the title/part of the series underneath or somewhere inside the picture? Please let me know how to proceed.

      Thanks again for your work, it gives me a boost to get back to work on this topic! I have also a couple of other urgent things to do, but in a few days I’m going to resume this project more energetically.

      • Buddy McCue says:

        Truth -- Use it as you see fit. I’m not retaining any copyright or anything like that; I just wanted to help. Just give me credit somewhere for the art; that’s all I ask.

        The home page of Planet POV seems to use a common proportion for the title pictures, so I used that for my canvas size.

        I was thinking that my picture would simply accompany the title of the article or articles. If it says “Secrets From Beyond the Emerald Curtain” (or something like that) everything should tie together well.

        Guiding motive? No, I’m not the writer here; I only wanted to paint something that works with the Emerald Curtain theme. But I liked what you said earlier about the Wizard of Oz having no real power, that the power actually rests with Dorothy and her friends.

        In my opinion, the similarity of that relationship to the actual situation at The Huffington Post could be put to good use in the article. But again, this is a writer’s decision to make, not mine.

        Interestingly, I notice that putting the phrase “Emerald Curtain,” or even just “pulling the curtain” in Google Image Search turns up several images of that pivotal scene from the Wizard of Oz, so that reference should be understood by most people.

        Also simply Googling the phrase “pulling the curtain” (as text) results in several instances of the phrase being used as a metaphor for exposing hypocrisy or corruption.

        • Truth says:

          Ok, good to know. I may create something like a banner for the title then, adjusting the colors with your picture. Somehow I couldn’t download the trial of photoshop, my internet connection is probably too slow. But I have “Pixelmator” which is also quite good, and I may understand more about it once I start to use it a little more often…
          As for the credit: I think it may be best if you sign directly in your picture? In this way your name appears always in the picture, that seems to be the easiest way?

          I’m sure most people immediately understand the analogy with the Wizard of Oz, since it’s a very famous film and story. (I’m certainly not representative for a majority, having no TV and never going to the cinema for the past 15 or so years, and thus haven’t known about this film).
          But we could also point out the parallels at one point, including the analogy with Dorothy and her friends. That sure sounds to be a good idea.

          • Buddy McCue says:

            Truth -- You can just put “art by B. McCue” somewhere, and that would be fine.

            • Truth says:

              Ok, that’s fine. Just checked your flickr page, and the picture is also very interesting at a larger size, especially Arianna’s hair!

          • Buddy McCue says:

            I’d rather not sign it, if that’s all right. I think it would take away from the picture. In Flickr, I chose to license the picture as “Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons,” which means that others may copy, distribute or display the work -- and derivative works based upon it, if it is used in a non-commercial way.

            I haven’t heard of Pixelmator; I’ll have to check that out. I love messing around with different image-editing programs.

            I haven’t tried it yet, but I hear good things about a freeware program called “The Gimp” that is sometimes used as an alternative to Photoshop. Here’s a link for that, in case you’re curious to try it:

            • Truth says:

              The signing issue is entirely up to you, Buddy. Just let me know how I should introduce your work, then it will appear every time when the picture appears underneath the picture, or besides it, whatever makes sense. We could also post a link to your flickr page, of course. I’m absolutely following your wishes on this.

              Pixelmator is for Mac, (at least my version is), and it’s quite similar to Photoshop, but PS is still more sophisticated. So although I hate how they send me mails about my trial version which I don’t have, and the costumer care is utterly bad, their program is still the best and I’m going to buy it very soon.
              I tried Gimp once very briefly, but I found it like Pixelmator too unorganized, with all those palettes splattered on the screen. But when I made the current title picture I found out Pixelmator works with layers too, and has many a good feature that I hadn’t detected earlier. After all I’m a Mac Newbie who has to learn everything anew, but still would never go back to PC.

              Thanks again, and take care!

  3. Truth says:

    Arianna ridicules her bloggers:

    Arianna Huffington: ‘Go Ahead, Go On Strike — No One Will Notice’

    Published: March 03, 2011 @ 3:43 pm


    • escribacat says:

      Truth--Just when you think a slimebag can’t get any slimier, she pulls it off.

      • Truth says:

        Oh well, there are even worse things to come. I for one am glad for that remark. If she reveals her attitude openly it is easy to work with.

    • Chernynkaya says:

      Thanks, Truth. BTW I love Ganesha. He is my astrological sign in the Hindu system. (But that’s not why I love him.)

      • Truth says:

        You’re welcome, Cher. I’m quite sure you know that Ganesha is believed to be the remover of obstacles. Deygirl recommended me to choose him as my avatar and so I did…

        • escribacat says:

          Cher, Truth, anybody…
          I inherited this statue from my aunt. I’ve researched her and concluded that she’s Parvati, the goddess of power, but I’m really not sure. Any ideas?


          • Truth says:

            Escribacat, I don’t know either. To me the statue looks very Thai/Cambodian with this kind of top on the head. I don’t know Thai culture except for that one observation, but just looking at the statue I would assume she is a temple dancer. But really no idea, this is just my assumption and I can be totally wrong.
            However, the Parvati of the Hindu believe would most certainly be depicted in more modest clothing, that is in a saree. Here is a picture that seems to be quite representative for her:


            • escribacat says:

              Truth--Thanks. You are probably right. My lady is definitely not dressed in modest clothing! And she does seem to be from Thailand or thereabouts — so I guess she’s not from Hinduism.

  4. Buddy McCue says:

    My painting of Arianna manipulating controls behind the Emerald Curtain is coming along nicely, and I should be finished with it this weekend. When it’s done, I’ll take a picture of it and post that to my Flickr page. You can get it from there, and use as a header to the collaborative article if you like.

    We ARE still doing this, aren’t we? Even if everyone has lost interest, I’m still going to finish this illustration, because I’ve already put some time into it, and it’s going to come out well.

    • Truth says:

      Buddy, thank you so much. In fact I was considering to ask you not to spend energy on it, since there is not much echo right now. But since I’m too late with this and you’re almost done, I’m of course very grateful for your addition.
      And then I may have to write most of the chapters for the series on my own and drop a few too, since there was not enough response from others now. It is not exactly what I hoped for, but I don’t want to drop the project either.

      Right now I was busy with some other stuff. I needed something uplifting, and here I share with you some of my new findings (which are not so new after all, but I found them in the net only now). I hope you like gospel:



      • Buddy McCue says:

        I couldn’t get the links to work, but I assume that first one is “Oh Happy Day?” That IS an uplifting song. I YouTubed up the Edwin Hawkins Singers version and listened to that. Good stuff.

        STILL working on the picture! I’m kind of struggling with getting a decent likeness, but I’m getting there. Arianna has an unusual facial structure, doesn’t she?

        • Truth says:

          The other song is obviously called “The Bible” by Mahalia Jackson, and I found it only on 4shared.com (one version of another band is on you tube -- but this is NOT the same, although I still like the song)

          This time I had to sign in to make the player appear that comes when clicking on a song. I don’t remember if I had to do so earlier.
          In any case, if you open 4shared.com and choose “music” under the search box and then type “mahalia” the song appears. Then you can either download it (this I could do without signing in) or listen to it (probably this only when signing in)

        • Truth says:

          The links didn’t work? Sniff! I have to figure out the other song then, the first one you found, it was “Oh Happy Day” by the Edwin Hawkins Singers. The other one is from Mahalia Jackson, but not sure about the title of the song. I hope I can find it out later on.

          The picture is a lot of work, I’m well aware of that. The problem with Arianna’s face may be that she wears a new one every 10 minutes or so….

  5. Chernynkaya says:

    To add to yesterday’s list, I found these articles on HP while looking for stories for The Daily Planet. Again, it could just be me, but these stories on HP make the most toxic repubs sound sane:

    Ben Quayle Defends Calling Obama The ‘Worst President In History’ (VIDEO)

    Sarah Palin: Westboro Baptist Church Ruling Reflects Lack Of ‘Common Sense & Decency’

    Rupert Murdoch: News Corp Is Carbon Neutral

    Fox News Suspends Contracts Of Newt Gingrich And Rick Santorum

    Chris Christie: ‘I Love Collective Bargaining’

    Matt Damon Calls Out Obama

    Haley Barbour: Obama Is Deliberately Trying To Manipulate Gas Prices

    It’s not only the headlines--when you read the pieces, they are full of rationales from these jerks.

    • Truth says:

      Cher, thanks a lot for your contributions. These headlines (and everything else HP) are really, really sickening.
      So far escribacat takes on this chapter (= episode 5) with some excerpts from her Rashamon series, which I came to know thanks to your introducing them to us recently. But probably we need to add a few fresh samples. Yikes.

  6. Chernynkaya says:

    Am I wrong, or does this article on HP {SPIT} make Haily Barbour sound reasonable?? If so, that’s quite an achievement!


    Haley Barbour: Obama Is Deliberately Trying To Drive Up Energy Prices

    Barbour cited 2008 comments by Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who floated the idea of gradually raising gasoline taxes to convince more Americans to adopt energy-friendly habits. “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” he said at the time. President Obama has dismissed the idea of raising the gasoline tax, and in 2009, Chu also distanced himself from his earlier remarks, saying that it would be “completely unwise to want to increase the price of gasoline.”

    and this:

    Barbour also backed Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) and his controversial plan to take away the collective bargaining rights of public employees, again turning the issue back on the president and asking why federal employees don’t have those same rights.

    “Federal employees don’t have collective bargaining rights,” he said. “The president can unilaterally freeze their pay. So the idea you guys have given the country is that there’s just some constitutional right to collective bargain. Half the states don’t have it all — my state does not have collective bargaining — or they limit it. Federal employees are not allowed to have collective bargaining for pay, for pensions, for health care. So what Gov. Walker is trying to do — and what the legislature has the votes to pass, by large margins — is the law in many many other states. So do I think he’s overreached? No.”

  7. Truth says:

    KB723 says:
    03/01/2011 at 6:34 PM
    Arianna Huffington urged to end ‘exploitation’ of journalists

    By Eric W. Dolan
    Monday, February 28

    The Newspaper Guild, a journalists’ union with more than 34,000 members, has launched a letter writing campaign calling on Arianna Huffington, the co-founder of the Huffington Post, to share her fortune with the unpaid writers who made her successful.

    “As we look to the future, we look to you, Arianna Huffington, as a leader in web-based news coverage, to demonstrate your commitment to the value of journalism, and to help prevent independent journalists from having to settle for third-world wages,” the letter to Ms. Huffington stated.

    Writers for ArtScene and Visual Art Source also announced Monday that they were going on strike against the Huffington Post until the publication proposed a pay schedule and stopped placing promotional material alongside editorial content.

    “It is unethical to expect trained and qualified professionals to contribute quality content for nothing,” Bill Lasarow, publisher and co-editor of Visual Art Source, said in a statement.

    “It is unethical to cannibalize the investment of other organizations who bear the cost of compensation and other overhead without payment for the usage of their content. It is extremely unethical to not merely blur but eradicate the distinction between the independent and informed voice of news and opinion and the voice of a shill.”

    Mario Ruiz, the Senior Vice President of Media Relations at the Huffington Post, defended the online publication in a letter to Guild president Bernie Lunzer, noting that the Huffington Post employs 143 editors, writers, and reporters.

    “While we pay our editors and reporters, we don’t pay for the opinion pieces submitted by our thousands of bloggers,” Ruiz explained. “The vast majority of our bloggers understand the value of having a platform that reaches a very large audience. People blog on HuffPost for free for the same reason they go on cable TV shows every night for free – because they are passionate about their ideas, want them to be heard by the largest possible audience, and understand the value that that kind of visibility can bring.”

    “Our bloggers can choose to write for HuffPost – or not write for HuffPost,” he continued. “They can write as often as like they like or as little as they like. It’s both wrong and offensive to insist that HuffPost is exploiting journalists.”

    In response, Lunzer said he had “great concerns about the HuffPost model and its long-term effect on journalism.”

    The Huffington Post has faced a slew criticism from liberals and progressives after it was sold to AOL for $315 million.

    “Any business owner who uses largely unpaid labor, with a handful of underpaid, nonunion employees, to build a company that is sold for a few hundred million dollars, no matter how he or she is introduced to you on the television screen, is not a liberal or a progressive,” American journalist, author and war correspondent Chris Hedges wrote at TruthDig last week.

    “If Huffington has a conscience, she will sit down when the AOL check arrives and make sure every cent of it is paid out to those who worked free or at minimal wages for her over the last six years.”

  8. Chernynkaya says:

    This doesn’t exactly belong here but I thought it made a pretty good point about aggregation.

    Fiore Cartoon: The Huffington Post Strikes It Rich


  9. Buddy McCue says:

    I don’t write very well, but I could paint Arianna working the controls of an apparatus similar to that of the Wizard of Oz. This IS the “Emerald Curtain” you’re talking about, isn’t it?

    Would that help? I could photograph the painting and let you use that.

    • Truth says:

      This sounds good Buddy -- if you would like to do that it would be a great addition.

      Maybe escribacat had the Wizard of Oz in mind when mentioning the emerald curtain once -- quite possible. I don’t know -- I just felt attracted to the expression and asked if I can use it.

      As for the writing: I think you’re doing well. But it’s important that everybody joins with what they wish to do from their heart.

      ***Edit: I read up about the Wizard of Oz, and I like the idea that he has no real power, but Dorothy and the others have everything they need. Seems to be good to put her in a factually powerless position…

  10. Redemption Song says:


    If you’re “interviewing” or polling people for the part on how current or past HuffPo commenters felt about monitoring, etc., I’m willing to be interviewed (whether used or not) or polled; and

    this is probably already covered, but HuffPo dabbles in pseudo-science with potential harm beyond misinformation…for example, one of their currently highlighted stories includes the possibility that engaging nuclear weapons could reverse global warming with a nuclear winter. (How dumb is that?)

    And so on.

    • Truth says:

      Redemption Song, that would be excellent. Can you please contact me by email, [email protected] , then we can discuss as to how to go about.

      That science thing came up already earlier, I saw just today something on here, PPOV. But the one you mention is even more beyond the pale. Incredible! Can you collect the links to those articles and have an eye on new ones that come up? This is sure worth to include.

  11. St James says:

    Do you need help with the writing?

    • Truth says:

      St. James: yes! The project got started when a couple of people caught on the idea to write an article together. Now so many who had given their consent to participate have simply disappeared into thin air… Probably they had something else in mind or they have forgotten about it.
      In any case, if we don’t have enough folks to cover all those episodes, we may have to slim down the project. I am not a writer and I also want to do some thorough research on the chapters I’m taking on, so I have not much more time to do more. Of course I’m still hoping that those who wanted to join are coming back -- but even then there are more episodes to cover. So if you are interested in the subject and want to join, you’re very welcome.

  12. KB723 says:

    Truth, I may be of little service to the remaining articles. But am standing by to see what you and others find. 😎

    • Truth says:

      KB, thanks for the response. I think there are several episodes that can be covered by anyone here who has a bit of time at hand (which most people won’t have) -- so if you’d like to join, you’re welcome. I read on OT that you too are an artist. I am hoping the art section here is going to expand, for there is such a lot of talent on this site and I really would like to see it displayed.

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