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Posted by dgraz On Jan - 9 - 2010 35 COMMENTS

Click graph to enlarge I have heard many of the political pundits say that if the unemployment pictures does not improve we can expect one or more of the houses of congress to change hands, reverting back to a Republican majority. Not knowing what these predictions were based on I […]

Posted by Scheherazade On Jan - 7 - 2010 9 COMMENTS

Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) announced that he will retire after serving five terms in the United States Senate. Within hours of this announcement Connecticut state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said he would run in the hopes of winning the seat being vacated by Senator Dodd. Polls indicate that the GOP has […]

Categories: Elections, News & Politics
Posted by nellie On Jan - 6 - 2010 65 COMMENTS

Whether Obama bashing, teeth gnashing, tea party crashing, or GOP trashing—it’s time for progressives to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk. There be elections here! (Yes, I’m a trekkie.) And we have a chance to create a REAL 60 vote majority in the senate. One-third of the […]

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