Ted Cruz his way

For national Republicans, Sen Ted Cruz is a persistent migraine. In an effort to temper his cocksure and abrasive approach, the GOP leadership offered him the Vice Chairmanship of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Though laudable in intent, they should have known better.

From the moment he took his seat, Cruz became the bane of the committee, the brat who acted out because he wasn’t dictator-in-chief. Cruz does not play well with others and wants his own way in everything.

Earlier this year, he officially took a hiatus from the committee. It was a protest move; he was stridently objecting to the NRSC’s involvement in helping incumbents win against Tea Party challengers, an objective which was the polar opposite to his own, and accused GOP leadership of lying to him:

 “When I signed on as Vice Chair of the NRSC it was based upon an explicit commitment from leadership that the NRSC was going to stay out of primaries. Had they not made that commitment I would not have taken on that role.”

No-one has denied that this commitment was made but then, no-one has confirmed it either.

 “I participated in the NRSC early on as long as they honored that commitment, and when the decision was made for them to do otherwise I stopped participating because I think Washington insiders are notoriously poor at picking winners and losers in primaries.”

That’s rich coming from Cruz whose own record in picking primary winners is no better than 50-50.  He endorsed a winner in Ben Sasse, a Tea Party candidate from Nebraska and a loser in TW Shannon, Tea Party candidate for Oklahoma. While he hasn’t endorsed against incumbents, he has refused to support colleagues including former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie, who’d backed Cruz in his 2012 primary. This defiance has seriously undermined the NRSC and exacerbated an already fractured relationship with establishment GOP.

To top it off, Cruz predictably, pointedly and publicly sided with McDaniel in the Mississippi melee, castigating the NRSC in the process:

 “It was unfortunate to see the DC political machine spending substantial money to urge 30,000 to 40,000 Democrats to vote in a Republican primary and they did not do so in an effort to grow the party, to attract their support substantively on ideas. Rather the ads that were run made false racial charges and made no effort to secure those votes in the general election. Indeed the Mississippi primary is Exhibit A for why the NRSC should stay out of primaries.”

The Hill sought reactions from establishment Republicans. To say they’re not happy is an understatement. Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who’d survived his own close primary from a Tea Party challenger, responded with:

 “I don’t know how you grow the vote among minorities if you don’t seek their vote. If any Republican, particularly from the Deep South, can win re-election with the help of African-Americans, that is music to my ears. I hope to grow the vote among African-Americans in the general election. To say that’s a bad thing is really, I think, ill-advised.”

The last sentence is very telling, stopping just short of calling Cruz a racist, a term the GOP has been at great pains to avoid or deny. In contrast, Marco Rubio (R-Florida) stuck to safe clichés:

 “It’s important to rally now around the winner. It’s time to move forward.”

Cochran’s strategist, Henry Barbour, was more forthright:

“Sen Cruz is just wrong about it — that’s not what happened in Mississippi. The reality is Sen Cochran simply got more votes than Chris McDaniel in the Republican primary. There’s a winner and there’s a loser and McDaniel lost. We think it’s healthy to grow the party, we think it’s healthy to ask white and black to vote Republican.”

GOP strategist Ron Bonjean was brief and to the point:

“Senator Cruz has every right to express himself but does it make any sense to have a Vice Chairman of the NRSC dispute the certification of the Mississippi Senate election in favor of a sitting Republican incumbent?”

No, it doesn’t. What’s more, Cruz is closely allied with the Senate Conservatives Fund which views him as a champion of the Tea Party cause. While the establishment view the SCR as yet another frequent irritant, their alliance with Vice Chair Cruz is particularly vexatious for the NRSC. The Senate Conservatives Fund not only sent $70,000 to a legal fund set up by McDaniel (with the promise of at least $20,000 more in the near future), they also organized for conservatives to sign a pledge to defund the NRSC.

Such a full frontal attack so close to a general election has angered the establishment who are furiously trying to downplay the rift. They clearly want Cruz to resign from the NRSC but the Vice Chairman, though in name only at this point, is obstinate in his refusal, claiming he shares “the ultimate goal of electing Republicans in general elections in November”. When pressed on the extent of his potential involvement, The Hill reported:

… he refused to say what, if any, work he’ll do to help the NRSC with fundraising or turnout once the primaries conclude this summer.

An unnamed national Republican added:

He’s a VINO, he’s a Vice Chairman in name only. I’m not sure what the alternative is. Should we strip him of his Vice Chairmanship that he doesn’t actually do anything with?

Meanwhile, Sen Thad Cochran is not helping his own cause. In a separate article, The Hill described Cochran’s disorientation when attempting to make his way to the Senate Republicans’ weekly luncheon last Tuesday.

Cochran, while talking with The Hill, made a few wrong turns before accidentally ending up at Senate Democrats’ luncheon.

After exiting a Senate elevator on the wrong floor, Cochran and The Hill reboarded. He then found the right floor but turned away from the Senate GOP luncheon, a few yards from the elevator, to stroll in the opposite direction, arriving at the Democrats’ weekly gathering a few hallways away.

There he chatted amicably with Sen Mark Pryor (D-Arkansas) for a few minutes, seemingly unaware of where he was until someone in the room asked him if he intended joining the Democrats for lunch. Cochran’s replied, “His father and I were elected to Congress and then to the Senate”. He was reminiscing on old times; Sen David Pryor retired more than 17 years ago.

From The Hill:

The Mississippi Republican then paused for a second, fumbling to read some papers he was holding. “OK, so I’ve got to find out where …” Cochran said before The Hill asked if he was looking for the GOP luncheon, which has been held every Tuesday in the same room for years. “Well, look, S-211. Let’s see if I can do this. I’ve been here long enough — 30 years,” he said with a grin.

Though Cochran’s staff dismissed it, it is disturbing in light of other memory lapse episodes. Reintroducing himself to a reporter who had interviewed him just minutes before. Commenting on Eric Cantor’s primary loss then seemingly unaware of the electoral upset or its significance the following day. No doubt McDaniel and supporters are collating every such incident.

Cruz, too, will be noting any perceived weaknesses in Cochran. One can easily believe that he’d just as readily claim victory should Cochran resign due to frail health as he would from a successful outcome in McDaniel’s court case. Cruz certainly isn’t known for subtlety or compassion.

While Cruz avers that he will return as Vice Chair to the NRSC after primary season(which ends September 10), it’s impossible to believe anyone on the committee will be welcoming. So, in spite of a backlash from the Tea Party who revere Cruz, in spite of the bad press it will inevitably get, the NRSC may well decide that consorting with the enemy is enough to rescind his membership. So very close to the general election itself, the last thing they’ll need or want is this thorn in their side.

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Great article-hope to see more like it.

Cruz is an odd duck in any case–he’s a totally corporate phenom. His wife is a high-level Goldman Sachs executive, and Ted is one of the very few legislators to pass on Congress’ gold-plated healthcare plan because his deal through Goldman Sachs is far better. You think he’d be the darling of the GOP corporate wing (aka the country club pubs). So wtf?

Ted is no dummy. I think he’s placing lots of booby traps around for when he needs them. His tirade last year against his ‘marxist’ professors at Harvard Law seems pointless until one recalls that it’s entirely possible that one of his ‘marxist professors’ may have been Elizabeth Warren. A shot across the bow?

And face it–Cruz’ prestige rises as he watches TP candidates knock off his Senate colleagues. It bumps him up on the seniority tree and gives him a new group in the GOP caucus that will be beholden to him alone. Cruz is not stupid. He is sneaky and venal, but people need to think of the plans he might have in his ascendancy.


MBX, “Ted is no dummy.”?
I disagree. He is an idiot if he thinks he has a chance of ever becoming POTUS.

” He is sneaky and venal, but people need to think of the plans he might have in his ascendancy.”
I agree, he is sneaky and venal. That just proves he is a sociopath. Not exactly intelligent, though.


I wonder if she verbally kicks his ass on a daily basis.


HI Mopshell,

Not enough stars for this article on the voting scale. You also did it so politely and made such good points that Cruz is a real turkey for brains. This does not mean he is dumb. He actually got his money buy marrying a rich republican. A true Texan who was Canadian born via Cuba. He kept his Canadian citizenship just in case he failed in politics in America. A supposed Far right Christian. Conservative politicians like him run on fear to rev up their base. He was a freeloader that got a good education of his Wife. He like Rubio are the GOP’s token Hispanic / Latino vote drawers. The only thing is he has no idea what we stand for. being Native america indian/Hispanic He will not even return any of my e mails of communications with me and a small group of us that asked for time to discuss immigration to Texas from Mexico a couple of yrs ago. Even saying we where thinking about changing to the GOP party he gave us no time ( we would not change parties it was a rouse ). He is not at all except-ant that Hispanic’s can immigrate to Texas or any where in America.

His main political weapon is the gov shutdown and has not written in good bills for Texas or the nation. HE does believe in the smallest government possible in the US and TX but it is a trap like all GOP plans. It actually fires republican voters by the millions totally and thousands in Tx. His goal is to cut Government by 50 %. That is where they came up with the number of people to layoff in the shutdown national. SO in Tx 1.2 million people work for the gov. SO that means 600 k workers will be laid off. Well of that 600k 240k of them will be Republicans. So multiple this by 27 the number of red states and you get 6.2 million republicans. Some states are smaller so i used and average. National they want to get rid 1 million federal employees. that is 400k republicans. If they succeed in all 50 states i would be 12 million republicans and a total of 25 million total voters GOP, Dem and independents.

Again i think your are FLvoter? There are TWO new songs to hear in sound cloud.

( The little white lies ) Jazz, reggae
( Tones & modulations ) Flat out synthesizers via Rick Wakeman of Yea style.

long life Mopshell.

A synthesizer can create any instrument made and others that have not be created yet.



Grist to the mill..Grist is the corn that is brought to a mill to be ground into flour. In the days when farmers took ‘grist to the mill’ the phrase would have been used literally to denote produce that was a source of profit.

You have patched together a whole bunch of disparate info to create a narrative of widespread animosity and disorder at the heart of the GOP campaign machine.

You bet that I will be copying this article into my archive for future reference.

The thing about Cruz is that he is both a zealous ideologue and a crass opportunist: an especially nasty combination.

Your point that “he does not play well with others” is a choice on his part. He is only powerful as an opponent…

Yes, he is a VINO, but he, and many in the TP, are also RINO’s, Republicans in Name Only, using the GOP as a platform for dissent…which is why Boehner has NO chance of enlisting them in his service.

Terrific contribution to this electoral season discussion. Well done!


Murph, what is the goal of the TP? Is it to destroy the government? Is it to destroy the GOP?





Reminds of this:

A famous quote from the Vietnam War was a statement attributed to an unnamed U.S. officer by AP correspondent Peter Arnett in his writing about Bến Tre city on 7 February 1968:

‘It became necessary to destroy the town to save it’, a United States major said today. He was talking about the decision by allied commanders to bomb and shell the town regardless of civilian casualties, to rout the Vietcong


Murph agreed with out Question.

live long and prosper!!


Dif-tor heh smusma, RSGMushek.

Am I a nerd or what?


Murph NO!


anyone who has access to a Vulcan dictionary is a nerd. Reference: The Big Bang Theory.



OK i will have to get me one of those dictionaries.

I was trying to give you a break!

peace and long life

A synthesizer can create any instrument made and others that have not be created yet.



What an interesting article. I have read the other comments here and they pretty much cover most of my thoughts. One thing I will mention is that this behavior from Cruz should really not be a surprise.

For anyone who has read up on his father, Raphael, Ted is the apple that fell from that tree. His father is a narcissist and an evangelical of the New Apostolic Reformation. He has serious delusions regarding a variety of subjects including his idea that his son will usher in the Rapture and has compared him to Jeremiah. Some of his speeches border on terrorist speech. He has no problem in telling very obvious lies and seems to have disdain for many of our institutions. This fits that Libertarian/Tea Party group think perfectly. It seems to me that they never look too deeply and this temper tantrum of Cruz bears that out.

Good piece, thanks


Ted Cruz will be proven to be a deluded narcissist.And quickly forgotten after he wreaks havoc on the R’s nominating process.They created this monster by getting into bed with the T’s in 2010


That is true Beatlex. They used a group they thought they could manipulate to get at the President and it is now backfiring on them. I wonder who will be the victor in the fight for the Republican party?


Excellent article Mopshell,

I often wonder how it is that the citizens of this nation have allowed the Tea Party to infiltrate one of the only two national parties we have. I wonder why it is the two parties didn’t stop the Tea Party infiltration and growth within the party the way they have every other party that has tried to get a foot hold in our political system. Who closed their eyes, who accepted funds under the table, who in heavens name turned their back and allowed this to happen?…..I wonder….


Monica, follow the money. It all leads back to a couple brothers with more money than brains.


I’m not surprised that Cruz’s colleagues have been blindsided by his ruthless behavior; it’s hard for run of the mill narcissists to see the markings of a raging sociopath before he/she/it reveals the poison fangs hidden behind the smarmy smile.

We’re talking about a Olympic style social climber, one who demanded a law school study group be limited to Ivy Leaguers now presenting himself as the voice of the common man against the “elitists” in the tyrannical government that happens to pay his salary, a man who has the chutzpah to claim it was not his intention to shut down the government … all the president who would be king had to do was cave in to the junior senator’s imperial demands and there would have been no crisis and most telling and laughable, a man who foisted his own wrong-headed interpretation of “Green Eggs and Ham” during a completely contrived and meaningless, phony filibuster.

Presumably he has some loyalties, although it’s hard to believe he actually buys into his father’s crackpot theology (that includes the notion that his son is going to help usher in the rapture, which if you change the a to u, is believable), probably to his wife and daughters, but otherwise, it’s very hard to ascertain what he actually thinks he is achieving beyond the immediate thrill of outfoxing those foolishly attempting to do even a portion of the job the public expects them to do.

Although Cruz is probably smarter and more disciplined than Joe McCarthy, he lacks an overarching cause that might appeal to the masses, such as anti-communism. I have to admit being curious enough about what makes sammyglick run that I hope he graces us with a bid for president, upsetting the clown car as he puts his foot on the pedal and grabs for the wheel.


The TeaOP…
A Confederacy Of Dunces…
With Ted Cruz being Ignatius T. Reilly.


Kevin, concise and accurate!


Great stuff, Mopshell! For a party that has always prided itself on keeping internal dissension private, this has got to hurt!

But who could possibly feel sorry for the GOP now? As the final line of the old anecdote goes: “You knew I was a snake when you picked me up.” [Snake to dying human benefactor, after having bitten him.]

When the GOP opted to work with the Koch-created Tea Party — viewing them as useful idiots — they should have realized they were making a huge mistake.

Anything Koch-initiated and Koch-funded, including the Libertarian Party, is bound to have a fundamentally anarchy-based agenda.

These people don’t want anything to work. They don’t build anything. Their job is to throw sand in the gears.

Well now it’s in the gears of the Republican Party. And not all the oil that’s in Ted Cruz’s hair is going to get it out.

We have a version of Cruz in local politics here in my area of Ohio. He’s wrought havoc in the local Board of Elections. Even the GOP Secretary of State got so fed up with him that he fired him from the BOE. A fellow “Republican”! (Although, he’s really stealth TP/Libertarian.) Now he’s going to sue the Secretary of State. (Lawsuits seem to be very popular these days.) He’s also managed to split the local GOP into two warring factions. Their most recent meeting made the local news because the police had to be called when debate got a little too “spirited.”

But the Cruz types love this stuff! They love going into any environment and creating chaos. (The state that nihilists thrive in.)

All I can say is that it seems somebody didn’t get enough attention from Mother as a toddler.

And — after all the obstruction they’ve thrown in the President’s way — it couldn’t happen to a nicer Party.