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Posted by BassetDad On Apr - 11 - 2011 11 COMMENTS

Our congress has made known one path to a balanced budget and what they refer to as “prosperity” for the American people.  It is a path that is wrought with pain and sacrifice for the vast majority of Americans and extreme wealth and comfort for the rest.  The proposal calls for tax […]

Posted by BassetDad On Dec - 18 - 2010 5 COMMENTS

American democracy is under attack; tyrants wielding money as free speech and power have taken over.  America grew strong on democracy through the hard work and sacrifice of the American people and the people have thrived on the fruits of the democracy they have created.  In recent decades those fruits have been poisoned […]

Categories: News & Politics
Posted by BassetDad On Nov - 21 - 2010 77 COMMENTS
We the People - Rally to Restore Sanity

 We as a nation suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder.  We have become a people of instant gratification and soundbite debate.  Our failing economy and government institutions suffer form long-term problems that simply cannot be explained or resolved using tag-lines or talking points and yet we fail to engage in deeper […]

Categories: News & Politics
Posted by BassetDad On Nov - 9 - 2010 8 COMMENTS
Corporations as people

Corporate America has been encroaching on our government for decades.  Slowly, but steadily increasing its reach within our legislative, executive, judicial and regulatory institutions.  Our congress passes laws written by corporate lobbyists, appoints regulators who have deep and ongoing industry connections and allows the regulated to write their own regulations.   I am not […]

Posted by BassetDad On Nov - 2 - 2010 4 COMMENTS

I will start an effort to win support for and passage of the Fair Elections Now and DISCLOSE Acts. If you value truth, honesty and transparency in your elections join me.

Categories: Speakers' Corner
Posted by BassetDad On Nov - 2 - 2010 10 COMMENTS

“I have been called a curmudgeon, which my obsolescent dictionary defines as a ‘surly, ill-mannered, bad-tempered fellow’. Nowadays, curmudgeon is likely to refer to anyone who hates hypocrisy, cant, sham, dogmatic ideologies, and has the nerve to point out unpleasant facts and takes the trouble to impale these sins on […]

Categories: Observations, Society
Posted by BassetDad On Oct - 19 - 2010 14 COMMENTS

Democrats have wasted an historic moment.  A mandate that is given by the people once every couple of generations.  The people spoke and said bring change and restore our country.  Democrats of course talked a good game saying we will work for the people and against the plutocracy wrought by […]

Posted by BassetDad On Oct - 17 - 2010 18 COMMENTS

Ever argue with someone who will not budge off their position no matter what you say or what data you provide to support your case?  The close minded ideologue is a tough nut to crack because facts do not matter to them.  Their position is bolstered by faith or emotion […]

Categories: News & Politics
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