American democracy is under attack; tyrants wielding money as free speech and power have taken over.  America grew strong on democracy through the hard work and sacrifice of the American people and the people have thrived on the fruits of the democracy they have created.  In recent decades those fruits have been poisoned by  dishonest politicians who value money and power over the trust that the American people have placed in them.  The poison has leached the curative properties from the fruits of democracy and the people who are the democracy are suffering.   Americans require honesty and fairness from its representatives to properly care for and nurture their democracy and these are missing .

Washington DC:  Once the shining symbol of a thriving nation has become a festering wound spreading disease through America using a media that propagates dishonesty rather than keeping their government honest.  Investigative reporting is nearly a thing of the past, the government threatens those who are working for honesty with imprisonment and even death.  We have a misinformed people who lack the knowledge needed to properly exercise their right to elect a government that represents them.   Americans are poorer, sicker and hungrier than they have been in decades.  Their government now holds money, health care and food as ransom to feed its own greed and desire for power.  It has taken hope from the people and turned it into dispair  then wields that despair as slaver uses a lash.  Hopelessness leads to submission, submission leads to oppression and oppression leads to slavery.

However, the people still have the ability to heal the wound they only have to hold of the power and apply it.   Openess, transparency and honesty must be restored to Washington and the media so the wound can heal.  The people cannot expect the government to help, to give up easily.  Expect it to use everything within its power to destroy any hope the people may have in restoring democracy.   But there is power in truth and it must be used to return American to the shining example it once was.

To restore democracy the people must unite.  They must stand up and loudly declare that they have had enough of the lies and misuse of power.  That democracy is theirs and they will have it represent them.  As we speak the forces of unity are gathering for the people.  Many are organizing and many more must participate.   On January 20, 2011 a coalition “For the People” will kick off with events in Washington DC and throughout the nation.  Join the “For the People Coalition” ( and let your voices be heard.

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Hi BD-

Thank you for this incisive analysis. It’s not the first time this nation has undergone an assault from corporate rulers, nor is it the first time the media capitulated to them. From “yellow dog journalism” to journalism for hire, we’ve done this before. I just never thought we’d get so stupid as to do it all over AGAIN.

I studied the Progressive Era as a history major and was completely amazed at the activism of those days from the muckrakers in the news to activists in the streets. So much of it was energized by groups such as labor and women – and today it’s pretty much vanished.

MoveOn gave us too easy a way out. Click and send a pre-written letter that is considered “political spam” by the legislative staff, and you think you’ve done something. Maybe yes, lots of times no. PlanetPOV is the ONLY blog I know that has moved from networking to actual organizing with a direct action – our Truth in Political Advertising initiative proposal. Wow. This is critical because just talking among ourselves does NOT move us out of the glass sphere of social isolation that has actually harmed democratic engagement. GROW and TIPA are qualitatively different.

I hope this CoffeeParty action effort accomplishes something of the same. I agree with Malcolm Gladwell who wrote “Small Change: Why the revolution will not be Tweeted” in the Oct. 4 New Yorker. It takes people in organizations, interacting and trusting one another, to effect real change. Democracy is not a spectator sport. It demands engagement for real, and it demands working with others – even those who are less than your stellar ideal on some matters. It also means you have to “kill your darlings” – the writer’s point about losing your fave phrases and habitual ways of presenting issues and ideas.

I am not sure we are up for what the youth of the 60s did. I just got word that several peace folks, some in their 80s, have been convicted of federal crimes for entering a nuclear weapons facility and staging a non-violent protest. One, an 83-year-old nun, may die in federal prison. How many of us would risk that? Is it worthwhile? I heard NOTHING about this on MSM or even alternative blogs or tweets. I am in tears in admiration of their dedication. That IS what it takes.

The night the war started – March 20, 2003 – I was in a gathering of faith people working against hate crimes. We had just seen the film on Deidrich Bonhoeffer who gave up his life to stop Hitler. We discussed it, and the group leader said, “You have to be prepared to lay down your life for justice.” When one woman asked what he meant, he said, “You have to dedicate your life to democracy, to justice, to peace. You have to make that the focus of your energies. And then – you may have to lay down your life, period.”

That is the scariest thing I’ve ever heard. And words I try to follow every day. I am terrified of what might come if the Tea Baggers get their way – and I’m terrified that if we just tweet and blog, they most certainly will. I’m disgusted that the anti-abortion zealots use Bonhoeffer as THEIR role model (for others in their ranks, not themselves) while the engage in building precisely the Fourth Reich – a Christian one – that Bonhoeffer died to end.

But what is the price of democracy? Every day we need to ask that question. And every day we need to ask ourselves – what price ARE we willing to pay? It looms larger every moment. I don’t think we’re needing to pay in our physical lives at this point, but we are needing to HAVE lives that make a difference. Without that commitment, we surely shall lose, and democracy deserves and demands more.


eloquent and profound, c’lady


Much appreciation, Basset Dad!
I think one of the reasons people on the left are so upset about the recent “caving” by the Obama administration is that it shows just how bought and paid for government is by the multimillionaires and billionaires. Extending the Bush giveaways just frees up more money for them to buy even MORE media time, more governors and senators and lobbyists, do even MORE to tighten their grip on the reins of power.


Watched Rachel Maddow on David Letterman last week and found it interesting when Letterman asked her if MSNBC reported the news with more accuracy than FOX.

I found it interesting that Rachel grinned a bit and squirmed, imho, and that she didn’t really answer the question but skillfully evaded.

“Fox News is a presence that voices, I think, conservative view points,” prefaced Letterman. “I’ve heard that,” said Maddow. MSNBC, Letterman said, tends to skew more liberal. “Some of us do, not all of us,” Maddow corrected. “Of the two, in terms of track record, which has the better accuracy?” Letterman asked. He knew the answer he was looking for — it was the same one he received.

“I, of course, think we are much more true than Fox is true,” Maddow said. “The problem that is reasonable to assert about Fox and its coverage is that they make up stories out of whole cloth and then make a big deal out of them.” Maddow went on to rattle off a few “fake” Fox News stories. Letterman agreed, noting Fox personnel’s “very high threshold of embarrassment.” They “never consider apologizing” when they get things wrong, he said.

“That whole network is run as a political operation to elect candidates, to fund raise for causes, to have rallies against Democratic ideas and politicians,” Maddow said.

I might be incorrect on reading between the lines of Rachel’s response, but I couldn’t help but conclude that she didn’t give a straightforward answer of ‘Yes, that her network reports news accurately.’

The MSM has not covered, as far as I could tell from watching television, anything having to do with the 9/11 First Responders Health Care Bill.

I have read that Shep Smith from FOX reported on the failure of the bill to pass and was outraged over the obstruction, but he failed to mention the party involved in blocking the bill’s passage.
To me that was not ‘honest’ reporting, even though the headline of this piece states that he ‘wallops the GOP’.

Shep was equally incensed: “Who’s going to hold these people’s feet to the fire? We’re able to put a 52-story building so far down there at Ground Zero, we’re able to pay for tax cuts for billionaires who don’t need them and it’s not going to stimulate the economy. But we can’t give health care to Ground Zero first responders who ran right into the fire?”

“It’s disgusting,” he continued. “It’s a national disgrace, it’s a shame and everybody who voted against it should have to stand up and account for himself or herself.”

Chris Wallace agreed: “It’s a national shame.”