Democrats have wasted an historic moment.  A mandate that is given by the people once every couple of generations.  The people spoke and said bring change and restore our country.  Democrats of course talked a good game saying we will work for the people and against the plutocracy wrought by previous administrations and congresses.

The President rode into office on a wave of hope that he would be that agent of change and he was given a congress tailor made to do just that.  While he has been steadfast in his rhetoric he has been weak in his application.  We needed someone who would hammer congress until they acted in the manner that people expected them to.  Instead we got the extended hand of compromise that was swatted away with and anger and open hatred.  Over and over and over again.  In spite of it all there was still a publicly displayed hope that bipartisan action could be taken to face down the problems of the nation.  That hope was misplaced in a group of ruthless men and women who crave only power and money and were willing to make the nation suffer to obtain it, keep it or increase it.

Now as the mid-term elections approach these Democrats face potentially devastating losses.  The people have once again turned from the party of the weak willing to gamble their future on the politicians who desire to enslave, abuse and starve them.

So what happens between November 3rd and the end of 2010?  During that period called the Lame Duck Session when new representatives and senators have been chosen and the outgoing bide their time until they are officially swept out of office?

We work and we hope!  We work for and hope that this democratic majority will stand tall for the people and do what they couldn’t do when in a positon of power: make massive and long lasting changes that will benefit this nation for decades to come.   What can they do?  They can pass the Fair Elections Now and DISCLOSE Acts to limit the damage corporate person-hood has inflicted on our democracy.  They can improve health care with a public option.  They can pass infrastructure investment bills.  They can repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  They can do many things that will allow them to leave their mark on this nation.

That is why on November 3rd I will be on the phone, writing letters, blog posts, what ever I can do to Flog this Lame Duck into action.

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Oh, bull-hockey-puck.

President Obama came into his presidency with another Great Depression looming on his hands and he has done more than even FDR did in his first 18 months in office without the threat of another World War happening in Europe.

President Obama saved millions of jobs by loaning money to GM and Chrysler and it wasn’t a bail-out, and neither was TARP, (and TARP was W’s) but they were all loans and most have been paid back with interest.

Every single American received a tax cut, and yeah, maybe it only worked out to 26 bucks per month, but it was a tax break.

Yeah, Obama had a mandate and he spent it on Health Care Reform, and do I really need to list the benefits of that?

Was it what liberals and progressives wanted?

NO, but it is a beginning.

What we as Democrats, Progressives and Liberals and Independents and Republicans should be asking is –

What the FUCK has happened to the Republican Party?

Seriously – the GOP is backing a candidate that appears on TV with an ad that starts off with – “I am not a witch”?

Seriously – a GOP candidate in Nevada speaks to a high school Hispanic group in Nevada and says to them that they look more Asian than Hispanic and then declares that she, a white woman, is the first Asian legislator in Nevada?

Seriously – there is a GOP candidate in Alaska that has his private security arrest a journalist during a public town hall for asking questions that he did not want to answer?

We shouldn’t be focusing on the shortcomings of the Democrats, but focusing on the GOP.

What the FUCK has happened to the Republican Party?

It’s not the GOP that I knew and hell, I’m a Democrat.

We are for the most part a 2-party system and I agree with Jesse Ventura, who ran as an Independent and won the governorship in Minnesota.

Jesse Ventura is not a man that I agree with very often, but he said something that I do agree with recently.

It’s time to end all parties – end the DNC and end the RNC and end them all.

When people vote, they vote for the party and not the person and it is time to end that bullshit.

I am not a fan of Jesse Ventura, but there are times that he makes sense – and yes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.


Had this over in OT, but thought it might fit better here:

I’ve posted it on my Facebook page.


I have to agree that Dems fall time and again into defensiveness and weakness because of it. After the 2004 presidential race, there was an uptick in the awareness that the Reeps had the ability to sloganeer based on “values”. The fact that the values were hollow and the slogans usually false did not undermine that their messaging was worthwhile in convincing the public of the Reeps’ “sincerity”.

So began a round of trainings among liberals and progressives on how to base your message on values – and man, did it fall flat! One wise trainer said if you ask a Reep for a value, they pounce on it. Ask a Dem, and you get a 40-page position paper. MoveOn had a video with George Lakoff on the importance of value messaging, and the end result was that the leader, in whose house we were, refused to permit any of us to proffer values UNTIL we had come up with a policy. So we wound up with neither. Oddly, the rest of the group had less trouble with values, but we were all squashed.

Until Dems get proud of being liberal and standing for people, until they are willing to challenge their corporate sponsors and make clear that the corporations have responsibilities not just “rights”, we will never get emboldened visions again. We are SO afraid of being bold for fear some stray “fact” will call our values into question. But those who do express values and their policy outcomes boldly – Alan Grayson, Anthony Weiner, etc. – do it well. When Weiner called out the Reeps’ failure to vote on health coverage for 9/11 rescue workers, it was a glorious day! Nothing the Reeps said made sense, and he blasted them for their failure to vote. The bill was passed the next day.

But BassetDad notes the key issue – WE have to move the Dems by constantly asserting what WE want them to do. Our progressive allies who whine over at HP have NO track record of activism over policy. In some cases it’s “not good enough” and in others they just prefer to whine than act. So yes indeed – to get anything done, we have to lean on our elected representatives and make very clear what we demand of them. The Right has no problem – the Left must do the same. Stand up, speak out, or lose it all. I’m tired of allies who’d rather curse the darkness than light that single candle. I have matches – who’s game?


Count me in, c’lady.

But don’t you think, also, that we are — as libs — paradoxically limited by our own morality? In other words: we are reluctant to stoop to “their” level. Their level of flat out lying. Their level of cynically manipulating the ignorant. Their level of obstruction in Washington. Their level of campaign financing. Their level of ugly rhetoric.

We don’t want to swift-boat people. We don’t want to buy elections. We don’t want to pass lousy bill after lousy bill via “reconciliation.” We don’t want to shut down the government through gridlock.

It goes back to an age-old question:how do you fight against people who fight dirty? Without abandoning almost all your moral principles?

I’m not giving up the fight. It’s tactics I’m confused about. Sigh.


Hi Kes. I think what we can do – without stooping at all – is to stand up straight, and speak the TRUTH. Period. I’m not thrilled w/ the health care bill – to me, the public option (either opt-in OR opt-out) WAS the compromise. And I say it. But I also say – out loud and quite proud, I must admit – that it’s a heck of a lot better than what the other guys and our own conservadems were willing to give us. I have to say it, Blanche Lincoln will be one Dem senator I won’t be sorry to see go, even if it lowers our overall number. Don’t reward bad.

Also = my dad’s saying (which I misspoke last night) was “It’s a short ride between brave and STUPID.” (not crazy)

Off to dinner. Don’t worry about stooping; dog poop doesn’t get cleaned up by standing up straight and looking the other way. Stoop if needed.


Some interesting points to think over, AB. And I do appreciate your thoughts.

Truly, this is a dilemma that has troubled me for years. Partly because it’s so easy to become what you hate or fear, without entirely realizing it when it’s actually happening. Then suddenly, one day you wake up and look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. How did I get this bitter? How did this deeply cynical attitude take root?

So you’re right, AB. What we need to do is stand proud and speak truth. And even if we don’t “win” November, at least we’ll be able to hold our heads up.

It’s just that sometimes, I think that “they” think we’re fools for having principles…
I don’t know how to say it… It feels as though they’re using our morality as a weapon against us. Kind of like a bratty kid who teases a mature adult because he knows the adult isn’t going to/won’t hit him. Only these guys are doing more than teasing us — they’re bankrupting us, and even killing us when they deny us health care or send us to stupid wars.

I guess what I worry about is trying to stop them without becoming them.


I know, Kes. I also worry about becoming that which I criticize too harshly as well. I knew I hated bigots, but found I have my own bigotry against “them”, and against stupidity, etc. I try to keep as open minded as I can for an individual, to try and see something good within a person; but I don’t back down and I do speak up. It’s that short ride, I’m afraid.

I think what is most helpful is divorcing myself from the “I’m right, you’re wrong” path and instead keeping a close watch on my own intentions. If my intent is just to speak the truth as I know it, while offering to listen to opposing views politely, (a principle of dialogue) then I’m OK. If I am not even listening deeply to what someone is saying but instead thinking about how I can rebut them and make them look foolish/wrong, then I try and pull back.

Of course, that being said, tonight I told the Blov I want to make a tee shirt that says “I’m with the moran” with the arrow pointing up towards my own head. For Jon Stewart’s rally, you know. I’m trying to figure how to go. I so want to, and I have dozens of friends in/near DC. I wanted to dress in a HUGE sombrero w/ tea bags hanging off of it in the most outrageously Walmarty (oops – there’s some of my prejudice peeping out) American patriot gear, with flags of ….I dunno – France? Switzerland? Sigh. So many choices. Shame on me. I probably won’t let myself go, naughty girl. – AB


I’d love to go, too, AB! Maybe we could go in matching sombreros? (In yellow baby-doll nighties, cowboy boots and wielding bullwhips??) 😆


I’ll pay to see that!! 😆


We’ll teach them T-Partiers how to party!


For Bito: No pay needed, dear one. Kes: Seriously? A nightie? Shades of college days….only if Bito is that marauding armadillo (he can wear a suit) that scared me to death that night!
I wish I had Planet bus; I would start in So. Cal right after the elections and drive cross country. Ad Lib: can’t we get a bus for our reward instead of a pony??? Seriously, dude. It would take a Davy Crockett to pull that one off.

But I’ll gladly try and get sombreros to those who are going, provided they post video here of wearing it at the rally! (You are on your own as to Walmartian patriobilia)


I love the idea of a raucous busload of sombrero-topped Planeteers barrelling across country to DC. Ayayayaay!!


I just posted this over in MB, prehaps this will help. From Tomasky:

Of course, I’m on a side. It’s not that I think the D’s are so great, but that I think many of these R’s are either dangerous or empirically unconnected to the planet on which I reside or in many cases both.

Haruko Haruhara

Unfortunately, grabbing defeat from the clutches of victory is what Democrats do best.

I’m not being sarcastic. It really is.