Ever argue with someone who will not budge off their position no matter what you say or what data you provide to support your case?  The close minded ideologue is a tough nut to crack because facts do not matter to them.  Their position is bolstered by faith or emotion and nothing you can do or say will change it.  A dangerous cocktail of misinformation along with millions in corporate election funding has allowed ideologues to raise a wave of anti-incumbent furor that could lead to a very, very bad time in American history.

As we approach the elections on November 2nd it seems that the ideologues rule.  There are some experts predicting that democrats could lose as many as 50 seats in the house with another 20 or so on the fence that could be lost if things broke right for republicans.  This to me is baffling in that it really hasn’t been that long since republicans ruled the roost and opened the door wide for the fox.  Their pro-business, anti-middle class politics has lead us to a point where high unemployment and general dissatisfaction with government is at extreme levels.  And yet here we are just a few years later preparing to put them back in charge.

Republicans have demonstrated that they are the party of the large corporation and profit over the interests of the citizenry at large.  Income disparity between the lower and upper classes is at an all time high.  We are suffering through an economy that has brought about a massive transfer of wealth and property where the top 2 percent of American tax payers are the winners, the middle class are the losers.   The number of people living at or below the poverty line is increasing and the middle class, once the pride of America, is shrinking.

All of this you would think would be enough to keep democrats in power, to fire them up, but that isn’t the case.  A campaign of lies and misinformation on everything from the Presidents’ religion to the contents of various pieces of legislation has lead served to stir up the anti-government republican base.  In the uproar the democrats have been disheartened.  Like fans of a perennial losing team they are moving toward the perceived winner abandoning their principles in the process.

Democrats know that republicans offer more wealth transfer to already well to do Americans.  They know that there will be more military spending and consequently more war.  They know that social programs will be cut and that people will suffer because of it.  They know that the modest gains of the past two years could be lost.  The thing is that republicans aren’t even hiding it: they are telling everyone every chance they get that this is what they will do if given a chance.

Yet even those who know what to expect are either sitting this one out or defecting to the other side.   There is so much at stake.  This willingness to give up and give in just doesn’t make any sense.  This is truly a year when 2+2=5.

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Welcome BassetDad!

This has been quite the topic.
I have been wondering
Who will the first disgruntled teaparty outcast be?
And when will they write their scathing tell all book?
They derive so much of their energy from hate & fear,
how long can they keep that up?
And when it actually dawns on them that they are being played, as Clinton said,
will they reject any of this poison?


A warm welcome to The Planet, BassetDad!

My rule of thumb is that anyone who didn’t arrive at a strongly held belief through reason can’t be convinced out of it by reason.

The rabid Tea Partiers who are blindly hateful and racist, they are not reachable. Such ignorance, aggressively campaigning against their own interests (“Keep your government hands off my government entitlements!”) for those who cynically pander to them.

Those out there who are voting Republican out of emotion and the delusion of binary thinking (“The economy’s bad under Dems so it will be better under Repubs”), are hard to reach because here too, there is a logic vacuum in their minds. They’re 100% oblivious to the fact that Repub policies and leadership caused their current hardships. They can’t trouble their minds to think back a scant 2 years. Instead, the corporately impressed sensibility on the public that there is always a quick and easy answer to everything is what these people substitute for reason. If the Dems couldn’t turn the biggest economic crash since The Great Depression in a year and a half, put the arsonists back in charge of putting out the fire.

On the other hand, activating and energizing those Dems and Progressives who are discouraged is viable and does seem to be working.

The polls have been swinging back towards Dem candidates in many races and even where Repubs lead, their leads have been shrinking or stagnant.

So, we do have to work hard to inspire the discouraged with the impending disaster Repub control will bring and maybe get them to consider where we would be now if McCain and Palin had won instead…because Repub control will take us back in that direction.


The most galling thing of all is how successful this has been, as an actual STRATEGY for the Republicans. They knew, specifically they counted on the ignorance of the voters, that by just being obstructionist for twenty months they could make things look worse for the administration and take back power. Their plan works, and all suffer.


Yes, WTS, calculated and cynical. Based on two very unpleasant assumptions: a.) people are stupid, and b.) the suffering inflicted on actual, living humans by this obstructionism is irrelevant, as long as we regain power.




Nice to see you at the Planet, BassetDad!

We’ve been discussing the same sense of astonishment that so many of us share regarding the intense amnesia of the American voting public. About events that only happened two years ago! What are people thinking? I wish I knew.

There are the obvious answers: that this is more about a racist reaction to a black president than we had realized might be the case. That people expected instantaneous improvement of a situation that was extremely dire when Obama took office, and they lack the patience to work through difficulties in real time. That major corporations, with the help of bought-and-paid-for media, have convinced voters that the president is a socialist Muslim. And many more.

But still, nothing seems to really explain the intensely self-destructive, and at the same time self-centered attitude that prevails now.

I fully intend to vote a straight Democratic ticket and to support my friends who plan to as well. But, like Khirad, I am no fan of the majority of self-styled Independents, because I think they operate, in essence, as mercenaries. They sell their votes to the highest bidder, the candidate who promises their particular demographic the most. And to hell with everyone else. So I don’t have a lot of hope that they’re going to rush in and save the day at the last second.

As for the RW and Tea Party people, I have to battle the urge to say to them: “Go ahead. Get your lunatic candidates into office. Then watch what happens. Because the next time they wreck everything, there won’t be any reserves to fall back on. And it’s very likely that the entire middle class will go away. And what are you going to do then?”

Unless they’re very, very wealthy people who can survive any catastrophe, the answer to that one won’t come easily.



I am a divorced woman, with 2 adult offspring, and 3 grand kids. As such, I have been struggling for YEARS, YEARS; not hours, not days, not months, and more important, not since Barack Obama took the oath of office January 20, 2009. I voted for him and oops he is much younger than I. Yet, I know I made the right decision.

I know this man IS NOT the cause of the ills in this country. I also know there is an unspoken, underlying, and “they hope beneath the radar” faction operating here, and primarily being funded by mega-bucks corporations (thanks SCOTUS). The SCOTUS screwed the regular folks in this country, thus cementing the attitude of the previous administration – 8 years — mind you — 8 years.

You are absolutely correct, “there is so much at stake”, unfortunately, many in our country lack the balls or vaginas to think for themselves. The b’s & v’s would rather whine because they aren’t receiving instant gratification or winning at a Wii game; it’s easier to follow the rest of the sheeples rather than actually think and process a message for themselves.

Where were all the Tea Potty protesters, anti-government- misspelled-sign-carrying folks when the old (actually not that old — just look at John Boehner), bigoted, white guys (and now cult crazy women, who by the way, whose skirts the old farts have chosen to hide behind were in office)? Where were they? Did they really think Shrub, Dickiepoo, and Rummy knew what they were doing? Of course they did. Why? Because they were WHITE, Republican males. What a joke. It ain’t rocket science and the first clues came with the flannel shirts, gun racks, and sock monkeys showing up at primary rallies.

The party of NO is sacrificing the majority in this country to save face, pout, and protest the fact a black man was elected POTUS. It has less to do with policy and EVERYTHING to do with the ethnicity of the family living in the White House.

And personally? I am ashamed and embarrassed by those declaring they are open minded, unbiased, and not prejudiced. What a fucking, hypocritical joke. The sad thing is there are those who believe everything they are spoon fed. Very sad, very sad…

To dump the current situation this country finds itself in the lap of the first African-American POTUS is beyond bi-polar, it’s completely insane. The GOP became the party of “no” on January 20, 2009 and collectively made the decision to fuck this country and this administration because a) they’re poor losers, and b) they just can’t comprehend they lost to an African-American. And…the MSM hasn’t done a damn thing to dispel or counteract the crap these yahoos have been allowed to spew.

It’s disgusting, disheartening, embarrassing, and so transparent, it makes one (me at least) want to throw up/puke/barf, your choice — it all smells.

Moreover, and as a last rant, Arianna Huff&puff has been a primary contributor to all this crap. She must make her daily decisions based on which side of the bed she gets up on or how many orgasims she had the night before. What a fake, what a, what a, I’m at a loss to describe this female version of Faux news.

Don’t get me wrong. I hear you. However, it is beyond my comprehension that our society has been so dumbed down that our citizens can not or will not think for themselves.

*EDIT* Give me another glass of Merlot and I’ll tell everyone how I really feel. 😆


Go Boomer!


Oh dear Patsy,

Thanks, I take it as a compliment.

One would think it’s a Friday, just before Vox. Applause please. Applause. Sorry, just had a tremendous burden lifted from my “not-so-sure-I-believe” shoulders today. Even considering staying home tomorrow.

I soooo dislike the time difference between you really cool West Coast folks. 😆

Moreover, I think we should seriously consider a POV rendezvous in the Spring, once the snow stops wreaking havoc on any state East of the Mississipi.

Absolutely up to the great Admin in the sky, but heck if he doesn’t want to participate? His loss…we’re all gorgeous don’tcha know?


Boomer good news about the burden.
We Coasters are no cooler then you, dear Boomer!


The real problem this year aren’t the ideologues on the right but on the left who want to punish the Dems for not being liberal enough. Come the next two years, I will not waste any opportunity to point out I voted D’s and that it is their petulant whinitude that is to thanks for this new batch of crazy. I mean it, I am excessively pissed off with every person who says they’re sitting this one out, not because they want the teapublicans to win, but because they don’t see enough differences. I snarl back: I live in Arizona, which has been run by baggers on all levels for two years, longer not counting Napolitano. I know what is to come, and you’re just a bunch of spoiled brats and deserve every ounce of my derision. Come here and tell me there’s no difference, or that it’s not worth voting for Democrats. I have yet to get a reply to this, but I doubt I’ve made any of these selfish disaffecteds reflect upon the dire position they’ve put themselves into.

Although, my rant aside, the other huge problem are the Independents. they’re like that young girl or boy whom serially date but never commit to anything because they don’t know what they want. I can’t stand them, either. I don’t know, but I’d reckon 10%-25% at most are real, actual thoughtful, true Independents. The rest are just in the fickle category or Dems and Repubs that don’t want to register as such.


I am glad you are out there fighting the good fight, you are one of the best!
I am hoping we will not have to have a bunch of
“I told you so” conversations.