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KillgoreTrout On December - 28 - 2013

Well, it’s been one more trip around the sun. Time to ring out the old and ring in the new. This is a time to look back on this year and look ahead to the coming year. We have the chance to review what went wrong and what went right, and hopefully avoid what may go wrong in the year ahead. This is a time to remember old friends and welcome new ones.

We are faced with another year to help make our country and the world a better place. A time for resolutions and promises.

So folks, post your favorite tunes regarding time, the old and the new, memories and hopes for the future. Have fun and don’t forget to smile while doing so.

Time by Pink Floyd

Fly Like An Eagle Steve Miller Band

Steely Dan – Reelin’ in the Years

The Guess Who – No Time

The Byrds – Turn Turn Turn (To Everything There Is A Season)

Written by KillgoreTrout

Once a wander, working vagabond, fellow traveler on this 3rd stone from the sun. Hurtling through space and time. Lover of books (especially the classics), all kinds of books from novels, poetry, essay collections, fiction and nonfiction and a big Kurt Vonnegut fan. I am a secular humanist and technically an atheist.....Taoist.

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  1. pinkpantheroz says:

    I already posted to Vox Pop, but if you want the antidote to twerking, here it is:
    Lena Horne doing ‘The New Fangled Tango’

  2. jjgravitas says:

    The Chambers Brothers -- Time Has Come Today

  3. jjgravitas says:

    “Happy New Year!!” (Spike Jones & The City Slickers, 1948)

  4. Leon Russell -- A Song For You (1970)

  5. Dr. John: Right Place Wrong Time

  6. Sabreen60 says:

    I use to sing this to my son every night after reading a story.

    Twelfth of Never -- Johnny Mathis

  7. Sabreen60 says:

    Time Makes You Change -- The Dells

  8. Tracy Chapman -- Talkin’ bout a Revolution

  9. Simon & Garfunkel -- April Come She Will

  10. The Beatles- A Day in the Life

  11. Quick Brown Dog says:

    Hate to be a Debbie Downer, but somehow I just can’t be as optimistic about the future as some of my fellow Planeteers. I just heard that almost 2 million people are due to lose their unemployment benefits thanks to the GOP’s failure to extend the program, and their continued “hostage-taking” of budget deals and refusal to negotiate unless Obama agrees to their “terrorist” terms of gutting and/or 86ing the social benefits system entirely. Which means that until the House agrees to fund the unemployment system, no new unemployed people will ever receive benefits again. Not that Congress cares, though. They continue to receive “taxpayer benefits” for LIFE regardless of how they treat the American people. And not that they care anyway, because to them, the poor, minorities, and women are useless undesirables they harbor such hatred for and have all but condemned to die. :(

    The NSA has still not been reined in, let alone abolished and its datacenter(s) destroyed like the Berlin Wall. Another court judge said it was very much a necessary force to “keep us safe,” which means that the SCOTUS will eventually have to decide (and there’s virtually no chance of the neocon 5-4 ruling going in favor of we the people). Plus, even if the government security agencies were reined in, there’s no way any law would ever be enacted penalizing private companies like Google and Facebook for collecting user data. I’m sure also that there are pro-Hollywood Democrats who want these programs to remain in place to throw 13-year-old MP3 downloaders in Gitmo as “economic terrorists.”

    Meanwhile, the ice caps continue to melt… the Middle East remains the world’s hotbed of violence… and A&E put profit before progressivism in reinstating that bigot Phil Robertson. Americans continue to show their hatred against LGBT people by supporting him and by (gasp) hoping Robin Roberts’ cancer returns, because she publicly came out on her Facebook page, thanking her girlfriend for emotional support. See for example several comments on the Yahoo OMG article, like this one:

    Richard T. 40 minutes ago

    I hate her, hope it comes back and she dies.


    We’re also gearing up for yet another shutdown threat in January 2014… so I say, we’re on the Eve of Destruction.

    • Well, that’s a bit too political for the music thread. Yes, the themes here often reflect different political, religious, societal, cultural issues and events, but this particular thread is more about looking back and looking ahead.

      Certainly, you have written about what has happened in 2013 and what is still happening. I’m a realist, as most people on the Planet are, but I’m not a pessimist. There are good reasons to look forward to some more progressive achievements in the coming year. But, every inch of progress is a hard fought progression. That is no reason to quit the fight or to lose all hope. Progress takes time, and in America, it takes A LOT of time due to our opposition.

      I don’t believe we are on the eve of destruction. We were much closer to it in the 60s and early 70s. Sure, we have problems a plenty, but they are not unsolvable.

      The weekend music threads are just a way to blow off a little steam and have some fun. This doesn’t mean we can’t post songs that deal with tough issues, you are certainly welcome to do so. But, I like to see these threads as sort of time out from all the doom and gloom we see every day. Your comment is more suited to TO/OT or a more specific article posted by one of our members or by you yourself. I hope this comment is not taken in a negative light.

  12. Nirek says:

    If we could turn back time…

  13. S-Man says:

    George Harrison ‘Ding Dong’

  14. Too Late to Turn Back Now -- Cornelius Bros and Sister Rose

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