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bito On January - 17 - 2013

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Every so often I intrude TO/OT with a personal pick of a site that I find important that I feel needs to be shared and not lost in the shuffle of the constant flow of thoughts on The Planet.

And yet with globalization, we seem to have developed a strange apprehension about the efficacy of our ability to apply the innovation and hard work necessary to successfully compete in a complex security and economic environment. Further, we have misunderstood interdependence as a weakness rather than recognizing it as a strength. The key to sustaining our competitive edge, at home or on the world stage, is credibility — and credibility is a difficult capital to foster. It cannot be won through intimidation and threat, it cannot be sustained through protectionism or exclusion. Credibility requires engagement, strength, and reliability — imaginatively applied through the national tools of development, diplomacy, and defense.

The Y Article

A National Security Narrative



Written by bito

Was once a handsome frog until kissed by an ugly corporate princess.----- Like a well honed knife, the internet can be a wonderful and useful tool. It can be used to prepare and serve a delicious meal or it can be used to cause harm. peace

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  1. Kalima says:

    In case you missed it in our Recent Posts sidebar, there is a new post by ppo. You can read it here:

    A Long March To Freedom



    Just read it on Italian papers: The Pope sends one priest in the Dominican Republic to prison for pedophilia! It’s a start! I wonder how long Pope Francis will live!

  3. Kalima says:

    Google dumps ALEC for promoting climate change denial.

    Rockefellers to divest fossil fuels

    The Rockefeller family, which made its fortune from oil, is to sell its investments in fossil fuels and put money into clean energy.


  4. I just wanted to drop a quick note of great thanks to my dear friends, Nirek, RSGMusic, MonicaAngela, Fergie1, Kalima, PPO and Ad Lib for your concern and well wishes.

    The Planet is truly a wonderful, loving community of fantastic people and I am so glad I found my way here a few years ago.

    I told mom that she had people world wide that were rooting for her and she got a big smile on her face and said to thank you all.

    She is doing so much better than when she first went to emergency. She recognizes everyone, can carry on conversations and still has a great sense of humor. She’s still pretty weak and her motor functions are a bit wobbly, but she may be discharged tomorrow, in to my care. If so, I sure hope I’m up to the challenge.

    Thanks again to all my supportive and wonderful friends here at the Planet. :smile:

    • AdLib says:

      KT, this is such good news, so happy to hear it! Hope the discharge today and the trip home went smoothly!

      You deserve props too for taking care of her as you have, well done!

      Looking forward to an update!

    • funksands says:

      KT, I’m really glad your mom has you there to lean on. It can be really disorienting and scary to face things like this alone. I’m sending all my positive karma overnight to you to use. Good luck buddy.

    • kesmarn says:

      Homie, I’m so sorry I didn’t realize that your mom had been ill. I was without an internet connection for the weekend, so I missed the news about what had happened.

      I hope she’s able to get home tomorrow, and I know you’ll be up to the task. In fact, she’s very lucky to have you there with her.

      Don’t forget to eat and rest whenever you can. The caregiver needs to be taken care of too!

      Prayers for you both, and please keep us posted on her progress.

    • monicaangela says:

      I’m so happy to hear your mom is getting better KT. It’s always good to see your loved ones smile. Bed rest for more than a day makes everybody weak, so just keep a stiff upper lip, help your mom stay in good spirits, see that she has her medication on time, make sure she gets good nourishment, and most important keep her occupied. Read to her, make her get involved with something, keep her company, good conversation is often one of the best cures for what ails us. :)

      I know you’ll do fine as caregiver. Remember to take good care of yourself as well, make sure you get the necessary rest that you are going to need and I’m sure all will be well.

    • Nirek says:

      KT, hope your Mom continues to get better. You, my friend are certainly up to the task of caring for her. Sounds to me like you come from good stock.
      Still asking God (or Mother Nature) to take care of her.

      I must agree with you that the people here at the Planet are wonderful friends. They care about one another and that is as it should be.
      Peace and good health .


      I did not know you om was sick,KT.Must have happened when my two laps crashed.Sending your way my very best wishes and vibes.I adored my mother, she was definitely my best friend and inspiration and , more important, she was very rational and serene.Characteristics which did not compose my DNA!:) Hugs!

  5. monicaangela says:

    Published on
    Sunday, September 21, 2014
    byCommon Dreams
    ‘Historic': 300,000+ March in NYC for Climate Action
    Demanding environmental justice, a clean economy, and government leadership, hundreds of thousands participate in People’s Climate March


    And who said the nation doesn’t care about global warming the Koch brothers? I guess they were wrong. This was wonderful. I had an opportunity to watch some of it on TV today, I was so proud of the many people who took the time to stand up and be counted. We need more of this.


      Thank you,Monica.YET…not a single word from the so called “librul” media aired this phenomenal event.And it was worldwide, through 350.org!

    • AdLib says:

      Wow, this is historic indeed! 300,000 people? The people are so far ahead of the politicians on this, especially the denialist Republicans who are happily fiddling while the planet burns (we just had the hottest August ever recorded).

      So much needs to be done to at least buffer the effects of Climate Change (if we are past the tipping point as some scientists say) and we need to get ahead of the coming problems that are on the way.

      That’s a lot of conscientious and forward thinking people, representing many more. Hope it is the start of a public movement that insists on results.

  6. Well. not so good news today. Late yesterday afternoon I had to rush my mom to the hospital, once more. She had a pretty bad seizure and had to go the emergency room. She’s been admitted, and is doing better today, no stroke or permanent damage.

    I’m getting ready to go back to the hospital again. I went early this morning and am going back in about an hour. She’s still pretty spacey and weak, but she’s much better than she was last night. Got my fingers crossed!

    • Nirek says:

      ExFan, Monica and I think that if Graham and McCain want boots on the ground, they should put on some boots and get themselves over there, stat!

      • Excellent suggestion Nirek! That’s exactly what they should do!

        • EXFANOFARIANA says:

          I will pay for one way ticket gladly….Then remove their citizenship!

        • Nirek says:

          KT, I can think of a few more “chickenhawks” who should join them. Can you guess who I speak of?

          • EXFANOFARIANA says:

            I’ve got to reply here……Absolutely they outnumber IS….One of my brothers who was here and witnessed, incidentally, these sociopaths WB mofos protesting at a funeral of a young vet, said it all: “little sis, you know what they would have it coming if they pull this shit in our country? “Italy”? They would be all dead, on spot.That’s the thing with “Eye-Talians” LOLOLOL. You rape and kill -- or not- a female or a sister/mother/siblings , a child or animal…we bring the justice to you since the whole judicial American system is sooooooooo effing f*******d.Your First Amendment should come with RESPONSIBILITIES AND LIABILITIES.Why in this country, can ppl call POTUS names, invent and make up shit without any responsibilities at all? Last week, at the check out line on a supermarket, I saw…>” Hillary’s lesbian secrets……And bullshit like that. WHY??????????????smh

            • sillylittleme says:

              Because they think that too few of us can think for ourselves. And they have the wrong headed mind set that anyone really cares anymore what people do in their private sex lives.

          • EXFANOFARIANA says:

            Nirek…what about the WHOLE former administration? And Darth Vader with a brand new heart…I’ve heard he had a perfect “match” from an anaconda …, and is fresh as an organic lettuce and could be the first to volunteer….mittRobme and his kids….All AynRandians, all talibangelists led by Pat the murder Robertson et al.

            • Nirek says:

              Ex, you get all of them and you outnumber the ISIS by a big margin. Plenty of boots on the ground then!
              Lets add in the Westboro Baptists too.

  7. monicaangela says:

    Dozens of Turkish Hostages Held by Islamic State Are Freed

    Is this a game changer? Will Turkey become a willing partner in fighting ISIS now that their most important reason for not joining in the NATO effort except for minor help with humanitarian aid and logistics? Why did ISIS release these hostages? This is getting more and more interesting everyday. It appears ISIS can be reasoned with, can be talked to, can be negotiated with, so why don’t we bring the leaders of this group to the table and find out what they want?

  8. MurphTheSurf3 says:


    EDINBURGH — Voters in Scotland rejected independence from Britain in a referendum that had threatened to break up the 307-year union between them, according to projections by the BBC and Sky News early Friday.

    Before dawn after a night of counting that showed a steady trend in favor of maintaining the union, Nicola Sturgeon, the deputy head of the pro-independence Scottish National Party, effectively conceded defeat for the “yes” campaign that had pressed for secession.

    “Like thousands of others across the country I’ve put my heart and soul into this campaign and there is a real sense of disappointment that we’ve fallen narrowly short of securing a yes vote,” Ms. Sturgeon told BBC television.

    With 26 of 32 voting districts reporting, there were 1,397,077 votes, or 54.2 percent, against independence, and 1,176,952, or 45.7 percent, in favor.


    • RSGmusic says:

      Thanks Murph.

      Prosper always.

      A synthesizer can create any instrument made and others that have not been created yet.

      sayings from the ( child of nature )
      “see thru eyes of mother nature and time will pass seasons will come and go. For the count of the season is tale of your life and in that tale Use it well and protect mother nature”


    Anyone heard yet of Putin threat to invade Europe NATO allies? I could not find this “news” in any blog in Europe.Only here, on yahoo…..
    Great article:


    Have great one!

    • monicaangela says:

      President Vladimir Putin privately said he could invade Poland, Romania and the Baltic states, according to a record of a conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart.

      “If I wanted, in two days I could have Russian troops not only in Kyiv, but also in Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Warsaw and Bucharest,” Mr. Putin allegedly told President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine, reported Suddeustche Zeitung, a German newspaper.

      If true, this would be the first time Mr. Putin has referred to invading NATO or European Union members. Any serious threat to send Russian troops into the capitals of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Romania would cause grave alarm among Western leaders.


      Also here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/11106195/Putin-privately-threatened-to-invade-Poland-Romania-and-the-Baltic-states.html

      And here: http://www.inquisitr.com/1484957/vladimir-putin-threatens-world-war-3-says-russia-could-invade-europe-within-two-days/

      • EXFANOFARIANA says:

        Yes, the post on Yahoo re-address me to inquisitr. In another news, a millionaire -- who decided to keep his identity anonymous, is offering 30 million dollars for anyone who can come with the truth on which part bombed the Malaysian Airlines over Ukraine. Rumor has it, it’s yet another archenemy of Putin, trying to bring him down.
        OH! Yeah: have to share it:
        Brian Haskins‎Rachel Maddow Fans


        By Tom Muri

        I find it ironic but enlightening how today’s Republican and conservative commentaries are fixated on Benghazi, especially when compared to Beirut.

        In 1983 President Reagan, over the strong objection of his own secretary of defense, ordered that American service members be sent into Lebanon as an international peacekeeping force. Although they were being ordered into a war zone, they were under strict presidential orders not to load their weapons. Reagan’s own advisers pointed out that these service members were “sitting ducks.”

        The American Embassy in Beirut sent numerous cables warning the Reagan administration that this action, combined with his ordering of naval bombardment of Lebanon would provoke terrorist actions and gravely harm America’s leadership in the Mideast.

        The commander of the Marines in Beirut, Colonel Geraghty, went on record opposing the United States Navy’s gunfire upon the Lebanese army on Sept. 19 as this “removed any lingering doubts of our neutrality and I stated to my staff at the time that we were going to pay in blood for this decision.”

        Pay in blood they did! On Oct. 23, 1983, 299 American and French service members died as a direct result of Reagan’s actions. A suicide bomber drove 12,000 pounds of explosives into the Marine barracks unopposed and unchallenged and leveled the barracks. The loss of 248 U.S. military members, mostly Marines, still stands as the single deadliest day for the Marines since the WWII Battle of Iwo Jima.

        The historical record is clear as to the culpability of Reagan.

        Reagan had ordered the Marines into an impossible defensive situation and issued orders that limited their ability to defend themselves. Reagan was not overly criticized by the media and received even less criticism from Democrats.

        There was something then about being Americans together, in troubling times, that made us stand together when attacked — rather than going on the attack against each other.

        Reagan’s failures three decades ago greatly contributed to the current mess in the Middle East. While Reagan maintained that the guilty parties would be brought to justice and that America would not cut and run — cut and run America did.

        When one compares Benghazi to Beirut, it is apparent that Reagan had feet of clay compared to Obama.

        NOTE: The author of this article, Tom Muri, is a retired Naval JAG officer.

        http://m.dailyinterlake.com/members/benghazi-and-beirut-why-no-outrage-over-reagan-s-deadly/article_b51e62e2-c029-11e2-a920-001a4bcf887a.html? mode=jqm

          • EXFANOFARIANA says:

            Thank, MA> I am not FULLY knowledgeable of this country’s “malaises” on those days……

          • EXFANOFARIANA says:

            YEP! BTW RayGun was a DEMOCRAT and turned his coat to smooth his way to get “Nancy” the seance nut….

            • monicaangela says:

              Reagan served as President of the Screen Actors Guild and later as a spokesman for General Electric (G.E.); his start in politics occurred during his work for G.E. Originally, he was a member of the Democratic Party, but due to the parties’ shifting platforms during the 1950s, he switched to the Republican Party in 1962.

              In other words, Reagan was the type of democrat that followed the southern democrat ideology. All of those democrats are republicans today.

              During the 1930s, as the New Deal began to move Democrats as a whole to the left in economic policy, Southern Democrats were mostly supportive, although by the late 1930s there was a growing conservative faction. Both factions supported Roosevelt’s foreign policies. By 1948 the protection of segregation led Democrats in the Deep South to reject Truman and run a third party ticket of Dixiecrats in the 1948 election. After 1964, Southern Democrats lost major battles to the civil rights movement. Federal laws ended segregation and restrictions on black voters.
              After World War II, during the civil rights movement, Democrats in the South initially still voted loyally with their party. After the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the old argument that all whites had to stick together to prevent civil rights legislation lost its force because the legislation had now been passed. More and more whites began to vote Republican, especially in the suburbs and growing cities. Newcomers from the North were mostly Republican; they were now joined by conservatives and wealthy Southern whites, while liberal whites and poor whites, especially in rural areas, remained with the Democratic Party. So, Reagan and the Seance queen were Dixiecrats…by any other name they were what republicans are today. He was wrong then, wrong after switching, wrong in the White House, wrong for the nation, wrong for the world, and just Wrong Period.

        • sillylittleme says:

          Reagan is their god and therefore can do no wrong, even as he (or his puppeteers) destroyed this nation. And yes, it started with him.

      • Wow, doesn’t he know that somebody else already tried that? A little guy with a funny mustache? :cool:

  10. Nirek says:

    Why is the NFL tax exempt? They pay zero in taxes, why?

    Also why do they not put in the contract with the players that if they are arrested for a criminal offence the contract is null and void. These guys are still being paid even when suspended.

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