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bito On January - 17 - 2013

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Every so often I intrude TO/OT with a personal pick of a site that I find important that I feel needs to be shared and not lost in the shuffle of the constant flow of thoughts on The Planet.

And yet with globalization, we seem to have developed a strange apprehension about the efficacy of our ability to apply the innovation and hard work necessary to successfully compete in a complex security and economic environment. Further, we have misunderstood interdependence as a weakness rather than recognizing it as a strength. The key to sustaining our competitive edge, at home or on the world stage, is credibility — and credibility is a difficult capital to foster. It cannot be won through intimidation and threat, it cannot be sustained through protectionism or exclusion. Credibility requires engagement, strength, and reliability — imaginatively applied through the national tools of development, diplomacy, and defense.

The Y Article

A National Security Narrative



Written by bito

Was once a handsome frog until kissed by an ugly corporate princess.----- Like a well honed knife, the internet can be a wonderful and useful tool. It can be used to prepare and serve a delicious meal or it can be used to cause harm. peace

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  1. Nirek says:

    The riots in Baltimore remind me of 1968 when I was sent into Washington DC to disperse the rioters after MLK was killed. I was part of the 6th Armored Cav. out of Fort Meade Maryland.

    There is psycology used in the control of riots. I think that the police have missed the lesson from history. Not unlike our government forgetting to lessons of Vietnam.

  2. America’s first stand-up POTUS! I love it.

  3. agrippa says:


    The USA has to be very careful with Ukraine. The history is fraught; and people have very long memories.
    Ukraine used to be part of Imperial Russia and the USSR. It is, now, a near neighbor of Russia. There is a continuity of Russian foreign policy and the Bolshevik Revolution did not change that. The end of Bolshevik rule did not change it either.
    Russia is a great power and will protect its’ interests; and, it will respond.
    “You nice, me nice; you bad, me bad.”

    Ukraine should be a federal state, with autonomous regions. It should. also, be non aligned. This means a good trade and political relationship with Russia and the EU. This issue is, now, in doubt.

    PBO is trying to stand upon two stools: The Neo cons of Kagan/Nuland/Clinton et all and a more constructive relationship with Putin.

    Foreign Policy has to be based upon realism. It is not a crusade to bring _____ to an unwilling world.

    Realism means a cool headed analysis of objective reality with an appreciation of the history and perceived interests ( a sovereign country determines its’ interests, not the USA) of other countries. And, an appreciation of what can and cannot be done. And, logically choose among those options. Realism involves the principle of calculated risk.

    Realism also means that you have to be introspective enough to critically examine your assumptions.

    Washington needs to be careful.

  4. pinkpantheroz says:

    Isn’t it ( not so) funny that the USA still does not recognize that what Turkey did to the Armenians 100 years ago today constitutes Genocide? What else could one call over 1 million Armenians killed over a very short period?

    Perhaps it is because the USA also committed genocide on the Original Americans. Opens an unpalatable can of worms. Not to be outdone, the Federal Government of Australia hasn’t recognized it as a genocide either (some individual states here do). This is probably because the Original settlers systematically slaughtered the Aborigines to steal their land, and an equally nasty can would open here. Now, if it were Iran, or some country ending in -Stan were the perpetrators, the USA would be screaming for blood. Except that Turkey is strategically important, so we’d better hide out heads in the sand and maybe it’ll all blow over tomorrow. A great example to the World from the Land of the Freebee.

    • Nirek says:

      PPo, I agree that both our countries have done things in the past that shame us. In Turkey we should not cover up what happened back then. Rather we should learn the lesson that history has to teach us. Things like the genocide should never again be allowed to happen.

      Good on you for bringing this to light.

  5. Nirek says:

    If you care about our planet earth, watch this!

    The whole world needs to take action, now!

  6. Nirek says:

    My ten year old granddaughter on youtube!

    Yes I’m proud!

  7. Nirek says:

    Anyone else notice the similarity between the deputy Bates and the VP cheney? Put the snarl on his face and he is a spitting image of the evil one.

  8. AdLib says:

    If you want to see a total and complete take down of Dick Cheney as a liar, hypocrite and traitor, you’ve got to watch Jon Stewart’s segment from last night’s Daily Show:

  9. pinkpantheroz says:

    Here’s a Workers tune for what’s happening right now. I got it from the Mudcat discussion forum, author unknown. All I know is that I wish it was me!

    Ye Greedy Bastards All!
    1.Oh come ye greedy bastards all, oh let your tale be told,
    Of how ye came into the land, in far off days of old,
    To build your castles strong, and hide behind their walls,
    To take the best, and fill the chests of greedy bastards all.

    2. We worked upon your stubborn soil, to plough and sow and reap,
    The forests and the fields held by the baron and the sheep,
    Like cattle we were bought and sold, while you grew fat and tall,
    Our purpose but to fill the gut of greedy bastards all.

    Ye greedy bastards all, ye greedy bastards all,
    Time to sing of Captain Swing, King Arthur and Jack Straw,
    And when will everyman be invited to the ball,
    And cease his toil to share the spoils with greedy bastards all.

    3. You took us from the land, and put us on your mighty wheels,
    Eternity upon the treadmill of your wretched mills,
    With political economy to sanctify the poor,
    Who pay the dues and turn the screws for greedy bastards all.

    4. Revolutions and went, and hopes are all but passed,
    Yet still the hydra grows its head behind its walls of glass,
    High up on your balcony, your pride will stand no fall,
    Still pissing on the peasants, ye greedy bastards all!

    Ye greedy bastards all, ye greedy bastards all,
    Time to sing of Captain Swing, King Arthur and Jack Straw,
    And when will everyman be invited to the ball,
    And cease his toil to share the spoils with greedy bastards all.

    5. Now dressed up in your finest suits, you stand in serried ranks,
    Your judges call for prison walls for the man who robs the bank,
    But the banks that rob the man are protected by your laws,
    All hail the global mafia of greedy bastards all!

    6. We all vote for that rainbow’s end, with its pot of gold,
    Yet still the markets call the tune, as dreams are bought and sold,
    Those starlings in the garden fly away before the fall,
    And Robin Hood drowns in the flood of greedy bastards all.

    Ye greedy bastards all, ye greedy bastards all,
    Time to sing of Captain Swing, King Arthur and John Ball,
    And when will everyman be invited to the ball,
    And cease his toil to share the spoils with greedy bastards all.

  10. 4bw0UopAQ62tOk0Tophc_bush-holds-hands-11-9-10.png

    Would a Christian baker in Indiana serve these two?

  11. Nirek says:

    Log cabin republicans have been uninvited to the conservative summit. A republican party divided is a gift to democrats.

  12. kesmarn says:

    If you’re looking for a quick, 5 minute summary of Dominionist political goals, have a look at Mike Huckabee.

    Here he is, standing on Mount Carmel, overlooking the valley of Armageddon, ready to “call down fire from Heaven.” Urging pastors to preach politics from the “pull pit.” (As he calls it.)

    Ripping out the entire New Testament from the Bible. Licking his lips at the prospect of massive and chaotic violence.

    How must this look to the rest of the world?

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