Paradoxes surround us in our daily life. We see celebrities who are famous only for being celebrities, carbonated drinks that are a major cause of weight gain are labelled “Diet” and obese men who can barely lumber are named “Rush”.

The “pro-life” label that the Republican Party hangs on itself does have an asterisk next to it.


*Life must be in the womb to qualify for protection, all life outside of wombs are subject to deprivation of housing, education, food, a future, retirement, health care, voting rights, control over their own bodies, death from dangerous products, death from assault weapons, death from war, death from execution, death from toxic pollution, death from climate change caused disasters and death from being trampled at Black Friday sales.

The Right Wing is gutturally vocal about how committed they are in the right to life for all people except those who are born which is an interesting dividing line.

It’s fair to wonder if they were able to get a Personhood bill passed, which would declare that the minute a sperm shacked up with an egg, they become a person legally entitled to Constitutional rights, if they would aggressively campaign for the right of fetuses to be armed.

Think of the huge market that would open up for the gun manufacturers, allowing fetuses to carry concealed weapons. One can imagine the arguments for that, “They would need them for self-defense in case of a womb invasion robbery, in case they need them to protect themselves from their governing body becoming totalitarian and if an abortionist tries to abort them, say hello to my little friend!”

The GOP claims to be the party of law and order while fighting for the right of terrorists and the mentally ill people to buy semi-automatics at gun shows without a background check. Some would call this hypocrisy but Republican marketing guru Frank Luntz might come up with a snappy, focus group tested phrase for it like, “Freedumb”.

The results of a poll that came out today shed some light on today’s Republican party:

(M)ost Americans (57%) believe Democrats are mainstream, while a majority (53%) also sees Republicans as too extreme. This is the first time a CNN poll found most Americans considering either party too extreme.

It’s one thing for voters to think you’re wrong; it’s worse when they think you’re radical.

Poor majority-of-Americans, they just don’t understand the complexity of Republican principles, if only the Republicans could defy the will of the people and put their policies into place, the people could finally have their voice heard…

…and unlike the unbalanced in America, disarmed.

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Adlib, good post. The GOP is in my opinion anti life. They are for the death penalty, WARS, and starving the poor. But don’t let a woman get rid of an unwanted fertilized egg! No that egg has more rights than the working poor.
Don’t get me started. I could rant on for a long time about how hypocritical they are.


If you are really pro life, wouldn’t that include everyone and anything living with a heartbeat? I am a life long RC and totally dispute the argument that life begins at conception. What about women who have irregular monthly cycles, who might not even know they are pregnant until well into their third month? I have always had a problem with men making decisions for me, and a pregnancy would be a perfect example where the final decision would be between my partner/husband and my doctor, and shudder at the thought of clueless politicians forcing themselves into the most private corners of my life.

When men can carry a new life in their bodies for nine months, and deal with everything we go through, including labour, maybe then I might give a *hit about what they have to say, or maybe not.


Kalima, I agree with you. Men should NOT be making decisions for or about women’s health issues. We are not able to know what you women go through when your body does its thing. I can only take the word of my wife or daughter or other women. I don’t expect you to understand what men go through.

I believe that women should be able (allowed) to make the right decision for themselves. Especially in the case of rape or incest. Sometimes I am disgusted with my gender. The “men” who mistreat women or children are NOT real men. A real man respects women. Count me as a real man, please.


Hi Nirek, I couldn’t let my busy day start without answering you first.

I don’t dislike men, I dislike them making personal decisions for me though. When we are children it’s our father, when we marry it’s our husband for many women, and when we decide that for reasons of health, economy, emotional stress, rape or incest, some male politician tells us we are breaking the law, God’s law at that, then I’m mad for many reasons, one of the main reasons being that they are pushing their religious beliefs on me and my choices. Women have fought long and hard for equality so political and religious interference in a decision that will change my life and leave me feeling guilty anyway for the rest of my life, is an abomination and an infringement of both my civil and human rights. I believe that states have too much power, especially when abortion is legal in your country, and the people making these laws don’t care about the rights of the people they govern.

When I read that in one state women can even be held responsible for their own miscarriages and thrown in jail for murder, I thought that America had gone mad.
If you don’t like the idea of abortion, don’t have one. If you don’t like a certain car don’t buy one. If you don’t like spinach don’t eat it, but if a woman decides that having a baby would cause hardships for her and the child as well, or a doctor says going to full term could pose a danger to her health or life, then stopping her from having that abortion is to cause her grave bodily harm and in some cases even murder. Do politicians ever think about their legal and moral responsibility when they push for outrageous laws like they are pushing for now? Of course not. It’s the hypocrisy that gets me because how many of these people who change these laws actually know of, or have had a family member or friend go to some private clinic to have an abortion while trying to deny them to the rest of the population? Knowing how the GOP thinks and does things, I’ll bet that there are many cases we will never know about.

I live in a country where a recent poll showed that 54% said that a woman’s place is in the home, not out working. That’s a pretty sobering poll result in 2012.

From your comments here I perceive that you are both a gentleman and a gentle man who respects women.


Kalima, thank you for the kind words. I am fond of women for many good reasons. My wife, daughter, granddaughters, sisters, and a 94 year old aunt who is amazing. Not to mention my Mom long gone but not forgotten.
Women are much stronger than most men think. They have more sense than most men. And if more women were in positions of power we would have a better world with far fewer WARS.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year.


I agree that there should be more women in positions of power to sort out the messes that some men have left behind, and there are a few in the world making a difference for women’s rights and the welfare of children. There would be either no wars, or very few, I just can’t see us giving that order for no reason, although Thatcher in the U.K. seemed to have no problem with that.

Like you, the women in my life, especially my grandmother and mother, taught me just about everything that I needed to know. They are missed, more so at this time of year. The men in my life like my grandfather and father, were kind, loving and guided me through life with love and their strong arms of protection, and I miss them too.

My father passed this year in May, and this will be my first Christmas without him. So for all of us I hope for a better year next year. A year filled with new beginnings, hope and strength. A year filled with many new memories to treasure.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours too Nirek.


AdLib–Your best line is “…if only the Republicans could defy the will of the people and put their policies into place, the people could finally have their voice heard…”

Even after a national election where President Obama won, and the majority of the American people spoke, we are still listening to the loser republican/tpartier voices. The r/tp’s are still trying to convince the MAJORITY of Americans that their way is the “right” way. It’s the “right” way, but not the correct way for the American middle class. It’s unbelievable to me. What will it take for them to learn that the majority of the American people don’t agree with them?

I, for one, will never ignore mid-term and local and state elections again. This is how tpartiers practically took over the republican party, the House, and many governerships and legislatures. I will continue to stay politically aware at all levels, and vote accordingly. Of course, with the r/tp party the way it is now; I really don’t need to stay politically aware that much; I just need to know when the elections are so I can vote a straight Democratic ticket. I am not a “dyed in the wool” Democrat; I have voted for republicans before, but not nowadays. In fact, one of the republicans I voted for when I lived in FL was Charlie Crist. How ironic that he’s now a Democrat.

Anyway, another good article, Ad.


Texas lawmaker: ‘Ping-pongs’ Deadlier Than Guns

Incoming Texas State Rep. Kyle Kacal says guns don’t kill people—ping-pong kills people.
“I’ve heard of people being killed playing ping-pong—ping-pongs are more dangerous than guns,” he says. “Flat-screen TVs are injuring more kids today than anything.”–politics.html

The crazy just keeps on coming.


KT, is there such a point out there in that hits ” much more mostest craziest,” or is there a point that just keeps getting “further” out there in the whole universe of crazy? Maybe a black hole of crazy? 😉

The lifetime rancher, who will take his seat in 2013 as a freshman, says that new gun restrictions are unnecessary. Kacal, who reportedly operates a hunting business, notably came out against a bill instructing Texans how to secure their assault weapons.

“People know what they need to do to be safe. We don’t need to legislate that—it’s common sense,” he said. “Once everyone’s gun is locked up, then the bad guys know everyone’s gun is locked up.”


It simply boggles my mind bito. Holy Jeebus these bastards are definitely black holes of crazy. They suck up any intelligent life form that gets too close to them.

It simply amazes me how these whackos ever get elected to Congress. Who the hell VOTES for these mental degenerates? Oh, I know, other mental degenerates. 😯


KT, Perfect and I love it.

They suck up any intelligent life form that gets too close to them.

and then they make it disappear. We know one thing, they sure don’t use any of that intelligence.


Ad, well done. Comical and tragic at the same time. Not an easy trick to pull off.

Since last Fridays horrible massacre, I have seen quite a few GOPers bringing up abortion in defense of keeping assault weapons. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

In their twisted reasoning, they see liberals as murderers, responsible for thousands and thousands of children killed. Of course they do this because everybody knows that liberals are in favor of choice. In their rotten little brains, this somehow justifies all the gun violence. Truly twisted and frightened morons. They are sub-standard humans that have 0 idea of what the social compact is.

They are so in love with their precious killing machines, that 20 murdered children is of no consequence to these assholes. They rant and rave about our declining morality, yet they pay mass murder no mind. They stick their empty little heads in the sand and pretend these assault weapons are no part of the huge problem we face in this country. I don’t know how many comments I’ve see that say such killing can be done with a knife, or baseball bat or a bomb. They try to make everyday items look like the killing machines that assault weapons really are. I even saw one asshole trying to say even a bolt action rifle can kill as fast as an assault weapon. These people are insane. I truly mean that, they are flat out batshit crazy.


In a moment of utter rage in 1999, I had to be restrained from gutting Flip Benham as he pontificated on his hypothesis that Columbine was due to abortion. He was picketing a city where, four months earlier, one of the providers of abortions had been shot through his own window, a fact Flip and his brethren celebrated loudly privately while pulling po face in public.

These are the people who, along with racists, anti-government folks such as McVeigh, et al. have found rationales for killing anyone who pisses them off. And then they blame ABORTION? There is absolutely NO correlation between women’s private choices and these despicable public acts – but there IS a high level of association between public acts of murder that are JUSTIFIED and EXCUSED and younger people thinking they just got the green light for acts THEY can “justify” in their own minds.

The right – especially the religious right – has created the world of situational ethics they pretend to abhor. The “politics of me” may have started back in the 70s with self indulgent whiny faux liberals, but it got rolling as a movement with the RW who think they can do anything they want. One time an anti-abortion protester told pro-choice escorts to “fuck off”. When one of the escorts, in mock horror, said, “That’s not very Christian” the protester said, “I’m born again. I can do anything I want.”

So they see NO hypocrisy here. It’s all about controlling YOU and never about their responsibilities to others because if they are in charge of their personal salvation, well then they have no obligation to you because all you have to do is get born again.

Then you, too, can do anything you want. To anyone who pisses you off.



Wow Choicelady, you get em’! They are AHOLES! My hubby once was asked by a friends mother to go with her and her very young daughter to a abortion clinic because they would have to cross the protesters out front. He did and one of them got right in his face and said “You are a murderer and you are going to hell!” Hubby said, “Maybe so but not until I knock you on your ass if you don’t get out of my face.” Of course the guy moved out of the way. The guy from behind said something about Christ watching and hubby said good because he wouldn’t want Jesus to miss it. Needless to say, hubby didn’t get violent. If he had, I would have been disappointed because I never have seen him that way before. But, the guy wasn’t totally stupid because he knew when to stop pushing with my hubby.


Got some good one liners there, AdLib! You are right, the Republicans are Pro-Birth and then Pro-You Are On Your Own You Lazy, Suck Tit Moocher! Can you see that on a bumper sticker? It will fit on those Monster Trucks with the 3 gun rack on the rear window. 🙂


Hey Sally, this one’s for you;


Oh KT, you always know where to find something that tops me and makes me look like the amateur that I am!

CHICKENS ARE GOOD PEOPLE! Gee, I miss him! Oh, how I would love to see his stand-up routine on “Corporation are people”.

Okay, I won’t book myself at the Comedy Club. You probably would be the only one to show anyway. 😉


LOL! Yeah Sally, I miss him too. A very smart and funny man, who looked at the world around him, rationally and turned those views into comedy. No one has topped him yet. A few have come close, like Richard Pryor and Lewis Black. But George is still the king, IMO.