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AdLib On May - 29 - 2012

If Albert Einstein was to sit down at a dinner with Mitt Romney and Donald Trump, I think that after smacking his head with a soup ladle and screaming in agony, “Please! Let me be dead again right now!”, he’d recognize the theory of relativity in action…though not the one that he so famously founded.

Many on news channels are happily chewing into Romney’s association with the Birther french kisser, Trump and coming up with all kinds of MSM hour filling feigned outrage but perhaps Einstein would see things much differently and clearly.

Then again, even a high school kid might be able to.

Sometimes, the not-so-attractive kid hangs out with much less attractive kids to use the power of comparisons to look better and more attractive. When you seat Mitt Romney right beside Donald Trump, doesn’t Romney look far less dangerous than the raving loon beside him with his back hair combed over his head?

Now this may not have been a scientist’s conclusion but it brings to mind that scientists might begin to rework other established scientific theories to apply to what we currently regard as modern day Social Science and Political Science…such as these:

1. In the MSM, every accusation has an unequal and opportunistic reaction.

2. A body in motion tends to remain in motion unless an oil company commercial is coming up, then they hold that thought for two minutes until the show is back.

3. Matter cannot be created or destroyed but it can be sliced up and sold as Wall Street derivatives.

4. Two negatives don’t equal a positive campaign.

5. Opposites detract…from a functional political system.

It may be best though to restrict theorizing so that it doesn’t include philosophers, especially existentialists since they may be able to prove that a society such as ours is too absurd to exist and we could pop out of existence.

The down side to that is that the entire population of the Earth would no longer exist. The up side to that is that we could skip that month’s credit card payments and Donald Trump would not be able to produce his own birth certificate .

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. BourneID says:

    Hey AdLib

    I’m always late for the party, but they let me in anywat,

    You have a gift for the big takedown. I like it…best application of Einstein’s theory I’ve seen.

    I have a question for both you and Murph. It came to me as I read your piece, AdLib. Do either of you beieve Romney actually reads anything himself? ponders it? digests it? correlates to something he thinks is important? I don’t “hear” a well read person when he speaks; I hear what sounds like memorized fact that often comes out clumsy and unsure. I ask that because he has and continues to demonstrate a wide distance between what he knows and what’s happening a round him. I visualize his staff breaking down in tears every other time he speaks. They’re very quick to come on and explain what the governor meant and that it was taken out of context.

    Just asking..

    A fun read AdLib.


    • foodchain says:

      Bourne, I think Mitt is smart enough but limited. He’s been successful enough (not my choice but he has done well on Wall St). I think he has always been compromised by his desire to be seen as a good man and his need to get what he wants. This dichotomy could always be managed by “backroom” tactics, but the TP/GOP has changed that. What was backroom before is now raw and in the open and I’d bet he’s not comfortable with some of blatant lies. We see nervousness, dissociated rambling (the trees are all the same height…). And, yeah, somebody has to feed him this info. Mitt has always been in charge and no he isn’t and it shows.

    • SueInCa says:


      I think you may have hit on something. I think at one time he must have had a brain but when he was “chosen” for the presidency by his church I think he lost it in the race to fulfill his white horse prophecy. I do not remember his father at all so I cannot say whether or not he was a better man but I do know he made some really bizarre statement about being brainwashed by the Generals in Vietnam about the real purpose of that war and he came out against it. This was after his trip to Vietnam. There were a lot of us against the war but not because the generals were brainwashing people.

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks Bourne!

      That’s a very good question. I’m just guessing here but since he acts like he’s in such an airtight and truth-proof bubble, I doubt he reads much of anything that isn’t going to make him feel validated.

      I wouldn’t doubt that he may watch Fox News or read the WSJ, Washington Times or New York Post but I would be very surprised if he read the NYT. He’s no doubt been programmed by his team that any negative story is the product of the liberal media so why give them the satisfaction of reading it?

      Right now, he seems fully ensconced in playing the campaign game and the way the Repubs play it, they decide what truth and reality is. So that being the case, he doesn’t need to read anything, things are the way he believes they are, end of story.

  2. Keramos says:


  3. MurphTheSurf3 says:

    What those close to you say is a part of your identity

    1) Romney’s apparent rationale for continuing to associate with Trump is “I need to get 50.1 percent or more and I’m appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people.” AND “I cannot take responsibility for everything my supporters believe.”
    2) We also know that Romney needs every bit of outreach he can get from the those either hate Obama so much they will beleive anything, or those who don’t believe but use this nonsense as a club to distract the unthinking, or those who are true believers.


    Birtherism represents two of this nations worst beliefs: racism and xenophobia. It is no secret that “birtherism” is racial, ultra-nationalist code for “he’s not one of us.”

    In law silence denotes consent. If you do not object to something with which you are associated then you are seen to be agreeing with it. The closer your association the more likely it is that the beiefs of the other person will be seen as your beliefs.

    So, while Romney can make a good case for not denouncing Ted Nugent’s call for gun based resistance to Dems in any but the most general of terms through spokespeople, or a reasonable case as to why he does not correct those in town halls who ask questions based on bizarre ideas, it is MUCH HARDER to make a case for his silence here.


    WHAT SEEMS TO BE TRUE HERE IS THAT Trump’s function in the Romney campaign seems to be precisely to play the race card through birtherism.

    There are SOME Mainstream Republicans who are also frustrated that the birther fantasies will not go away. Trump’s birther views being associated with the Romney campaign frustrates George Will, who calls Trump a “bloviating ignoramous.”

    Still, does one hear this from Party leaders or elected officials? No. Not at all.


    • AdLib says:

      Murph, Mitt has actually been whipping up the Birtherism. He released his own birth certificate yesterday and made a speech affirming the requirements of citizenship for the Presidency, in a phony dodge of saying he thought that 3 years of running a business should also be a requirement.

      So Romney is pushing this button intentionally, he’s not a hapless bystander on stirring up racism.

      And BTW, Bush was our first “CEO President”, how did that work out?

  4. bito says:

    Case closed, Mitt is not a birther according to his spokesperson, however, just to keep the topic alive:

    Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


  5. Nomadic View says:

    Poor Trump is attempting to kiss Mitt’s behind in order to become the VP. And we know that’s not going to happen. NOT with that mop of his.
    However, I have taken it upon myself to offer some style makeover suggestions for the Donald with four well-reasoned alternatives.

    Here’s but one example (but it didn’t win)


  6. Nomadic View says:

    In fact, this birther nonsense is nothing new. President Chester Arthur 1881–1885 who was supposed to have been born in Vermont had a background that has aroused plenty of suspicions. According to some researchers, his father had not become a US citizen until after Chester’s birth. While the case is much more compelling than the allegations against Obama, I am not sure I believe it but it makes interesting reading.


  7. choicelady says:

    AdLib -- I REALLY must take issue with one thing you said: It’s a SIDE comb-over, not a back one.

    Honestly -- one has to be ACCURATE, y’know…

    • AdLib says:

      CL, I don’t think that’s been scientifically proven. Right now, we don’t know for sure where that hair comes from and there are some very distasteful theories about that.

      We don’t even know if it’s human, let alone American!

    • bito says:

      I, for one, have never really figured it out, side, back, backside? 🙂

      • choicelady says:

        It’s possible he changes from time to time, but he seems to prefer the side-over comb out. It looks supremely silly in a high wind. Looks like a cat puffed out in a claws-extended frenzy, a perfect look for The Donald.

        My cat is smarter than The Donald though.

  8. Adlib you hit it out of the ballpark again with your keen wit. I got all tingly with your physics references.

    The GOP’s relationship with Obama and the Dems is like quantum entanglement. No matter what side Obama takes on an issue even if it was favored by the GOP for years if Obama takes that side the GOP automatically takes the opposite side.

    It’s nothing new because GWB was the first champion of governing via quantum entanglement. Just because President Clinton focused on terrorism when Bush took office he started obsessing on anti-ballistic missile shields as our biggest threat instead of OBL.

    • Bush was trying to ride Reagan’s coat tails on that one. Reagan’s Star Wars program. It doesn’t matter to the GOP what Obama does, he’s always damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks KQ! It was a bit of a tip of the hat to you!

      I like the quantum entanglement application! One might also say that the GOP is practicing the “Hog Tie Government with String Theory”.

      And Mitt Romney has also been discovered to be a black hole of truth, where all that is accurate gets sucked in and disappears forever.

  9. Nomadic View says:

    Believe it or not, I threw this bit of PS (shown below) together nearly four years ago. I thought at the time that this would deal a death blow to this nonsense but I was mistaken.

    We can only assume that for people like Trump, it is considered more respectable to believe in birther poppycock and balderdash than just to come right out and say that you don’t a black man as president.

    • choicelady says:

      Hey Nomadic -- if Trump insists that you cannot be president if not born IN the US, how would he justify McCain’s run? McCain was NOT born in the US but in the Panama Canal Zone that was merely a territory. It was the Dems who stopped the birther nonsense from our side. Anyway, what about all the kids born overseas to citizen parents who are in embassies, at military bases, whatever? Are they stripped of their rights? Natural born has a number of meanings, and even IF he were born in Kenya, which he was NOT, his mother was a citizen, therefore HE is a citizen and qualified to be right where he is.

      Trump doesn’t understand that this crap undermines the FBI, Secret Service, etc. all of whom vetted Obama well before he ran. Doesn’t say much good about them if they could not come up with the goods The Donald professes to have -- but never shows.

      Some people will do ANYTHING for a sound bite, and The Donald leads the pack!

    • AdLib says:

      Hey Nomadic View!

      My only question is how Baby Obama lit his cigarettes when swaddled up like that.

      Indeed, Trump doesn’t really believe in the Birther crap but it is a way for him to both get the attention he desperately craves and express his racism to stab at Obama and, he hopes, rally idjits in the public to be his lemmings.

      It is a positive thing that many of those in the media now equate Birtherism with racism. The negative thing is that many Americans may not believe in the Birther garbage but don’t seem to hold Trump and Romney, as his colleague, responsible for their racism.

      • bito says:

        Right AdLib, Trump believes in what will keep his name in the news, that’s all. How many times has he run/threatened to run for some public office, hmmmm, how many times has Mitt run (and lost) for public office, they do have something in common there it seems.

        What do Mitt/Trump believe in? Money, Power, Greed!

        Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

        What are the odds of the Mitt/Trump fundraiser on June 28th going happening? Will Mitt find his “leadership gene” to just say no to Trump?

        • AdLib says:

          Bito, it was so obvious once Trump signed for his next season of Apprentice and could not legally run for President, he continued to claim he would run if he was needed.

          So he will do what he can’t do.

          I dislike George Will but he did nail Trump and Romney for what they are and any informed and reasoned Dem or Repub knows the score.

          • bito says:

            That’s true AdLib, but before this year he has faked a run for president or NY gov. many times. He has accomplished what he set out to do;keep his name in the public. Now besides his birther talk, he’s whispering about being Mitts VP choice. Not because he has a chance, or would even take it, too much actual responsibility, but to keep his brand alive.

  10. choicelady says:

    I’m not so sure this is working for Mitt. Most Americans believe in guilt by association, and The Donald’s negatives are very high. Remember the old adage: You lie down with dogs, you rise up with fleas. Or perhaps badger hair. Either way what Mitt doesn’t figure out is that anyone who’d be impressed with The Donald at Mitt’s side is already voting for Newt. It gets Mitt nothing. Those who MIGHT be impressed with Mitt’s “Business Record” (which means hiding the truth) now are going to associate Mitt and another “business man” who has gone bankrupt so often he has his own private entrance to the bankruptcy courtroom. (Makes it quicker to get through his messes.)

    Mitt also doesn’t get that he’s associated with the one person in America -- not even Orly Taitz is this dumb -- who continues to assert that our FBI and Secret Service were SO stupid they did not figure out if Obama was or was not a natural-born citizen (which is also ungrammatical). Now those who hold to birtherism include Trump and five guys whittlin’ outside a busted up trailer when they’re not at a busted up tap room. So the universe of “gotta have it” votes is not just small -- it’s non-existent. Mitt has sold his soul to one of the most morally corrupt men in this nation, and he thinks it’s a good thing.

    We’ll see in November whether he still thinks so.

    • I agree it does not help Romney but we have seen that most American voters have no memory. They already forgot all the right wing stances Romney took during the GOP primaries. One of the biggest things I truly hate about Romney’s campaign strategy is that he is playing the voters for suckers and the voters are proving him right so far.

    • AdLib says:

      Agreed CL, I don’t actually think the “hanging out with someone crazier to look saner” bit is what Romney’s up to or what anyone will come away thinking, just joking about that.

      I do agree that this and his “50.1%” gaffe and all he has and will say will continue to portray him as a political streetwalker that will take on any “john” or “don” if they pay him.

      I have an idea now for Romney’s VP pick, it should be an actual prostitute. And there are so many to choose from on the Fox News channel alone!

  11. I don’t know why Trump is still a birther. Obama showed him the video of his birth at the whitehouse correspondent’s dinner 2 years ago!

  12. SueInCa says:

    George Will was right, the GOP is over the loopy fence now. I am not sure what they hope to gain by putting this sham forward but the bigger fear is that it could work. Of course polls now mean nothing but they way people in this country think at the polls, the entire nation could be at risk.

    How anyone could look at Romney’s record and think he can produce jobs either in the private or government sector has to be out of their minds.

    • AdLib says:

      Sue, when George Will is attacking the Republican Presidential nominee in the General Election, something has really gone wrong.

      I don’t have the highest opinion of the American electorate but I view most polls and blather about Romney having a chance to fool people into electing him as just plain spin.

      Issues and records will be discussed and Romney is not going to be able to avoid them once the GE is in full swing and the debates come. This is all a hustler’s song and dance that the MSM applauds and tries to legitimize for their profit but my gut says that the reality is, the public is not buying into the BS and won’t, it’s far too obvious even for them.

      • bito says:

        George Will is a very large voice for the conservative Republican wing of the GOP. Too bad there are so few left in the GOP. He called the candidates in the primary buffoons, and they didn’t listen.

    • Sue, I don’t think the GOP wants an intelligent, capable POTUS. I think they want someone they can easily control, like a puppet. I mean, look at their last pick for POTUS! GW Bush.

      • Absolutely KT. That’s why Romney is so dangerous. He will never have the gumption to stand up to the thugs in the GOP. It does not matter what his true stance is on any issue given his propensity to cave into his party’s right wing agenda.

      • AdLib says:

        You heard what Grover Nordquist said:

        All we have to do is replace Obama. … We are not auditioning for fearless leader. We don’t need a president to tell us in what direction to go. We know what direction to go. We want the Ryan budget. … We just need a president to sign this stuff. We don’t need someone to think it up or design it. The leadership now for the modern conservative movement for the next 20 years will be coming out of the House and the Senate.

        Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become president of the United States. This is a change for Republicans: the House and Senate doing the work with the president signing bills. His job is to be captain of the team, to sign the legislation that has already been prepared.


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