Hillary Clinton's upcoming announcement on Sunday to run for the Presidency raises the strong possibility that the United States may elect their first woman President. So this weekend's theme is a tribute to women, as singers, songwriters, musicians and as the subject of many a memorable song.
This weekend's music thread is celebrating the Dems' Blue Wave, winning and believing in good things happening.
To recognize that the Repubs have been talking their party into a clown car for all the nation to see, the theme for this week's music thread is talk.
Well we've just had a major victory for equal rights and a disappointing loss for civil rights. Our schizophrenic Supreme Court has descended once again. While the decision of DOMA and the defeat of Prop 8 is a victory,...
This weekend's music thread is for songs about fathers, songs about good men, good deeds, personal heroes, children and of course, love.
To further hold up the QOP and their new Icon of Idiocy in The House (I won't give her the benefit of mentioning her name) to greater ridicule and ignominy, the theme of this weekend's music thread is space and science. Songs about The Sun, the planets, the moon, space and all things related to science are what's focused and hot in this playlist.
From purple mountains majesty to little pink houses, share your favorite songs about your favorite places in America and about America.
American music would be sort of bland without the enormous contributions made by African-Americans throughout our history. No real Jazz and no Blues and certainly no Soul music.
Finally, finally, Spring is officially here! Here in New England, it's off to a pretty slow start, but I know other parts of the country are enjoying the wonders of rebirth that Spring always brings. Post your favorite songs about...
This weekend's thread is dedicated to talking and the American way of standing up and speaking out for what you believe in, whether you're conscientious or wear a toupee made of poodle fur.




Critical Race Theory: A Distraction!

These renegades were on the path of forming the perfect union for themselves.

Weekend Music Thread – Like a King

On this MLK holiday weekend, our music thread is a tribute to this remarkable man, the principles he stood for and the vision he had and acted on to bring about a better world where people would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Rebroadcast Live from New York!

SNL isn't the edgiest, and I hear you when you talk about it's 'punk' roots. And Canada's SCTV came before or was a contemporary. Kids in the Hall was later. Exit 57 in the mid-90s [Colbert, Sedaris, Dinello].

Weekend Music Thread – I’m Still Standing

This week we observed the one-year anniversary of the Trump-led attempt to overthrow our democracy on January 6, 2021. Our nation and our democracy held firm and we're still standing against the Republican Party of Insurrection but we will need to pass voting rights protections to keep standing strong. We can't let down now. So the theme for this weekend's music thread is about standing up, staying strong, and fighting to win against the destructive forces trying to rip democracy out of the majority's hands.