This weekend's music thread is about feelin' good. Songs about good feelings, happiness, celebration or songs that just make you feel good.
Doing what we can to toss an anvil to a drowning Trump, this weekend's music thread is about jams that slam Trump. Share songs with titles that describe who and what Trump is and if you're lucky, you may get famous after he accuses you of also founding ISIS!
This weekend's music thread is a tribute to sense and the senses. Songs about seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and the other meaning of sense, wisdom and understanding.
It's Thanksgiving weekend, a time for family, home cooking and photoshopping the heads of 73 year old obese narcissists onto the bodies of fictional boxers. So naturally, this weekend's music thread is for songs about what Thanksgiving represents, family, happiness, gratitude, love and of course, food.
You were outraged by Watergate! You were incensed by Bridgegate! You were titillated by Nipplegate! But there hasn't been a gate worthy of so much "air"time as the now infamous, Deflategate! So take a deep breath and don't forget to exhale your favorite air-related songs that inflate your mood and blow you away!
This weekend's music thread is about sipping on a soothing drink. Whether it's a song about wine, beer, whiskey, coffee, tea or water or partying, the first round of songs about drinks and partying are on the house.
This weekend's music thread is a special edition, you're invited to create and share your own song parody about any issue or topic.
This weekend's thread is about the world, different countries, cities and music from other countries. I'll begin with songs about some of the many international cities and countries Trump has insulted (so many to choose from!).
This weekend's music thread is about staying strong and winning the fight. Standing up, coming back and sending the GOP a message that the clock is ticking and their time is coming.
This weekend's music theme is about our furry friends, their relation to us, and their wonderfully instructive behavior. We could all learn a thing or two from these wonderful creatures.




A Tale of Two Vancouvers But Mostly Mine, the Best One

I was born, raised, and lived in the city of Vancouver into my mid-twenties, in the American state of Washington, with only a population of about 180,000; making it the fourth largest city in Washington (after Seattle, Spokane, and Tacoma), while Vancouver, British Columbia is the eighth largest city in Canada.

Weekend Music Thread – I Thank You

It's Thanksgiving weekend, a day for thankfulness, family, and antacids. To celebrate Thanksgiving, our weekend music thread is about being thankful, love and any song about something you're thankful for. Including antacids.

Weekend Music Thread – How Do You Sleep?

The GOP now openly supports sedition, racism, death threats towards fellow Congresspeople, men who sexually assault women, pedophiles, voter suppression, and murdering protesters. And that's just the shortlist. How do they sleep at night? That's the musical question we ask in this weekend's music thread through the theme of songs that ask questions.

Weekend Music Thread – Rock and a Hard Place

This week, a grand jury indicted Nazi Fred Flintstone AKA Steve Bannon which signals the beginning of bringing Trumpanzee criminals to justice. So the theme of this weekend's music thread is about justice, just desserts, the law, and crime and punishment.