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Posted by AdLib On Feb - 12 - 2010 108 COMMENTS

Welcome to our Friday Night Music Thread here at The Planet! Tonight is all about discovery. Songs that you love that a lot of other people may not have heard. It could be new bands, rarities, one hit wonders, rarely heard songs by famous musicians, world music, big hits in […]

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Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Feb - 3 - 2010 5 COMMENTS

OK I get the feeling some of you did not do your home work so here is a pop quiz. Who is Ruckusium and what comic strip and later animated series did that name come from and why? Who is Birtherbillium and why is that name appropriate? Who is Goebbelium […]

Posted by AdLib On Jan - 22 - 2010 62 COMMENTS

Music not only soothes the savage beasts, it can send a message to the savage beasts that “we won’t be fooled again” and “you’re too good to be true”. Today’s theme is Music that sends a message to someone you fancy, a friend going through tough times, greedy politicians and […]

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Posted by AdLib On Dec - 25 - 2009 40 COMMENTS

So many classic Christmas songs to list in this thread though add to those the songs that speak of happiness, family and celebration to you too. I’ve posted a few of my favorites in earlier posts (my biggest faves for Xmas are Nat King Cole’s version of “Chestnuts Roasting on […]

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Posted by AdLib On Dec - 18 - 2009 74 COMMENTS

Welcome to our Friday music thread! Our theme today are songs that you play to reflect, enhance or improve your mood. What are the songs that cheer you up? What music gets you revved up? What songs put you “in the mood”? What songs make you reflective? Serve ’em up, […]

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Posted by Pepe Lepew On Dec - 18 - 2009 23 COMMENTS

The “Oldies But Goodies” Friday night at PPOV post last week got me recollecting about a neat thing that happened this summer. It was something that showed me how music can speak through the generations – when you least expect it to. I was downtown with my daughter and her […]

Posted by AdLib On Dec - 11 - 2009 225 COMMENTS

Welcome to our Friday Night Music thread! This week’s theme is the music you grew up with, the songs you heard as a kid that always stayed with you,  the music you first chose as “your” music, the songs you’d listen to as a teen when you were feeling sad […]

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