Have your passport and cameras ready, we're taking a trip! This weekend's theme is about the world, all the different cities and countries, the unique places and people that are our fellow passengers as we ride this Planet round and round (including states and cities in the U.S. of course).
This weekend's music thread is about being happy, joy and laughter, and good times. So pick your favorite songs that give you a bit of a lift above the morass of the day to day stream of doom and gloom that is brought to us daily, by the MSM and maybe some personal struggles we may be going through! Don't forget to smile while doing so!
This weekend's music thread is dedicated to all the women in music, past and present. There are so many to choose from, so pick your favorites and post them here. Have fun, and don't forget to smile while doing so! ;)
Whatever your inclination, post your favorite tunes featuring the saxophone or just saxophone backround. Lots of great sax music out there, so pour a glass of your favorite wine, or break out the vaporizer (or both).
The majority of people around the world don't believe in the mindset of violence we've seen in the Ukraine, Syria and all around the world. so on this Easter weekend, this weekend's music thread asks, "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?"
It's time once again to have a little fun and play internet DJ for the weekend. Play your favorites, the songs and artists you really enjoy. As always, don't forget to smile while doing so.
With the GOPers and the baggers still using the time worn tactic of divide and conquer, decent, caring, spiritually minded people must strive to unite against those that seek money and power, those that want to keep minorities and the working poor under their jack boots.
American music would be sort of bland without the enormous contributions made by African-Americans throughout our history. No real Jazz and no Blues and certainly no Soul music.
Finally, finally, Spring is officially here! Here in New England, it's off to a pretty slow start, but I know other parts of the country are enjoying the wonders of rebirth that Spring always brings. Post your favorite songs about...
This weekend's music is all about your favorites. Post your favorite tunes, any genre, any sound any artist that you particularly enjoy. This weekend is about kicking back and escaping the malaise of bad news, politics and the last breaths...