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AdLib On February - 18 - 2017

Time Hwy

The Orange Menace continues to muck up himself and our government but time keeps ticking away and eventually, he and his madness will be in our rear view mirror. One month down, 45 left in the countdown until he becomes a lame duck.

When the present is unpleasant, it becomes even more important to look towards, work towards and be encouraged by the future. So this weekend’s theme is about yesterday, today and most especially, tomorrow.

Because it’s so poignant, thought I’d preface the songs with the lyrics from the first song by Pete Seeger which is from the past (1950), rings true today and affirms hope for tomorrow.

Tomorrow Is A Highway

Tomorrow is a highway broad and fair,
And we are the many who’ll travel there.
Tomorrow is a highway broad and fair,
And we are the workers who’ll build it there;
And we will build it there.

Come, let us build a way for all mankind,
A way to leave this evil year behind,
To travel onward to a better year
Where love is, and there will be no fear,
Where love is and no fear.

Now is the shadowed year when evil men,
When men of evil thunder war again.
Shall tyrants once again be free to tread,
Above our most brave and honored dead?
Our brave and honored dead.

O, comrades, come and travel on with me,
We’ll go to our new year of liberty.
Come, walk upright, along the people’s way,
From darkness, unto the people’s day.
From dark, to sunlit day.

Tomorrow is a highway broad and fair
And hate and greed shall never travel there
But only they who’ve learned the peaceful way
Of brotherhood, to greet the coming day.
We hail the coming day.

Share your faves from yesterday or today that affirm the promise of tomorrow.

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Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."
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