Displaying his familiar disregard for public sensibilities, Donald Trump has defiantly tweeted today that he has chosen former Brietbart Senior Editor and Alt-Right provocateur, Milo Yiannopoulos, to head up a new department under Health and Human Services focused on national oversight of Child Protective Services.

Trump Tweet 4a

This comes as welcome news for Yiannopoulos who has been fired from Brietbart and had his book deal with Simon & Schuster cancelled following revelations of an interview he gave in which he appeared to support pedophilia. Added to that, word of an impending $100 million dollar lawsuit surfaced today being filed against Yiannopoulos by right wing commentator, scarecrow model and author, Ann Coulter, for “stealing my act”.

Responding to nearly uniform condemnation in the media (Fox News, Brietbart and Pravda all complimented Trump on his choice of Yiannopoulos and his intoxicating body musk), Trump responded with another tweet:

Trump Tweet 5a

While Yiannopoulos has many detractors, he has gained new allies. NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) has started up a grass roots organization to help defend Yiannopoulos against negative portrayals in the media and being denied the right to speak in public forums. Their new Yiannopoulos-focused entity, Protect Every Republican Voice (PERV) was exposed suddenly in a public place by NAMBLA, in a hastily called press conference in a local elementary school bathroom. They vowed to defend Yiannopoulos‘ views as successfully as they have their own.

Yiannopoulos is banned from Twitter for life due to his many racist, sexist and abusive tweets but he did release a public statement thanking Trump for appointing him to run the national CPS department.

“Thank you Donald Trump, as we discussed, you and I both like to be able to feel whatever we want,” Yiannopoulos stated. “And I just love the idea of being in such a satisfying position with kids.”

Trump says he will continue to build on choosing “the best people” for positions in his administration, now preparing a presidential pardon for Charles Manson to fill a top position at Homeland Security.

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Hahaha! I laughed out loud when I saw “Protect Every Republican Voice” (PERV). AdLib! Another gem of an article.

This “appointment” is so fitting — especially given the past record of GOP shenanigans (“Hiking the Appalachian Trail,” “Wide Stances,” etc., etc.)

I see that poor Little Milo was terribly contrite today — briefly — once he learned that Simon and Schuster no longer want him, nor does Breitbart, nor does C-PAC. (When people on that moral plain are rejecting you, that’s some undiscovered ethical territory there!)

But he quickly rebounded and boasted that he would still be here “30 years from now,” when all the people who are “trying to bring him down are long gone.”

For a guy who has zero patience with “whiny feminist bitches,” he seems to do an Oscar-worthy job of pretending to be one! Have a little cheese with that whine, Milo.

Fuzzy Dunlop
Fuzzy Dunlop

Basically, a waste of skin.


So funny, AdLib, and judging by the list of trump’s other hair-raising, misfit picks, would anyone be surprised if he doesn’t get a job in the WH giving “head” to closet republicans who are not “Father Michael”? That is if “Father Michael” even exists.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, how about a thought for the millions of sexually abused children who didn’t “enjoy” it or think of it as a “learning curve” and are still traumatised by it throughout their adult lives?

Victim? What kind of a “victim” would try to capitalise on a childhood trauma to gain money and fame?

Someone without a single moral fiber or conscience. Milo Yappynopoulos (real name, Milo Hanrahan, born in Kent, England to a rich but dysfunctional family), is a fake who believes in nothing. An opportunist like trump.

Such a sweetheart. A son every mother and father would be proud of. Loves trump and calls him “Daddy.” Hates Muslims because “Islam is all bad”. Can’t be a racist because “All my boyfriends were/are black”.


Is he nothing but a hate filled little confused brat, taking out his aggression on the “other” to avenge his own miserable life story by faking knowledge and telling lies to gain attention, or is he just a bad actor? Actually, he sounds just like his “Daddy.”

He should be deported but the U.K. would label him as “an undesirable”. America should do the same.


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