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Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jul - 13 - 2013 22 COMMENTS

There is no question that the right wingers are engaged in a war against women. Their guns have been fitted with silencers, passing legislation in the quiet, dark of night with a meek trace of sound. Sneaking anti-abortion legislation in bills about motorcycle safety and other such deceptive ways. They […]

Posted by AdLib On Jul - 12 - 2013 11 COMMENTS
war on women

“For years we’ve courted the public on passing anti-abortion laws and they spurned us. We’ve grown so frustrated that the way we felt on these issues wasn’t being returned, we had to do something about it or we’d burst so we just grabbed the best looking bills we could find and thrust our legislation into them.”

Posted by AdLib On Jul - 10 - 2013 13 COMMENTS

Our legal system has become so arcane and complex, with well intentioned rules and protocol intended to shepherd a decision towards the truth. However, just like our politics, it has also become just another game to manipulate and win, not a genuine search for truth and an application of justice.

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jul - 6 - 2013 14 COMMENTS

Turmoil in Egypt once again. The Fundie assault on abortion is heating up. Snowden is still evading the NSA, racism is alive and well, despite what some on the Supreme Court may want you to believe. Latino immigrants are still waiting for a just solution. And the GOPers are STILL […]

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jun - 29 - 2013 25 COMMENTS

Well we’ve just had a major victory for equal rights and a disappointing loss for civil rights. Our schizophrenic Supreme Court has descended once again. While the decision of DOMA and the defeat of Prop 8 is a victory, we also got a huge blow on voting rights. The enemy […]

Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Jun - 26 - 2013 26 COMMENTS
The Hollow Men Triumphant

The Hollow Men Triumphant?

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 25 - 2013 18 COMMENTS
judge tears const

The marriage of the white power structure in the South with greed-obsessed businesspeople has borne such “children”. In both cases, there is the mentality of the elitist, those who believe not only that they are superior because they are white and male but that this also entitles them to all that they want for themselves, especially when it comes to money and power.

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jun - 15 - 2013 29 COMMENTS

Year after year, decade after decade, wars march on. As Creedence Clearwater once said so wonderously, Who’ll Stop the Rain? With our nation poised upon the brink of yet another military action in the Middle East once again we must shout out for peace. We must sing to the highest […]

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 11 - 2013 22 COMMENTS

Broad surveillance of a nation may or may not reduce attacks or be worth the sacrifice but it must be kept in mind what kind of nation it is that we’re intent on protecting and if we are pulling out the supporting beams of our home to build a barricade around it.

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jun - 8 - 2013 58 COMMENTS

I thought that this weekend’s music thread should be sort of a do it yourself venture. Choose your own theme and the music that fits your theme the best. I must admit I’m a bit stumped as to what this week’s theme should be, so I hope you will choose […]

Posted by SueInCa On Jun - 2 - 2013 5 COMMENTS

SPN comprises 59 affiliated think-tank organizations, including at least one in every state. In addition, other institutions, such as Cato Institute and Heritage Foundation are associate members. They are, of course, registered as a 501©(3) non-profit. Some of their support comes from Ruth and Lovett Peters Foundation, Castle Rock Foundation (a spinoff of the Adolph Coors Foundation) and the Bradley Foundation, a charity devoted to financial support for conservative causes. Most of their reported revenue was from grants in 2009.

Posted by SueInCa On May - 30 - 2013 17 COMMENTS
koch industries

As is expected, the Koch family has either started or contributed funding to many organizations. It could be said that they only fund organizations where they feel they will get the most bang for their buck as well. One reason it is important to know these organizations is because the MSM is not going to help you.

Posted by SueInCa On May - 29 - 2013 2 COMMENTS

As you can see, the Koch family touches each and every American every day. It would be nice to boycott their products but the list is long and undistinguished and would be difficult for the average American to remember, if they participated at all.

Posted by funksands On May - 28 - 2013 24 COMMENTS

The average annual COLA on SS has been around 2.8% over the 50 years or so. Looking back those same 50 years, the use of Chained CPI-U would have resulted in an average of a 2.55% annual COLA increase. Overall, the use of Chained CPI-U hardly seems radical.

Posted by SueInCa On May - 28 - 2013 6 COMMENTS
fred koch

In 1927, Koch developed a more efficient thermal cracking process for turning crude oil into gasoline. The larger oil companies instantly sued and filed 44 different lawsuits against Koch. Koch won all but one of the lawsuits, which was overturned after it was revealed that the judge had been bribed.

Posted by SueInCa On May - 26 - 2013 44 COMMENTS

Tomorrow begins a four part series on the background and agenda of two of the most economically and politically powerful men in today’s America, the Koch brothers.

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