Instead of our usual Weekend Music Thread, the historic March For Our Lives has taken place today (and is continuing in some places) so in this post we present exclusive video and photos from today’s march in Los Angeles.

The main march in Washington DC appears to have brought together around 1 million marchers and over 800 companion marches around the United States and the world. As the saying has been coined for this march, this is not a moment, it’s a movement.

We invite you to add videos in support of and about our noble youth and standing up for something that matters.

Here is a brief tour of the March For Our Lives in Los Angeles.









Again, please feel free to add videos to show solidarity and support for this literal, movement of a lifetime.

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Fuzzy Dunlop
Fuzzy Dunlop


Thanks so much for this encouraging message and the images of hundreds of young people who chose to spend time offline and in the streets today , AdLib! And– as the one guy in your video said: “It’s all about voting.” They get that!

Here in Toledo, there was a great turnout for a smaller city:

Don’t you have the feeling that the NRA is suddenly very much on the defensive?


Ad, here in little Montpelier Vermont we had several thousand people in front of the State House. I was not there in person, but in spirit! I support these youngsters and hope they keep the pressure on politicians. I sure hope they vote when they reach 18. This is the kind of movement that America needs.

It reminds me of the sixties. While I was drafted, I was always against the war.

I want the young people to continue speaking out. Guns are the problem and guns in the wrong hands is even more of a problem. They are right about background checks, bump stocks, clips that hold too many rounds, and mental health. I would add that every gun should be registered and renewal of that registration every year just like a car. Also taxed each year. There should be a big penalty for using a gun in any crime as well.

I bet there are other good ideas that escape me at the moment.


Thank you AD. We are following all of this in Australia as is the rest of the World. Inspiring and gratifying to see the turn out. May it bring about the much needed change. (understatement).


Well done, Ad. So good to see such a great crowd.


WONDERFUL photos of a large, diverse, and energized populace. Thanks, AdLib. I couldn’t be there, but I am wearing my MFOL T shirt that I got expressly from the L.A. march folks.

May this movement carry on far and wide. It’s brought millions together to work for change in powerful and enduring ways!