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In response to the FBI raids on Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, Trump ranted against the American system of law and order and all of those who represent it…because law and order and justice isn’t supposed to apply to him.

This man who ran his presidential campaign on bringing back law and order to this country, really appears to have meant that authorities should have more power to dominate and abuse minorities under the color of authority. He apparently did not intend for authorities to become more empowered to pursue crimes that rich, white men commit.

Now that law and order is being applied fairly and professionally against potential crimes and criminals connected to Trump, he is an outraged opponent of law and order and sees it as a horrible system that he should be able to shut down and commandeer.

Trump’s demonization of law and order include his tiresome cliches of “Witch Hunt!” and “Unfair!”, the same protests that have come from many white collar criminals who are ultimately proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and convicted.

Trump even made the claim that a proper investigation of serious crimes, when connected to him is “An attack on our country”.

Let that sink in.

This hateful man who, like a deranged chimp, has flung his poo around the White House and the legacy of the presidency, has become so delusional as to insist that HE is America and thus, is above the law.

America isn’t a country or a democracy. It’s not a society of 320 million men, women and children. It’s not even the voters and politicians who put Trump in the White House. America IS Donald J. Trump and Donald J. Trump IS America. They are one and the same. To attack Trump is to attack America, to hate Trump is to hate America, to prosecute Trump is to prosecute America. And betray it.

It is the refuge of a sniveling coward and aspiring dictator to declare that he is the state and the state is him. It is intended to affirm that he transcends the law, as Nixon said to David Frost, after being impeached and resigning from office, “When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.” (how did that work out for you, Tricky Dicky?).

A proper investigation by law enforcement professionals of crimes surrounding  a president, which has already yielded convictions, is a “witch hunt”.

An investigation by a Republican Special Counsel, appointed by a Republican Deputy Attorney General in the Department of Justice who was appointed by the current Republican president, who referred an investigation to a Republican U.S. Attorney also appointed by the current Republican president, whose request for a search warrant was necessarily reviewed and approved by a federal judge…is a partisan witch hunt solely executed by evil Democrats.

The search warrant approved by a judge and executed by the FBI, following all the rules of our system of law and order, is defined by Trump as “a break in”.

And everyone who upholds our nation’s system of law and order, from the Attorney General to the Deputy Attorney General, to the Special Counsel, to federal judges, to U.S. Attorneys, to FBI agents, all are the enemies of America if they and our system of law and order turns towards Donald J. Trump.

Though it has been said repeatedly during this manic, Trump era, the soul and future of America is at great risk right now. A cowardly and slavish Republican majority in Congress has abandoned any pretense of upholding their Constitutional independence, authority and duty to be a check on the power (and madness) of this mentally unstable Republican in the White House.

Trump has led an assault on government itself, installing political pyromaniacs into every corner of government. He has put the presidential seal of approval on neo-nazis, hateful bigotry and oppression of minorities. He has been clawing away at the 1st Amendment to destroy the check and balance that a free press was empowered to provide by the founders of this country.

And in his shameless demonization of federal law enforcement and the judicial branch, solely because their search for the truth and pursuit of criminality threatens to hold him accountable for crimes he may have committed, he is trying to tear down our system of law and replace it with a tyrannical, political police state that will be loyal to him alone, follow his commands and persecute his perceived enemies.

These are scary and historic times. We wake up every day wondering if the first headline we see that morning will be a bombshell that threatens our very democracy and may plunge the country into widespread turmoil and conflict.

The silver lining is that in response to the numerous threats that Trump and his cronies pose, more and more people are being inspired to participate in activism. A recent Kaiser Foundation poll showed that since 2016, 20% of Americans have participated in a social issue march or political rally.

The only way that a wishful tyrant like Trump could succeed in subverting our democracy and system of justice is if good people sit quiet and do nothing. In today’s activist era, it is reassuring to know that any major step Trump might take to corrupt law and order in this country would undoubtedly be met with vehement protest and confrontation.

As with Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre, intended to crush the investigation into him and Watergate, it seems likely that a similar attack by Trump on this ongoing investigation into his and his cronies’ criminality would rally a sea of activist Americans to back him into an impeachment corner and demand that he be removed to protect the sanctity of the American system of justice…and the principle that no one is above the law.

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I agree with both Fuzzy and AdLib that impeachment seems to be a very long shot.

But a Nixon-like implosion doesn’t seem at all far-fetched.

One of the most disgusting elements of this whole debacle has been the craven, hypocritical cowardice of the GOP. Dozens of them have “pulled a Paul Ryan” and bailed out rather than push back against this “president.” The party — even in the Nixon era — has had at least a modicum of backbone in the past.

No longer.

Fuzzy Dunlop
Fuzzy Dunlop

I think Trump just might go the same way Nixon did. I’m not counting on the house to take action, and Pelosi has already said she’s against impeachment.