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Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jul - 27 - 2013 21 COMMENTS

I have mixed ideas about this weekend’s entertainment. Of course, music is always the main attraction, but I felt the need for some humor and biting satire concerning this potpourri of political and social elements of our nation and life in America. I was going to entitle this weekends music […]

Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Jun - 15 - 2013 14 COMMENTS

High flying or grounded? The Superman Mythology hits the Big Screen one more time with enhanced gravity and gravitas.

Categories: Arts & Entertainment, Film
Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Feb - 25 - 2013 32 COMMENTS

The Little Golden Guys shine on a night with a few surprises, including the “natural” pairing of Jack Nicholson and Michelle Obama.

Categories: Arts & Entertainment, Film, TV
Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Aug - 26 - 2012 28 COMMENTS

Exploring the conspiratorial roots of Obama’s anti-colonial, anti-white, anti-capitalist, anti-liberty and anti-American agenda….

Posted by Haruko Haruhara On Aug - 16 - 2011 10 COMMENTS

When I was 9 I became seriously ill with a very severe case of bronchitis that wouldn’t respond to antibiotics. I developed an extremely high fever (105 F at one point!) and was hospitalized. I actually don’t remember very much about it. I drifted in out and of consciousness for […]

Posted by whatsthatsound On Jul - 11 - 2011 41 COMMENTS
atlas buzzed preview

  While scientists remain puzzled as to the cause of  the dramatic decline in honeybee populations in North America and elsewhere, some are speculating the cause may very much be human related; however, not technological, but  philosophical. It appears that “Randism”, a trend that has recently exploded on the American […]

Posted by whatsthatsound On Mar - 28 - 2011 347 COMMENTS
rob zombie

Censorship? Surely there are few things more revealing of a reactionary mindset, some would hasten to assure me. Why, censorship can be identified with all the cruelest dictatorships, the most oppressive regimes, the most hardcore religious fundamentalists, etc. This is indeed true.

Posted by whatsthatsound On Mar - 2 - 2011 77 COMMENTS
oscar nite resized

In honor of Oscar Night, which has just passed, and for all the newcomers, I reprint this, my first ever Live from The Chicago Municipal Opera House, bequeathed to the city by Charles Foster (Citizen) Kane, it’s Oscar Night! Tonight is a special ceremony, wherein we honor the Best Pictures […]

Posted by AdLib On Feb - 27 - 2011 51 COMMENTS

Though the Oscar show itself is not anticipated to be the most exciting we’ve seen (can’t wait to watch Anne Hathaway deliver hokey puns!) it can still be fun to predict who the top winners will be. So, following are selected categories with the nominees for each. You’re invited to […]

Categories: Film
Posted by AdLib On Feb - 25 - 2011 393 COMMENTS

Celebrate the upcoming Oscars this weekend with your favorite scenes and songs in film!

Categories: Film, Music Thread
Posted by ADONAI On Feb - 10 - 2011 39 COMMENTS
rocky iii

I know what you’re thinking, “What’s a Rocky III?”.  I would ask that those people stop  reading this post immediately as you are too young to matter to me.  Rocky III is the second sequel to the popular Oscar wining boxing movie featuring the lovable Sylvester Stallone. In Rocky III […]

Categories: Film, News & Politics, Society
Posted by whatsthatsound On Sep - 18 - 2010 90 COMMENTS

Here we are now, entertain us! – Nirvana, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Just look at Bob and Judy, they’re happy as can be inventing situations, putting them on TV – Talking Heads, “Found A Job” About six weeks ago, the world was introduced to its newest superstars. 33 Chilean miners, […]

Posted by javaz On May - 30 - 2010 11 COMMENTS

Janet Evanovich is a writer of women’s fiction, aka romance novels, except for her ‘By the Numbers Series’, which also appeals to men, teens, adults, and the elderly. The series is also known as the tales of Stephanie Plum, and the books’ titles are based on numbers such as: “One […]

Posted by Chernynkaya On Mar - 30 - 2010 80 COMMENTS

Tonight begins the eight day holiday of Passover, the oldest continuing celebration among Jews.  In Judaism, there are three ways, or levels, of explaining a tradition or a text—the “simple” or face value meaning (Peshat), the story behind the text (Midrash), and the hidden or secret explanation or interpretation (Sod). […]

Posted by Pepe Lepew On Mar - 27 - 2010 135 COMMENTS

There’s been a big kerfuffle lately about cigarette smoking in Avatar. This issue has a long history. Hollywood and cigarette smoking simply go hand in hand — more than you might ever imagine. It goes way, way beyond Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca. Two massive industries grew up […]

Posted by Khirad On Mar - 9 - 2010 26 COMMENTS

Holi (pronounced ho-lee), also known as Phagwa, is marked at the transition from the Hindu months Phalguna to Chaitra. The Hindu calendar being lunisolar, this date changes every year. In 2010 it fell on March 1st. Besides India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, it is observed by the South Asian diaspora […]

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