Proud progressive Vietnam Vet against WAR! Can't stomach chickenhawks.

Ebola And The GOP Deregulation

In Texas we have a Republican Governor who has deregulated a lot of the businesses and cut government agencies that are needed. Deregulation is one of their top talking points.

ISIS vs Syria, Iraq, and Other Islamic Countries

ISIS is having its way with Iraq and Syria. When they gain control of those countries, will they turn their attention on Turkey, Jordan, or Saudi Arabia? Why would they stop with Syria and Iraq?

Boots On The Ground?

    Senators and Representatives want to send our combat troops to Syria, (boots on the ground)? I have a suggestion for them. Every one of them who want American "Boots on...

Corporate Welfare At Its Worst?

    How can anyone justify these Corporations being tax exempt? The NFL has paid zero taxes since 1966. "Since 1966, the tax code has allowed leagues to classify as 501(c)(6) charitable...

Every Republican Senator Is Disgusting

    Every single Republican Senator voted to allow billionaires to continue buying their votes! "Koch Brothers Win Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked a constitutional amendment that would have restored limits on big...

Living With What You Have Done .

April 1969. Fire Base Diamond, Vietnam.  I was ordered to go outside the perimeter and set up a listening post facing the Cambodian border. I'm with 7 other guys,...

Livable Wage As A Minimum wage. A Cure All, No, But It Would Help A Hell Of A Lot.

If we had jobs that paid well and a minimum wage that was livable we would not have nearly as many problems. People would be busy doing their jobs and living their lives.

John McCain, A Hero? NO!

What do you suppose he is hiding? Why is all the information about him classified? Was he treated differently than other POW's? Why is he such a "hawk"?

What States Get More Money From The Federal Government?

  Have you noticed that the people who rant about the size of our government are from States that receive the most assistance from the government?   "No state in the U.S....

Should Pot Be Legal or Not?

I have always thought that legal pot would stop people from buying from a dealer who could be adding other drugs to it for some nefarious reason.  Making it legal could help some people who would like to try it for a medical reason. How do you feel about legalizing pot?