English: Ebola virus virion. Created by CDC mi...
English: Ebola virus virion. Created by CDC microbiologist Cynthia Goldsmith, this colorized transmission electron micrograph (TEM) revealed some of the ultrastructural morphology displayed by an Ebola virus virion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The GOP want to deregulate everything. They want to get rid of the Education Dpt. and other government entities. The CDC has been underfunded too.

In Texas we have a Republican Governor who has deregulated a lot of the businesses and cut government agencies that are needed. Deregulation is one of their top talking points.

Texas has had Ebola brought to its area and failed to stop the spread of Ebola. I think it is due to a lack of regulation and and unpreparedness in Texas. The CDC didn’t react fast enough to keep the health care workers safe. They dropped the ball big time when the second nurse called them and asked if she should get on the plane with a fever. They told her to go ahead and get on and fly back to Texas.

Does under funding and deregulation have anything to do with the Ebola mess? I think so.

I think that deregulation is hurting America. I also think that our Government is being sidetracked by the rich and big corporations.

This is my opinion. What do you think?

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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! This is a WARNING to all of my Republican friends! ALL of the polling precincts and ballots across our great land of freedom and democracy have been infected with EBOLA by Obama. The only way to avoid contamination and death is to stay at home and away from those places and documents for 21 days until the danger has passed or you may die! Please pass this warning on to everyone you know! Please don’t forget to wrap your trailer/home in plastic and to seal all openings with duct tape. Also bring your grill inside to cook on as carbon monoxide kills Ebola AND anthrax as well as to heat your home.


In late 2010, Dr. Christopher Duntsch came to Dallas to start a neurosurgery practice. By the time the Texas Medical Board revoked his license in June 2013, Duntsch had left two patients dead and four paralyzed in a series of botched surgeries.

Physicians who complained about Duntsch to the Texas Medical Board and to the hospitals he worked at described his practice in superlative terms. They used phrases like “the worst surgeon I’ve ever seen.” One doctor I spoke with, brought in to repair one of Duntsch’s spinal fusion cases, remarked that it seemed Duntsch had learned everything perfectly just so he could do the opposite. Another doctor compared Duntsch to Hannibal Lecter three times in eight minutes.

When the Medical Board suspended Duntsch’s license, the agency’s spokespeople too seemed shocked.

“It’s a completely egregious case,’’ Leigh Hopper, then head of communications for the Texas Medical Board, told The Dallas Morning News in June. “We’ve seen neurosurgeons get in trouble but not one such as this, in terms of the number of medical errors in such a short time.”

But the real tragedy of the Christopher Duntsch story is how preventable it was. Over the course of 2012 and 2013, even as the Texas Medical Board and the hospitals he worked with received repeated complaints from a half-dozen doctors and lawyers begging them to take action, Duntsch continued to practice medicine. Doctors brought in to clean up his surgeries decried his “surgical misadventures,” according to hospital records. His mistakes were obvious and well-documented. And still it took the Texas Medical Board more than a year to stop Duntsch—a year in which he kept bringing into the operating room patients who ended up seriously injured or dead.

In Duntsch’s case, we see the weakness of Texas’ unregulated system of health care, a system built to protect doctors and hospitals. And a system in which there’s no way to know for sure if your doctor is dangerous.



Some people saw it as a critical health and safety issue: Up to 20,000 farm workers per year were getting poisoned by agricultural pesticides, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, and new regulations were needed to protect them.
But there was another side to the argument, and Rick Perry took it.
“American business in general, and American agriculture specifically, have had enough of bureaucracy at both the federal and state levels, but especially bureaucracy out of Washington,” Perry said at a congressional hearing. “The men and women who feed and clothe this nation are suffocating under the weight of mounting federal regulations.”


I wonder how many disasters linked clearly to deregulation in Texas will need to be experienced before the people of that state will decide enough is enough.


A couple points… the GOP is all for regulation if it helps their cause. I’d point to their various methods of making it harder for people to vote as an example of regulation that the GOP is happy to have more of. Oh they want to regulate women’s bodies too, because this is America and we should be free to do what we want unless it doesn’t mesh with what the religious right-wingers want, in which case regulate the heck out of it. I’m sure there are many other shining examples of Republican regulatory initiatives, but it’s late and I am tired. Also my sarcasm is coming out in force. 😀

My second point – and grant I haven’t been paying all that much attention to it – but I think three people in this country have Ebola at the moment? Anyone know if that’s an accurate number? At any rate, it’s a very small number. Did someone drop the ball – yeah, probably. I’m not sure we can really blame the CDC’s mess up on the Republicans… oh I want to because I disagree with so many of their policies, but I think the Ebola issue might just be a slip up by someone who is probably overworked and underpaid… oh okay, so yeah that is the GOP’s fault after all because they don’t want a livable minimum wage in addition to not funding anything…nevermind. GOP are jerks. (that last is my well thought out and well-defended position…)

Carry on 🙂


If people did the right thing without being forced to by regulations, then we wouldn’t need those regulations. It’s too bad, but humans are flawed, greedy, and act primarily in their own self interests. From its very inception, capitalism has shown that it can only work for society if it is heavily regulated. Otherwise, you end up with owners and slaves, or some variation of it.


Chica, that’s where we seem to be right now.


Nail squarely hit on head GC! I’ve been saying the same thing for years now.

Capitalism IS the best economic system that mankind has come up with, to date. But there certainly are caveats. Regulation, or the lack of it is the main one.

For the very human traits you’ve mentioned, regulation is absolutely necessary. Unregulated capitalism is jungle law. Survival of the wealthiest and most able. It would incorporate the most negative and primitive philosophies of people like Nietzsche and Ayn Rand. Not only would it be social Darwinism, but social nihilism as well.


Deregulation is not a TX problem it is a US problem; which we all know. Perry, however, carries his deregulations to the extreme, disregarding public safety to do so.

Is it reasonable to reduce spending in order to maintain fiscal responsibilities? Yes, but not by risking the Peoples health or lives. Obviously the Peoples health or lives is not important to Perry or many governors that cater to corporations across America, and again, as we all know, corporations care only for their bottom line; regulations be damned.

As for the piece by Newsweek: http://theweek.com/article/index/232260/newsweeks-anti-obama-cover-story-has-the-magazine-lost-all-credibility , per EXFANOFARIAN; it is just another indication of the depths that morality has fallen to in America. But the GOtP, including the corporations and 1%, are delighted to see.

When America did away with slavery it took a step forward and by the racism that exists today the step was small. The racists would not let their hatred go; oddly not for the country that they lost the war to but those they had been forced to free. The hatred of people they don’t know, the disenfranchisements, all of the normal necessities for Blacks to achieve to get their piece of the American pie were dashed due to racism, hence, the decline of America.
I use the term ‘Blacks’ because that is how the racists sees these People; forget PC, it doesn’t work here.

Some will wonder how such a thing evolves into the decline of America because they are blind to everything but their hate. They can’t understand the religion they want America to become, not that it should; probably because many have never read the bible. It is one thing to have a belief but what good is it if one does not practice it?
Now don’t get me wrong I am an atheist because I have read the bible. Morality is not born of religion but by education and caring for your fellows.

As if racism by people and corporations were not enough we had institutional government racism. One instance was during WWII during USO presentations Blacks were forced to the rear of the location behind captured Germans and Italians. Simply telling Blacks “you can die for your country but you cannot sit in front of those enemies we have captured”. And, of course, there were no jobs waiting for them when they returned home and just forget about GI benefits.

Then there was the “Southern Strategy”; how nice that was for Blacks. Things have only worsened since Nixon; his hatred is working very well indeed.


I NEED to place it here because is co-related to Ebola…Newsweek this time went even lower ….


I have all reasons to have never liked Tina Brown. She is a wanna be Ariana.


Nirek here is a post from a good friend, forpeace, on Alternet..

forpeace • an hour ago

Please add this one to the dumbest Right-Wing moments list:

They were the ones suggesting the “Ebola Czar” and now they are blocking his nomination. Ted Rafael Cruz said: Obama’s surgeon general pick isn’t a “health professional” because he’s “anti-gun.” He accused President Barack Obama’s pick for surgeon general of not being a “health care professional” because the doctor had backed a ban on military-style assault rifles.

I’ve never heard them suggesting an “AIDS Czar” when there was an AIDS epidemic spreading in the 1980s during Ronald Reagan administration.


OH i so miss forpeace and her messages dear friend EXFAN!!


Hi nirek. Deregulation is the reason america will get worse in all living conditions.

THE GOP says it loses job?? Well like always the opposite is true. It creates more jobs because more inspectors are needed To get to each type of industry under each issue. Also like my oil company they have to hire employees to meet these regulations and engineers are what they are looking for a very good job.

Regulations do not stop production. leakers found eventual goes on a Scheduled shutdown list. They can leak until then without a penalty of any kind. IF they leak to much to be a danger then the units come down. See EPA on air emissions of light hydrocarbons.

By states right the gov of each state has that
responsibility. He can ask for federal help but it is
the gov that has the responsibility.

The chance of catching it is 0.0000003 !!!
that calculation does not account for the nearly
a billion miles of area in the USA.
another way to look at it is your odds of catching Ebola is a trillion to one which does includes the square miles of the USA.

It is not an air borne pathogen so it does not grow geometrically.
THE USA is not a natural place for Ebola to survive either.
the temperature is to low and sanitary conditions are far
superior to Africa

IT will take a large some of money
to train all these brave people who treat this issue
along with the proper facilities. DO you really think
the GOP will vote for the funds? They have lower
them every yr for several yrs that in danger-ed
YOUR health and not just for Ebola but several
not too much less lethal issues.
As a master degree holder of organic chemistry and a
bachelors of engineering, the problems can be solved.
DO not let the fear factor of the GOP party affect the nation.


Spot on,Nirek.I believe all these DE-REGULATION AynRandists, should book ASAP tickets, and move altogether to Somalia.


Agreed Exfan.

OH you are not ready for the CD project ( Ghost instrumentals ).
Just kidding.

Hugs of course from DeL and I !! 😉

A synthesizer can create any instrument made and others that have not been created yet.


Rod,,,read the link I’ve placed above..I am FUMING….


YA I read the link Tats. Their is so much racism being shown by the republicans, the media and some dems to this president.
Calculating all the money the koch and other spent on doing this for the last two yrs is about 2 to 4 billion dollars on a mid term.

Obama just turn around the nation from the largest recession in history.

He has the highest job creation index of any president since DDE st 4.1 and rising still slowly.

With all the friendship we have, Hugs again 😉