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Nirek On September - 15 - 2014
Public views of the Citizens United v. Federal...

Public views of the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Every single Republican Senator voted to allow billionaires to continue buying their votes!

Koch Brothers Win Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked a constitutional amendment that would have restored limits on big money in politics and overturned the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision. Sen. Bernie Sanders said Americans must continue working to overturn that decision which “creates an open door… to pour unlimited sums of money into the political process,”

These Senators are “bought and paid for” “owned by the Koch brothers” “Citizens United” is a misleading title for the worst decision ever made by the Supreme Court, EVER!

Even some Dems. must have voted no on bringing it to a vote. We should primary them.

It sounds like a good thing, you know Citizens and United together? How could that be a bad thing?

Lets use our good sense here at the Planet and brain storm how we can overturn this terrible S.C. decision. What do you think?

Written by Nirek

Proud progressive Vietnam Vet against WAR! Can't stomach chickenhawks.

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  1. AdLib says:

    Nirek, at the very least, we need to make sure that the WH stays in Dem hands so that when one of the Felonious Five on the SCOTUS can finally be replaced, it is with a judge who will help reverse CU, corporate personhood, money is speech and all the other horrible decisions we’re living under today.

    That is one sure way to get rid of CU, since so many in Congress are owned by the Kochs, it may be the only way.

    • Nirek says:

      Ad, I guess you are right, that is correct not to the right.
      Funny how the GOP has taken the good words and perverted them, you know, right and conservative for two good words that don’t mean what they used to.

      Anyway keeping the WH is certainly the most expedient way to overturn CU.

  2. James Michael Brodie says:

    It comes down to voting. We have to do better than 50 percent going to the polls. I realize that I may be seen as naive here, but can you imagine how different things would be if we had more people involved and going to cast ballots?

    There is a reason why the GOP is so keen to restrict voters’ rights. They know that full participation would render them useless. Perhaps one day more of our fellow citizens will figure that out as well..

  3. sillylittleme says:

    Nirek, you are so right that overturning this bad decision needs to be priority number one. By taking the Koch Bros out at the knees, so to speak, maybe we can get to governing again.

    GOTV is currently the only way. I’m glad Bernie has put his toe in the water. We need his sense of human values stat!! I would gladly share Liz Warren with the rest of the nation if I thought she could help Bernie get the US back to some sense of sanity.

    • Nirek says:

      They are two of the best in our government right now.

    • monicaangela says:

      Good morning slm,

      I would love to see both Warren and Sanders enter the primary, Sanders for social issues and Warren for economic issues.

      • EXFANOFARIANA says:

        Monica dear….it will NEVER happen. They would be seen as commies……:) And the ratpugs will spend all their money to destroy them….

        • monicaangela says:

          I don’t think they would win the primary, but I do believe they would help weed out anyone who is not in the best interest of the country and the party…that would be the goal. If they were good enough to win, that would be even better. I can’t think of two people I would like to see more in the White House than these two. But, yes, you are correct, this country is so sick, those that are voting for GOPTP and GOP and DINO’s and still living with a cold war and 20th century mindset could never approve of anything or anyone that would be good for the country and our future. :)

  4. SearingTruth says:

    “We elected those who had stolen our freedom to restore it.”

    A Future of the Brave

  5. jjgravitas says:

    The only thing that we as citizens and voters can overturn “Citizens United” is to vote solidly democrat and kick the Republican out of politics. Sending letters to Congress won’t make a difference as the Republicans obviously don’t listen to the people who voted them into office in the first place. As far as SCOTUS is concerned, the Republican members of the Supreme Court need to die off — sooner rather than later — so we can replace them with more reasonable judges. Setting term limits for Supreme Court judges might be a good idea.

    • Nirek says:

      JJ, I agree it is going to be hard to do, but we have to try everything to overturn CU. America is in deep trouble if we do not get the job done,

  6. Nirek--Agree with you about the sh*ttiness of the GOP. And the fact that the GOP needs only a few million every cycle to buy an aggregate of 41 Senate seats means that fixing Citizens United probably won’t be accomplished in our lifetimes.

    Keith Olbermann had it right in 2010. “unless this is undone, in ten years every politician will be a prostitute” (and that was the least of his statements). We’re halfway in to Olbermann’s decade, and things don’t look good. Democracy got broken in Citizens United. It’s not going to be gotten back anytime soon.

    • Nirek says:

      MBX, that is why Senator Sanders is working on the issue. He knows it is important. That is why he wants to get in the debates and bring it to light and put the spotlight on CU and money in politics!

      • Nirek--you missed my point (or maybe I didn’t make it clearly). For several months, people like Sanders and Al Franken and their friends at Move-on have been sending out e-mail and fundraising letters implying that changing citizens united is something that can be accomplished in the near term. My understanding is that It can’t. It would take veto-proof house and senate majorities, a Dem president (assuming the Dems really want this to change), and control of 3/4 of all the state houses to go through the process of changing this.

        One of my many reasons for being less active with Occupy Wall Street is their assertion that the overturn of Citizens United was within reach. It isn’t. I consider it activist malpractice to promise people results when there’s no way one can deliver. And being disgusting has never been an impediment to the people who voted the GOP in before--why should it matter now?

        • Nirek says:

          So MBX, are you saying that we should just sit back and let the worst SC opinion ever made remain the law? Are you saying we should just accept it and move on to some other problem?

          I agree that the GOP has never been afraid to be disgusting, but we should never stop fighting the GOP! We need to vote out the GOP and make this happen.

    • monicaangela says:

      Excellent comment misterbadexample. I remember watching that comment made by Keith Olberman, he was right.

  7. monicaangela says:

    Great idea Nirek. We need to mount a campaign. I suggest we get this information out by first sending it to all those in our email list. Next, we should discuss among ourselves other methods we could use as a united front to get action against Citizens United. Maybe we need to collect signatures in order to get the administration to get involved. How many signatures are needed these days to get the administration to take notice? 500,000, a million, whatever the case, I believe if we put an effort into it we could get enough signatures to at least alert the legislature as to how disappointed we are in this vote, and the supreme courts vote which allowed Citizens United to come into existence in the first place.

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