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It seems to me that America has been going downhill since Reagan took  the  election for President. Ever since then the rich have gotten richer while the middle class workers have dwindled and the poor have become poorer.

If we had jobs that paid well and a minimum wage that was livable we would not have nearly as many problems. People would be busy doing their jobs and living their lives. Crime would still be happening but some crimes would stop. You will always have some white collar crime because of greed!  Petty crime wouldn’t have to happen. Because people would have a job that is rewarding.

I know that this would not cure all that is wrong but it sure would make life a lot better for a lot of folks. It also would not hurt to spend the money on creating jobs and stop spending so much on fighting wars!


So as I often do,  I ask you for your thoughts about a livable wage as a minimum wage?


Follow Bernie Sanders and read his posts on his site and maybe you will understand more clearly what I am trying to say here.  Vote and take someone to the polls who might not go without a little shove in the right “correct” direction. Get rid of the GOtP and get a congress that will do the work they are paid to do.



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I agree, of course, any man or woman or child for that matter that puts in a full days work should make what he/she can live comfortably on. I think more than worrying about a living wage which is a good thing, we should also start to dial back the exorbitant wages being paid to management and those of the upper echelons of business. Maybe if companies, small large and in between would start to do this, they would miraculously find the money they need to pay a fair wage to the rest of their workers.


Nirek, I know someone who used to work for Office Max (moved on quite a while ago) and he said that they are now paying new hires substantially less than they did more than ten years ago!

As we all know, prices have gone up in these past ten years. Yet — in their case — the employer is paying less! In short, workers are not even treading water. They’re sinking.

Thanks so much for raising this issue. Bernie is totally right on this one.


I agree gentle friend Nirek.

And thank you for your compassion.

“Imagine if all who worked were paid a living wage.

Arguments of injustice would vanish.”