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Winning Nothing

It really shouldn't be surprising that the Republican Party is focused right now on winning nothing, the biggest nothing in recent times. The GOP's goal, what they are campaigning full...

Red, White and Bull

It seems far too many Americans live by the phrase, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining...unless you're really, really convincing." Many people WANT to be sold on bullshit, they just don't like thinking about things that make them feel bad or insecure and welcome any and all attempts to re-label reality. This is endemic in politics but just as intertwined in most other parts of society.

Open Thread

Feel free to post any comments on any topic here. Also, this is where you'll find any off topic comments that have been moved from other posts, those conversations...

An Open Letter to God from the GOP

Dear God, We humbly write to you, our great and omnipotent Lord because we're not sure you're aware of what's been happening lately. We've done everything to follow what you want....

Welcome to the Authors’ Cafe

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Lie like a Republican

Okay, one of the bullshit arguments that Republicans trot out on Health Care should be blown up for once and for all. I was watching Bill Maher Friday night and...

D.U.N.G. NOM Parody