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AdLib On January - 9 - 2010

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Categories: Speakers' Corner

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. McGinty says:

    Works for me.

  2. Kalima says:

    Well done AdLib!

  3. bitohistory says:

    Attention Planeters!

    Subject: Speak up to save the Internet.

    Who do you want to decide which websites you can visit or what Internet content you can access — you or a big telecom company?

    That’s what the fight about network neutrality is all about. Net neutrality is the principle that Internet users, not internet service provider, should be in control.

    The Federal Communications Commission proposed net neutrality rules to ensure that the Internet is free from blocking, censorship and discrimination by powerful telecom companies.

    But the pushback from Big Telecom began even before the rules were announced. Telecom lobbyists started an all-out effort to stop the FCC. Eighteen Senators (all Republicans) sent a letter to the FCC opposing net neutrality. One Republican senator even announced an effort to prevent the FCC from spending funds to enforce the new rules once they go into effect. Separately, 72 House Democrats sent their own letter to the FCC opposing net neutrality rules.

    This type of pressure from Congress won’t go unnoticed at the FCC. There is a Thursday, January 14, deadline to submit public comments about the rules so now’s the time to speak out and fight back.

    We can’t let the corporate lobbyists win. What good is free speech if powerful corporations have the power to stifle communications they find objectionable?

    I just told the FCC to save net neutrality. I hope you will too. Take a look by clicking on the link below.


    • bitohistory says:

      AdLib, I emailed this to you. Hope everyone signs it, and passes it along!

    • kesmarn says:

      b’ito, thanks so much for posting. This is an enormously important issue (unfortunately buried, at times, beneath a boatload of other enormously important issues) and could affect our futures in huge ways. Thanks again!

      PS. Made it through another week without being excommunicated for cutting up in church. It was hard.

      • bitohistory says:

        K’es,That is the post I received after signing the petition. They said to pass it along in emails to interested friends. (I put in the Planeters for here)
        Agree, IT IS important!

  4. KevenSeven says:


    You have done something wonderful here.

  5. bitohistory says:

    Did you get an email from Credo today on net neutrality?

    • AdLib says:

      No, I usually get emails from them. Hmm…will look into it. What’s the gist (do you wont to post it here)?

      • bitohistory says:

        AdLib, they want every one to sign a petition for net neutrality. The comment period ends Jan.14th. I posted it in Time Out this morning. This is very important to everyone here. Should I C&P it over here?

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