Why are Federal Police allowed to behave like Gestapo? Why are they allowed to cover their rank and insignia, disgracing their unit? Why do the Democratic members of the United States Senate scurry like cockroaches when American citizens are abused and treated as though they have no civil rights? Why are they such abysmal cowards? Can we assume that freedom of speech and assembly are dead? Are unmarked white vans the black-and-white of the future?

Why is the president allowed to USE HIS IMMENSE PUBLIC POWER TO ATTACK PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS out of infantile spite? Can that possibly be legal, or have we dispensed with the law altogether?

So Adam Schiff said a few words and scurried. Who gives a fuck? While the rest of the Democratic House and Senate caucuses who are not “leadership,” in their hundreds, act like brain-dead peons, without voice, without presence, without faces? Why is our Congress “run,” like a cheap whore, by two people: a bigot and racist, and a woman who is best buddies with the bigot and racist?

Where the hell are our extant Presidents? Why isn’t Jimmy Carter on the steps of the White House right this second, wearing a black BLM t-shirt, and telling those same Gestapo to: “Arrest me, motherfucker!”

Why does the sex addict Bill Clinton make a few appearances on stages at public events, in a model’s pose, an ill-fitting suit, and that idiotic junior prom lecherous smile, and not say anything at all about the police? Do they not believe in civil rights anymore? Have they given up, or were all of them always just crooks, and cowardly dogs?

Why was I told that the problem with the police is that there are: “a few bad apples,” when there are almost none who condemn murdering U.S. citizens without any sort of process at all. If a cop doesn’t like their looks, he can blow holes in their bodies, and stand there and watch them bleed? It seems that just about everyone in this country are above, or below, the law.

Why is a seriously mentally I’ll person who is violent allowed to remain in public office; whether it be the office of President or the most junior member of a school board?

Why are Representatives and Senators not censured for lying outrageously? Even if derangement is tolerated in members of the public, why does it have to be allowed in our Congress? They might find a better place to pull their pants down.

Why is there no single, bi-partisan plan to fight COVID-19? Are we so stupid, at least our government, that we just have to die? They won’t have it any other way?

Why is Trump allowed to get away with murder, even the murder of hundreds of thousands (and get away with theft, misappropriation, influence peddling, extortion and racketeering, tax fraud, bribery, selling apartments in dangerous buildings, swindling, money laundering, violations of national security codes, espionage, insurgency, treason, incompetence, lying about his competence, and the murder of millions (eventually) because of his incompetence? )

Why are all of our so-called protectors enthralled by Trump, or terrified? Don’t they believe in our system any more than that?

Why is the Attorney General, oathbreaker (he swore to defend the Constitution, and the unitary presidency is an affront), allowed to serve only one person and his own ambition? Moreover, why is he allowed to alter the Constitution, and neglect the duties of his office, to make that one man into a Hitlerian dictator? Why is that not, on the face of it, treason?

Why is there no task force, with a forceful and powerful (endowed by Congress) physician expert leading it? Has there ever been a President who was fully qualified to do that job?

Why did so many have to die to kowtow to the anti-everything idiots? They should have been arrested (you know: “Book ’em Danno,”) on Day 1.

Why do we deserve this? A worldwide plague, a “Mad King George” President. A broken society perpetually divided. And a broken government at one of the most dangerous times in human history?

(If what I am hearing in the last few minutes is true, then this IS the lowest moment in human history. Iran shared that they have twenty-five million people infected. It seems that minions of Trump, or Trump, have said that the number is faked to hurt Donald Trump. And I thought that evil is something that was just in books! But, then again, this is Trump, he’ll do something a thousand times eviler tomorrow.)

There’s been a lot of talk about, “toxic narcissism;” but I thought that meant the patient poisoned himself; not that he poisoned everything else. The whole planet. Such cruelty has never been known.

But, I think that my biggest question is why are our leaders so blind to history. Do they not ever think about their children’s children’s children; and how they themselves will perpetually be remembered: as honorable men who led in crisis – or will they be disgraced?

As horrible as it sounds, they will have to lead, though they have so few talents, so many sins. So little inspiration. May God have mercy on us. I think we’re going to need it.

The problem: a huge, and seemingly unending, national spike, AFTER a period when the curve had flattened for several weeks. Why?

Many people have made a hasty conclusion that the problem is in people’s attitudes and political beliefs. But, of course, that’s not possible – your attitudes don’t directly make you sick. So we have to look at the salients in our data, over time, and see what sticks out, at what gets our attention, and use forensics, and logic, to try to explain it. Paying attention to the time frames, and any concurrences is vital.

Here’s an example: When I look at the data, I notice that most people received their stimulus checks in April and May. So I try to recreate the chain of events (that’s Forensics).

Being Americans, most people had already borrowed from family to pay the rent, and the stimulus came at exactly the wrong time, in terms of the epidemic. And most of them splurged. What did they buy? Okay, now we’re going to play “what if.”

What if, and we all know without a doubt that it’s true, two of the most popular splurge items were red meat and recreational drugs.

Curiously, and beyond coincidence, there were numerous meat plant closings early on. We didn’t get complete information (of course), but we know about the closings, we know that there were hotspots, and we know that the price of meat almost doubled. Take the average closure date, add two to eight weeks, and you get a deadly (and seemingly unstoppable) national spike.

But, this isn’t really about meat, or recreational drugs; it’s about how you stop an epidemic.

Meat processing has long been corrupted by lax sanitation and hygiene. There have practically been wars, whenever anyone tries to establish or enforce “protocols” to correct contamination problems: Cutting accidents cause part of the contents of the gut package to be spilled onto the cutting surface. Depending on whether or not, and how thoroughly, the cutter washes down, disease can be spread.) That involves protocols. They are either followed, or they are not. This is a complex issue and a dangerous one: elements of what you would have to call “organized crime” resist following the protocols because they add to overhead. Many people have been murdered over these issues in meat cutting. To even mention the issue on the cutting floor will get you fired in a heartbeat.

So how do you stop an epidemic? You require, without exception, that sanitation and hygiene protocols be followed in meat processing plants, or someone goes to jail. (But that requires inspection with authority, which Trump has dismantled).

Now to recreational drugs, marijuana particularly. Pot plants require substantial human involvement. During the growing cycle, they are examined and handled almost every day. During the harvest and packaging process, the grass is handled much more. Commercial pot growing is a new industry; it has few thoroughgoing sanitation and hygiene protocols.

What do you do? That’s easy, really: you re-glove after every contact. You enforce safety and hygiene protocols strenuously. On evidence, you wash down the whole building. And you test, and test, and test: surfaces, frequently contacted surfaces such as door handles, and people – constantly.

This kind of prevention can be done effectively. In the military, there are numerous protocols for any duty, especially hazardous ones. You can’t have just anybody going wherever they want, seeing anything that they want, or observing methods and procedures. But every GI knows that if you walk into that hanger, or that control room, without authority, you WILL go to the stockade or the brig. If you are told to wear a mask – you do it, no questions asked. 90 days at hard labor for disobeying a direct order is no joke – you do it!

But Americans behave like spoiled brats. They detest being ordered to do anything. Even if one or many innocent victims die, they don’t care. Even if they are thoroughly convinced that they are wrong and reckless, and risking the death of someone they don’t even know, they refuse. And deny that they did anything wrong (“It was God’s will.”)

It is not impossible to get out of this fix we’re in. But it takes participation by everyone and commitment, and that doesn’t seem possible.

(COVID-19 relapses don’t seem to “cycle down” the one that I’m having right now is the worst in months. I do not believe that medical science will save my life. Not without total support from the public. Responsible, thoughtful support by everyone. It can be done, but it will not.)

I don’t expect to live through the Fall.

I can’t breathe.

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