Republicans Claim Climate Change Still a Hoax as Last U.S. Coastal State Floods

by Jesse Real – Jan.28, 2071

RALEIGH, NC (AIP) — Hurricane Reagan has now been downgraded to a post-tropical storm but as it continues up the Eastern Seaboard,  it has left the coastal areas of North Carolina under 5 feet of water which is not receding. This makes North Carolina the last of all coastal states in the U.S. to have coastal areas that appear to be permanently submerged. This year’s record number of hurricanes, 9 to date, with 4 of them rated as Category 5, have devastated much of the southern and eastern United States.

The damage has been both immediate and long term as the destruction of natural sea walls and barriers have been destroyed and combining with higher sea level worldwide, all U.S. coastal states have now been left with coastlines that now remain underwater. North Carolina joins the other 17 coastal states with permanently flooded coastlines and the increased likelihood of a further encroachment by the ocean. Those states include Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Washington, Oregon and California.

An ironic turn of events for Southern and Western coastal states is that while their coasts are underwater, their inland regions are gripped by a widespread and record drought that encompasses nearly half the nation.

The destruction of many homes, businesses, roads, rail and ports in these states is being pointed to by many in the financial world as the central cause for the ongoing “Greater Depression” that continues to grip the United States and the world.

This past year saw record blizzards and freezes in the winter and record heat waves in the summer hit the populations and economies of all states very hard. Adding to this has been the damage in the South and Midwest from another record year in the number and size of tornadoes and the proliferation of  widespread forest fires throughout the West.

“The disruption of business caused by this never ending destruction from the weather has made this nation’s economic collapse resemble a Mobius Strip,” explained Walter Warren, Senior Professor of Economics at Harvard University. “There appears to be no end to this cycle. In fact, it appears to be increasing exponentially in intensity as it continues.”

The reaction by The President and Congress however couldn’t be more contrary. President David Koch III along with Senate Majority Leader Charles Koch III and House Speaker David Koch IV spoke with one voice in describing Climate Change as an old and disproven hoax.

“Look, I’m not a scientist so I can’t say one way or the other if the climate is changing, I think the jury is still out on that,” President Koch III expressed as he christened the new impervious dome constructed around the White House in a high security ceremony. “Weather changes from year to year, it’s natural not man-made. The liberal propaganda against carbon pollution and climate change failed decades ago and we’re much better off because of it.” Majority Leader Koch III and Speaker Koch IV who were also in attendance concurred, “We sure are!”

President Koch III made it clear that there would not be any action on Climate Change from his office nor is any expected from the Republican-controlled Congress despite the rising unrest throughout the country that wrestles with the Greater Depression and climate-caused destruction.

Also causing conflict between the Koch III Administration and state governments is the astronomical rise of emergency costs caused by natural disasters. These huge expenses are no longer being covered by the federal government after President Koch’s “Freedom United” proposal was passed overwhelmingly by Congress.  The “F U” bill as it is known, dissolved the Federal Emergency Management Agency and ended federal emergency assistance to states.

“This was part of my ‘Make America Secure’ agenda and since I was elected by the majority of the 32% of American voters who voted, I know it’s what America supports as well,” President Koch III stated. “We’ll get through this difficult period as a nation, as we always have. We’re all in this together,” President Koch III said as he, Speaker Koch IV and Majority Leader Koch III entered the White House’s new impervious dome.

(For modern day info, maps and projections on rising sea levels, check out Climate Central’s Surging Seas page: )

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A creepy but entirely plausible scenario, Adlib. Even more worrisome when you consider that virtually all of our most important cities (in the world, not just in the USA) are coastal cities (or very near the coast). New York, Washington DC, Miami, New Orleans, Houston (further inland but entirely vulnerable as East Texas is so flat), Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, all of Great Britain and most of West and Southern Europe, all of Eurasia, all of the major cities of Australia, I could go on and on. This would give me chills if I wasn’t already experiencing chills from this cold I am suffering.


President Koch III?? You can’t imagine how that chilled me to my bones, Jesse Real, especially after reading this article at the end of this comment.

Those who support big energy corporations by voting for those who want to see them increase their profit line, are truly brainwashed because they won’t see a penny of that benefiting them or their families. Seriously, how can anyone be this dumb?

If the deniers actually believed what they were saying, I’d say they were misinformed, but maybe cut them some slack. However to push these lies deliberately for the sake of selling their toxic, planet destroying product, that’s criminal because people all over the world will suffer and die for their relentless greed.

Thanks to the SC Citizens United decision, democracy as we know it will be hacked to pieces unless the right people are elevated to positions where they can make the right decisions for us, the majority. We need to wake up, and wake up soon. We won’t be around in 2071, and that’s how the deniers must think, they don’t care about the future because they prefer to live in the past, but our children and our children’s children will be around, and don’t they deserve to have the good things that we had at one time?

This year I vote to get the Conservatives out in the U.K. General Elections, I hope that in America, people will become more involved and understand the importance of local elections and vote in them. It’s the only way we can change the course for our future.


Koch-backed network aims to spend nearly $1 billion on 2016 elections


Pathetic,really,even back then they had their big donors as their masters.This many years later,here we sit with weather patterns changing for the bad.It is not solely the US’s fault for this.But you could have led,but politics got in the way,sadly…
Good find AdLib


Politics always gets in the way of progress. Does our chest thumping about exceptionalism demand that we always lead the way? It’s an honest question.


Ad, Vermont is now a coastal state, did you forget? Our southeast corner is now bordered by the Atlantic. How could you leave this important information out of your post?

Also Texas is now a much smaller state and Lousianna is almost nonexistant.