A very happy 2015 to all of our members and readers! To start off 2015 with a smile, here’s a look back at the last year in PlanetPOV parody art. From all of the PlanetPOV Admin to all of you, we wish you a healthy, happy and very rewarding New Year!

Kim Jong Il - Santa
Merry Christmas From PlanetPOV – 2014!

GOP Inquisition
If Republicans Were Around During The Spanish Inquisition

Memento Media1
Memento 2: The U.S. News Media’s Political Amnesia

Dumb Dumber GOP 2010 and 2014: The Election Sequel of Dumb and Dumber

Cowardly Boehner - w - PPOV
Republicans Campaign in Their Halloween Costumes

Rick Mole - Rat Scott - PPOV
Republicans Campaign in Their Halloween Costumes

Scarlet Graham - PPOV Republicans Campaign in Their Halloween Costumes

Chris Creosote - PPOV Republicans Campaign in Their Halloween Costumes

McCain Psycho - PPOV Republicans Campaign in Their Halloween Costumes

zombie news channels
Boo! Visit The News Networks’ Haunted House!

Bad Grandpa O'Reilly
Cable News Channels Declare, “Sorry, There’s Not Really Any News Today!

GOP - TantrumRepublicans to Sue Obama For Not Being Republican

HP Divorce Huffington Post Finalizes Its Divorce From Its Bloggers

Hannity The Jerk - V Favorite Comedies of Well Known Republicans

pregnant_woman TX Under New Texas Law, Pregnant Women To Be Highly Regulated

FDR - McCain Republicans Use Time Machine to Go Back and Blame FDR for Pearl Harbor

GOP Shop The GOP’s Supermarket Shopping List

Humpty-Christie A PlanetPOV Collection of Chris Christie Nursery Rhymes

Huck Sam
Uncle Sugar Wants You!

12 Years Perry1 JUST IN: The Nominees For The Republican Academy Awards!

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OMG! I’d missed some of these! They’re all awesome, but somehow I hadn’t seen Miss Lindsey Scarlett O’Hara Graham. Unbelievably funny!

Thanks so much for the year-end gift, AdLib! 😆


Thanks Ad for the recap. I have to agree with everyone’s sentiments so far. Laugh out loud funny, and scary at the same time. Wish all a happy and healthy new year. Look forward to more laughs and gnashing of teeth.

L’Chaim (to life)


Lots of memories. Lots of fun. 😆

My favourites are still Lindsey G as Scarlet, Boehner as the cowardly, weepy lion, and Grumps “Get off my lawn” McCain as Norman Bates in drag, and still elicit a laugh out loud as if I were an eight year old.

Thanks for the laughs of 2014, they aways seemed to come when we needed them the most. Looking forward to the next round as the newly elected Repubnuts try to flex their tiny, limp muscles in Congress.



Hey Ad, enjoyed the review. It also reminded me of the Sunday funnies that Sally used to do. Kalima said she’s doing okay, any other news? Will you tell her I miss her and wish her well?

And, of course, a Happy New Year to you and yours! Looking forward to the insanity this year, because you know there will be some, somewhere!


Amen! Loved this AND miss Sally terribly. I’m glad to know she’s doing well. Please send my best wishes, too.

These are very funny – starting the next TWO years with a good laugh it more than amazing. It is what will help us get through it all.

Happy New Year to all our PPOV friends and allies! We love you and thank you for keeping on keeping on so we both learn AND laugh in the face of very hard times!


Ad, all those posts were funny but so close to being true it is scary.

Happy New Year!

I look forward to many more posts from you and others.
My best to you and all.