May the world experience PEACE!

May all people think about others and help those in need. I wish for love and peace to out pace and overrun war and discourse. I wish for cures for cancer and all the rest of deseases.  Equality for women, and all minorities.  That all people care about and love one another.The end of GREED!

Here is another big wish, that Republicans become sane and start thinking about how to make America a better place. That they try to work with President Obama and make a difference. That they leave behind them their rich owners and embrace democracy!

Okay I can dream, can’t I?

My biggest wish is for PEACE on Earth and good will to all of mankind.

Remember that love plus peace equal happiness.

Have a wonderful New Year!



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Nirek, it took me until January 4th to get to your wonderful New Year’s wishes, but it was worth the wait. What a great collection of hopes for the coming year.

Granted — wishing for Republicans to become sane is a very ambitious wish 😆 — but I share that one with you as well.

Hope that 2015 brings all the best to you and yours too!


Great sentiments Nirek and I share them.

My hope is that one day a younger generation across the globe will understand the futility of wars and greed, but before this can happen we need to eliminate world hunger, poverty and Modern Day Slavery so that the young can grow to think about, and experience more of life than hunger pangs and desolation before they sleep at night. Equality has many meanings in many issues, but having millions going to bed hungry at night in 2015, is one of the most shameful things to think about.

Give children everywhere a chance to be nourished and educated, and I think that in time that generation we have been hoping for will arrive to start making things right. Let our future leaders come from a place that has known suffering and not just for the privileged few so that they will never want for others to feel the pain and injustice of inequality and need. Only then can we change the world as we know it today.

Peace today and every day.


Bravo, Nirek! You have summed it up perfectly!

Peace and Happy New Year to you!