Favorite Comedies of Well Known Republicans

Hannity The Jerk - V

Spring is a time for rebirth. Easter, flowers blooming, tax refunds…and the beginning of the movie season. That makes this an ideal time to check in with some of the most high profile Republicans, as dedicated lovers of fiction, to inquire “What are your favorite comedies?” And here are their picks:

Cliven Bundy
“My favorite comedy? Don’t know if this counts but I went to a movie last years thinkin’ it was a comedy but I was the only one laughin’. Think it was called ‘Twelve Years a Slave’.”

Sean Hannity
“I’d have to say that my favorite comedy, hands down, is ‘The Jerk’.”

The Walton Family
“We agree that our favorite comedy is ‘Horrible Bosses’.”

Chris Christie
“I’ll tell ya what’s the perfect comedy for me, ‘Liar, Liar’!”

Ted Cruz
“The comedy that I really connect with is ‘The Nut Job’.”

Sarah Palin
“I have the VHS, DVD and BluRay of ‘Mean Girls’.”

Rupert Murdoch
“I don’t like many comedies but I do have to admit my favorite is , ‘Despicable Me’.”

Jamie Dimon
The comedy I’ve been pleased to acquire as a favorite is, ‘Snatch'”.

Rick Perry
“I have three favorite comedies, ‘Dazed and Confused’, ‘Clueless’ and…uh…uh…oops!”

  1. Funny AdLib!

    May I offer a few more?

    Lindsey Graham:
    La Cage aux Folles (The Birdcage)

    John Boehner:
    The Hangover.

    The GOP:

    The Ten Commandments (snark intended)

    How To Steal A Million (billions)

    Groundhog Day

    Lost In Translation

    Lost In America

  2. John Boehner: ‘The Party’ ( don’t forget the Birdy num-nums!)

    Chris Christie: ‘The Great Dictator’

    Harry Reid: ‘National Lampoon’s Animal House”

    John McCain and Sarah Palin: ‘Dumb and Dumber”

    Rumsfeld and Chaney: ‘Dr. Strangelove’

    Most of the GOP congress: ‘Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006)’

    the TEA Party: ‘Monty Python’s Life of Brian’

  3. Ad, very funny. Trouble is they probably do think that way.
    The Jerk seems a perfect fit for “Hanutty” emphasis on “Nutty”. Also Cliven Bundy’s response certainly fits him.
    I can’t argue with any of the others.