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Nirek On July - 5 - 2014
the fox kit and mom

the fox kit and mom

Since all the comments about my last nature story I thought I would try to show you some pictures. We all have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures are random from my “game camera”. I set it in a couple places around my house. I get many critters that show up. Last night I got a picture of a fox kit with her mom.

Thirteen months ago a big storm blew down a hundred foot white pine , it landed along side the house and limbs did puncture the roof of the sun room. I spent a lot of time and energy cutting it up and removing it. I made a bird feeder out of three pieces and it looks kinda like a wedding cake.  The deer, raccoons, foxes, and birds love it.

I only wish I had had my camera the day I saw a bobcat up by the barn.   I hope you all find these pictures as beautiful as I do. Mother Nature doesn’t make junk!


One of many woodchucks

One of many woodchucks

One fox

two foxes

Deer standing on hind legs to eat bird seed

Deer standing on hind legs to eat bird seed







Written by Nirek

Proud progressive Vietnam Vet against WAR! Can't stomach chickenhawks.

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  1. Nirek says:

    Some pics from yesterday.

  2. Nirek says:

    Okay, I know you folks are tired of my posting about my critters. But this evening a mother raccoon and her four young ones were climbing all over the feeder. They are very agile and comical to watch in daylight.

  3. Nirek says:

    This is a pic of the fox up close from the new position I put the camera in.

  4. Nirek says:

    I just moved the camera a little closer to the den. Tomorrow I should have some closer pics.

    Isn’t it too bad we people can’t get along better. I had a squirrel, chipmunk, and two mourning doves on the feeder at the same time. No fighting at all.
    Why can,t we learn to get along. Live and let live.

  5. Nirek says:

    July 8 @6pm I see two adult foxes and two kits!
    The kits are too cute!
    I got some pics of the kit on my porch and will post them soon.

  6. Nirek says:


    Mom and two kits!

  7. Nirek says:

    Okay, I moved the camera down by the fox den. Got pics yesterday and last night of two kits and mom! I will post them ASAP.

  8. monicaangela says:

    Thank you for posting these pictures Nirek, beautiful, absolutely beautiful. It is wonderful to see animals in the wild going about their daily routine. You have captured some beautiful specimens. Thanks for sharing. I don’t have foxes or woodchucks in my backyard, but I have seen plenty of deer, sometimes as many as 10 to 12, bucks, does, and fawns, their coats are absolutely beautiful, and so far they haven’t destroyed any of my plants. I love both, plants and animals, so if they did nibble on something every now and then, I’m sure I could find it in my heart to forgive them. :) You know, now that I think of it, I bet if I had a game camera in my backyard I too would probably capture many small animals that I have no idea are visiting my yard. Maybe I will invest in one, just to find out. :)

  9. Nirek says:

    Have you ever seen a mourning dove? They are perfectly camouflaged. They come in for a landing like someone hanging under a parachute. I watch them and their underside is a pale blue that makes them hare to see from below. If you were above them you would have a hard time seeing them. Their bodies are covered in speckles of brown light and dark. They would blend in with the terrain. Up close they are beautiful. Their call is a magical, mournful, Cooing.

  10. NirekJunior says:

    Glad you posted these pictures pop, very cool. :)

    Visiting my parents’ house is like walking into a Disney movie, except these critters don’t do the laundry for you… still, it’s nice to be sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast or playing cards and glance behind you to see whatever random woodland creature has dropped by. There’s always something out there.

    I’ll be up to visit sometime during my week off. Time away from the ‘city’ (such as it is) is always a good thing. :)

  11. cyndibru says:

    Really neat pictures, Nirek! The chubby woodchuck made me laugh. I live in suburbia, but we have 1.5 acres that backs up to a good stretch of woods. When we first moved here, there were peach trees along our fence. We had a huge crop of peaches waiting to ripen….come out one day and the trees are almost bare! We couldn’t believe it! We were wondering if a band of gypsies came through with ladders and took them all in one night! Come outside again and there were two big huge fat woodchucks sitting in the trees munching away on what was left. I had no idea they climbed trees…they almost looked like koala bears sitting on their haunches in the trees. We also get deer, foxes, wild turkeys, raccoons, opossum, etc, but not as many or as close to the house as you do since our usable backyard area is fenced because of the pool. I’ll bet you go through birdseed like crazy!

    • Nirek says:

      Thanks Cyndi, yes I go through a lot of bird seed. It is something I enjoy and all the critters do too. Your woodchucks are different than mine. Mine eat dandelions and clover and seeds. We don’t have peach trees here.

  12. kesmarn says:

    Nirek, thanks so much for posting these amazing photos! I really like the “night vision” ones. There’s so much going on out there while so many of us are sleeping. It’s terrific to be able to capture that.

    Not too long ago I put some cat food out for the hungry strays in the neighborhood (I know we’re not supposed to, but I can’t help but feel sorry for them.) And when I opened the door a bit later, I saw a nice fat, healthy looking raccoon nibbling away. He lifted up his head and stared right at me through the storm door. And I don’t even live way out in the country. Raccoons are so cute. I wish they could be pets, but everyone I know warns me against trying that. And I believe them!

    Thanks again for sharing a bit of your peaceful corner of the world.

    • Nirek says:

      Thanks Kes, the raccoons that visit me use the feeder like it was a jungle gym. I put a weather vane straight through the center of the feeder and they swing around it. It is hard to see it but there is an American flag on top of the weather vane.

      A couple days ago I saw a raccoon between the top and next down looking in the window at me. Their faces sure are cute. He looked like he was stuck for a moment, lol.

      • kesmarn says:

        Somehow the mental image of raccoons whirling around on a weather vane merry-go-round is too funny, Nirek. Thanks for giving me a smile!


    Nirek…I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO envy of you! I am an avid animal lover.Opossums and cats -- stray and not only -- come to my porch to feed themselves….You lucky guy! Thanks for posting these beauties.

    • Nirek says:

      Ex, they are so much fun to watch from the dinning room window. Yesterday I saw one fox jump up on the feeder and another down the hill at the edge of the woods lay down and watch. There are kits in their den and I’m going to set the camera so it can get pics of them coming and going.

      You are right they are beauties.

      • EXFANOFARIANA says:

        What a pity I cannot see foxes or their offspring on my back yard. You did an amazing job on those feeders. Greatest mistake of my life was not buying a house in the country and have all these beauties living on it.Could never kill anything to eat ….I shall regret it forever.Have a great Sunday, my dear friend.

  14. AdLib says:

    Nirek, what beautiful animals! And there they are, living right there with you. Thanks for sharing these pics!

    • Nirek says:

      Ad, this is my religious experience. God or Mother Nature created beautiful creatures and we humans are the only ones who create junk.

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