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AdLib On August - 8 - 2013

The Three Stooges - GOP

GOP Chairman and professional rodeo clown, Reince Priebus, announced that the Republican National Committee will boycott NBC and CNN for their debates if they go forward with a planned miniseries and a documentary about Hillary Clinton. He also proclaimed that the GOP would ban itself from attending its own debates due to their supporting and financing Citizens United’s anti-Hillary Clinton film in 2008 that caused the Supreme Court ruling of the same name.

Priebus’ complaint is about the improper role of a news network in any way promoting a candidate or political party  (even if someone isn’t currently or hasn’t announced if they will be a candidate), he explained in his interview on Fox News, current or previous home to Republican Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee.

This puts NBC and CNN in a very difficult position. Do they allow a political hack and and an extremist party to take an GOP-elephant sized crap on the First Amendment and dictate to them what they can broadcast (a real selling point to giving the GOP the White House and control over the FCC) or do they ignore the threat and risk not being able to run episodes of the upcoming screwball comedy titled, “The 2016 GOP Presidential Debates”?

Fortunately, there is a solution. NBC and CNN should provide equal time to the GOP for movies based on their own prospective Presidential candidates. Here are some pitches for movies that the GOP should consider enlisting Citizens United to produce and request airtime for on NBC:



Ted Cruz plays a boxer who has an undefeated record but is disrespected by the public for having only fought shadows and poor minority children. When a blind elderly woman bumps into him at a supermarket, he realizes that this is opportunity to update his image and show America who he really is so he challenges her to a brutal showdown in the ring.



A meteor falls  to Earth in Rand Paul’s backyard and when he touches it, his head is transformed into solid stone (though it looks the same and no one can tell the difference). Despite all efforts, scientists and construction workers find they are unable to get through it. Using his new found power, Rand insists that a new America be built exactly as he’s designed it in a blueprint or he will destroy America by bludgeoning it with his unusually hardened head.



Rick Perry is the governor of a huge southern state where women are treated as cattle and cattle are treated better than minorities. After signing a law that children will now play soccer using a handgun instead of a ball, Perry participates in a demonstration of the revised sport and is knocked out when he tries to slam an AK-47 into the goal with his head. When he awakes, he discovers that he has lost the ability to reason or remember anything, especially lists of three or more things which soon makes him a favorite to win the GOP nomination for President.



Jeb Bush visits a small town in New Hampshire and as he explores a run for the Presidency, discovers that each day he’s reliving the same rejection and animosity that his brother George inspired. Try as he might to escape it, he finds that no matter how he lies and manipulates to change the way people think of him, it’s the same story again and again.



Chris Christie is a well known radio host and after having a one night stand with fans who are seemingly normal Tea Partiers,  he is stalked by them for dumping them. Obsessed with his destruction, they come after him with sharp knives then take his party hostage and threaten to kill it if he doesn’t love them as they want. Christie has to decide between giving in to their demands or giving into their demands.


Come on Republicans, one of these has got to work for you, just give one a green light and then as Republicans love to say, it’s, “Lights! Camera! Inaction!”

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. SueInCa says:


    Very good, but not quite as funny as some of your others and I do believe little Adlib is catching up to you. Just kidding, except for the part about Little Adlib. Great storylines but if it were me, it would go to the dark side. Knowing my interest and time spent in law enforcement activities and my love of James Patterson, mine would be about a person stalking each candidate and as they are hurt, one by one, the remaining candidates and RNC chairman go nutso(more so than normal) wondering if they will be next. Of course, no death is involved but a major hurt is put on each and every one. In the end, the perp is not discovered, paving the way for a sequel to really drive them nuts.

    Phewwwww, my mind is already racing lol.

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks Sue! Yep, gotta watch my back for Li’lLib! Waiting for her to tell me,me, “Oh, is it supposed to be more ironic than funny?”

      I like the mystery and suspense aspect of that story. Maybe whoever is stalking them leaves a note each time advising the others to shut down the government unless funding is cut off for Obamacare or they will be next?

      • SueInCa says:

        OHHHHH yeah, a note would be good. Have to make it plain that it is only Teabillies and RWNJ’s that are being targeted lol. That would be a good story. Li’lLib will for sure be telling you pretty soon. Raise them gals up strong and independent, that was my motto.

  2. AlphaBitch says:

    HA! Great job, AdLib. I know of a great AD named ChicaLib; you should get her to help you. Now if I only knew someone in films….

    I think you know why they are doing this: it’s a win-win for them. Unless, of course, we laugh them off the planet (or Planet) for doing so, which your post helps make possible. Thanks -- I’ll send link to all I know (that can appreciate it) and hope it goes viral!

    Forget Remember the Alamo and Remember: Perry did not debate his much more likeable opponent, so no one saw how truly terrible Perry was.

    • AdLib says:

      Cheers AB! Who says ChicaLib didn’t supervise the design work (while watching cartoons on tv)?

      In the short term, it’s a minute positive for the GOP but as it sinks in with people how insecure they must be to make such a big deal out of this and launch big threats, I think it will be a bigger negative for them.

      And when anti-Hillary films come out from GOP entities, won’t reporters ask Preibus about where his “principles” are on that? Why isn’t he condemning and threatening them? In the end, I think it’s a lose-lose-lose (the last lose is for the 2016 Presidential election) for Repubs.

      Thanks so much for sharing the link, very appreciated!

      At least Perry won’t be running for Governor again. Do you think with all the anti-women crap going on in TX that Wendy Davis might have a shot at Governor?

      • AlphaBitch says:

        ‘Deed I do, AdLib. I’d rather her run for Cruz’s seat, but will take Gov. There are women in DALLAS -- meaning Republican women -- who are going to help the Dems’ effort. I don’t think they have a clue as to what they stepped in with this one. You’d have thunk they would, seein’ as hows theys from TX and all……

        Good friend in the know in DC says they are stacking the town against us. Time to light the torches….

        • AdLib says:

          AB, expecting blind Republican ideologues to suddenly “see” anything reasonable will always lead to disappointment. They seem clueless how they are alienating Repub women in this crusade so not surprising they didn’t plan on the blowback.

          What do you mean they are “stacking the town aginst us”?

  3. agrippa says:

    I gave up on those people years ago. There are a few GOP politicians who have some sense. But, most of them I would not trust to go to the store to buy bread and milk.

    I do not know if Clinton is thinking about running for President. But, it looks like the GOP leadership has decided to pick on her in order to help her decide that does not want to run.

    • AdLib says:

      Agrippa, agreed, the GOP has devolved into a party that no longer has attributes to attract anyone new, it’s just about clutching on tightly to the only remaining demographics that still support it. And they’ve made it very clear that they have no reservation about lying or doing anything no matter how unprincipled just to get more power.

      I think Hillary has already made it pretty clear that she is running for President and the GOP is frantic and panicked because they have no one who could beat her. So, they pull this heavy handed stunt to prove to themselves that they have power…even though it really shows their insecurity and weakness.

  4. MurphTheSurf3 says:

    OK- the photo header is the funniest ever. How clever.

    A serious observation. Why is the GOP presuming that any bio-pic involving Hillary will be complimentary. Given how the networks exist to draw in viewership I suspect that any expectation that the depiction of HC will be less than flattering at many points in the story. At its root this entire Priebus Drama is just another means to get his base energized by framing the media as the enemy creating a mythic Clinton. It does not matter what the content will be- it’s the idea of a Hillary picture that is in and of itself the core issue.

    Another strategy at play here is the creation of a rationale for limiting GOP exposure to the unfriendly media. If Fox is the only safe place to play then make it appear that the other places are not worthy of GOP games.

    Your script proposals are amusing. Let me add to the one for Groundhog Day. Just as Bill Murray broke the cycle in his film by a deep change in himself through a relationship, so Jeb could experience a similar transformation. In my rewrite, Bush keeps running into a bald old gentleman who keeps wanting to strike up a conversation with him but Bush brushed by him…but bit by bit he learns about the old man. Retired from the military; old time politican; and in conversation fragments begins to take in his message: Peace Through Understanding.

    Of course, the Old Man is Ike who awakens in Bush a vision of the GOP as a part of moderate conservatives capable of being pro-business and the party of Southern reform.

    PS…that actually was Ike’s Motto. President Eisenhower needed a coat of arms due to his being awarded the Order of the Elephant from the Danish royalty after the war, 1945. The coat of arms was not finished until after 1954 as indicated in the following document from the presidential archives. The motto was created as a result of interviews with the General after the war.

    Document #851; April 27, 1954
    Files, Coat of Arms Corr.

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks Murph! As you say, I don’t know that Hillary and Bill would be all too keen on a film about her since it is natural to show a flawed character in bios.

      I do agree that this is all just a propaganda tactic by Preibus to justify their rigging their debates primarily on Fox News and with moderators that will toss softball questions. He’s come right out to say that only moderators who support the GOP will be considered so for the networks who want to host debates, they were put on notice that they better be pro-GOP. This is about trying to influence the “refs” (news networks and moderators) and is the tactic of cheaters. Of course.

      That’s a very clever idea for Jeb being set straight by Eisenhower, would that it was possible but just like the rest of his family, Jeb is mostly about winning and holding power, such elitists display little empathy for most people…especially those not in the 1%.

      Wow, can you imagine a Republican today using the word “peace”, let alone the concept of Peace Through Understanding?

      There a a number of Republican Presidents I do like, none since Eisenhower and hate to say it but I don’t think that is likely to change considering the trajectory of the GOP.

      • MurphTheSurf3 says:

        Priebus is expecting a weak field of candidates. That is my guess and he wants to control how they will be treated.

        Yes, Jeb is among the best of a bad lot.

        “Peace Through Understanding”- the motto of a 5 Star General who was the Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force in the European/North African Theater, and a motto he continued to claim when he went to Korea, refused to consider a Bay of Pigs invasion,and warned that Vietnam (and a dozen other sites) would not benefit from an expanded military presence in any form. Yep, that Ike.

        • AdLib says:

          I think Christie and Jeb are pretty similar as Repubs though Jeb being a Bush would seem to have that albatross around his neck that he will never escape. Two bad Bush presidents is more than enough for this country. And Jeb signed SYG into law in FL among other things (like fraudulently giving the state to his brother in an election Gore won). Without Jeb’s crooked deeds, there wouldn’t have been a Pres. George Bush and that’s something he should never be allowed to live down,

          As for Eisenhower, it’s a pity that Repubs anointed Reagan as their King Daddy, that phony, destructive actor instead of a man with the insight and successes such as Eisenhower. Put him side by side with Reagan and Reagan pales in comparison.

      • MurphTheSurf3 says:

        Watching Priebus today as he fielded questions on all of this- he is among the most arrogant of creatures.

        Are you familiar the character of Emperor Tod Spengo from spoof “MoM and Dad Save the World” (1992).

        Jon Lovitz played him. The trailer gives you a taste of the character. Check it out here. http://www.flixster.com/movie/mom-and-dad-save-the-world/

        A review http://articles.baltimoresun.com/1992-07-25/features/1992207090_1_jon-lovitz-spengo-bad-taste

        (PS. added the “v” as in “httpv” to the above image and it did not appear as an image so I edited it to give you the correct image. What in the heck am I doing wrong??????- the image is SOOOO cool…Priebus the Emperor)

        • AdLib says:

          Murph, yes, I’ve seen that film, it’s a bit of fun indeed and the Lovitz character is such a preening yet insecure egotist. IOW, I think we have our lead actor for “The Reince Prebus Story -- The Courage of My Ignorance”.

          BTW, the “httpv” only works with URLs from YouTube. You can embed video from other sites but you’ll need to copy and paste their embed code for a video.

  5. Nirek says:

    Ad, you have a good imagination !
    They seem like spoiled children ” I’m going to take my ball and go home if you don’t do what I want”.

  6. Kalima says:

    Hi AdLib, absolutely perfect for these degenerates, brilliant theme, and thigh-slapping funny. 😆

    Don’t have much time to spare for the computer, but will be back to read it again for another chuckle before my day ends when I hope to put my feet up.

    See you soon and thanks as always.

  7. Ha! Another comedic gem. Kudos. Wouldn’t you really like to see these movies? They’d be a scream (of laughter or fright). Maybe a little of both. 😉

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks KT! I should send the list to NBC to help them out on this. What would be most amusing is that if such films were made, the RW would think it was a win for them while the rest of the nation would be looking at them as complete idiots.

  8. Beatlex says:

    Funny stuff Ad Lib!…(‘-)

  9. funksands says:

    Ad, very funny. I especially liked “Groundhog Day-Again”. So true and so sad that Jeb still entertains Presidential ambitions.

    How about the “Unborn Supremacy”? (Not mine, but I like it)

    • AdLib says:

      Hey Funk, thanks!

      The Unborn Supremecy would make the perfect Rick Santorum film, he plays an undercover-in-your-bedroom spy who disarms his female adversaries of birth control pills and voting rights.

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