Turmoil in Egypt once again. The Fundie assault on abortion is heating up. Snowden is still evading the NSA, racism is alive and well, despite what some on the Supreme Court may want you to believe. Latino immigrants are still waiting for a just solution. And the GOPers are STILL trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act.

The bright light in all of this is that marijuana legality is being considered in many other states now besides Washington and Colorado. It’s a move toward personal liberty and economic improvement for the states.

Whatever you are feeling, please post the music that most exemplifies those feelings. Happy, Angry, Sad, Elated, In or Out of Love, or any combination of them all. You are invited to choose and enjoy the choices of others.

Quicksilver Messenger Service – What About Me

It’s a Beautiful Day-White Bird

James Taylor – Carolina in my Mind

Natalie Merchant Carnival

Paul Simon – The Afterlife

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I just finished my last shift for the week.


After 4 months of living in limbo hell, we will be moving into heaven and our new house in early August. So what I’m feeling right now is joy and relief that this will be over soon.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-Our House


Congratulations on your new house. May you live in joy and health.

I used to put headphones on my wife’s belly and play CSNY for my children before they were born. I love it!


Thank you DFHredux, I wish the same for you too. Peace.

Just saw the addition to your comment and think it’s a great idea to teach children music early, especially before they are born. My hubby is still such a Neil Young fan and now he will have his own music room to listen to him whenever he wants to. One of the perks of the new house. 😉

Before I forget, I loved “Emerald Eyes”.