Maybe it’s me, maybe I’ve just been spending far too much time on the internet, but do people seem to be getting crazier by the week? Is that much cheese falling off of that many crackers? How many bends can people go around? Are there really that many happy meals missing french fries? Judging by the look of the GOP, the NRA and producers of rifles for children, I really think so.

So this weekend’s music thread is about crazy people, lunatics and just plain mayhem. Add your favorites or just sit back with a bottle of Zanax and enjoy.

First but not least–Pink Floyd-Brian Damage/Eclipse

Patsy Cline – Crazy

Imelda May – Mayhem

21st Century Schizoid Man – King Crimson

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They’ll be calling you a Radical .. a Liberal
No they are not crazy, but at first the world thinks they are, then history proves them right
The Logical Song – Roger Hodgson

Live ….. this is really great…

In 1980, Roger Hodgson, co-founder of Supertramp, won the Ivor Novello Award from the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters for this song. The Logical Song was named the best song both musically and lyrically. It also has the distinction of becoming one of the most quoted lyrics in schools.

I have such a new respect for this song.


KT – your musical knowledge is awesome, but this week’s selections are giving me hives! It was ALL offset by your throwaway comment about “has that much cheese fallen off the crackers” which made me laugh OUT LOUD which, given the topic, is pretty swell.

Thanks as always for sharing your love of music, your amazing ability to pick the right stuff, and for great comments. However, with all the anger and hostility here and in the world, I think I’m going to listen to Lawrence Welk and chill.

Too much insanity so I am opting – today – for inanity.

NOT without respect for your work, your insights, and your gifts to us all!


Been Caught Stealing – Jane’s Addiction


The Trial – Pink Floyd


Worldwide Suicide – Pearl Jam