Our family has a tradition, at Thanksgiving Dinner, we go around the table and each of us says what we’re thankful for. We’re very proud of this tradition…as opposed to our tradition of going around the table and pouring gravy in each other’s laps…I still don’t get that one.

Here at PlanetPOV, we have a Thanksgiving tradition as well. On this day we use our magical elves to tell us what many of the well known figures in politics are grateful for…and by magic elves, we of course mean making claims of national security breaches to the FBI who then use the Patriot Act to seize private emails (everybody’s doing it now!). Unfortunately, it was difficult this year to find many Republicans who are thankful for much right now so you won’t see some prominent names such as Mitt Romney on the list though we have heard he is thankful for being able to amend deductions on tax returns:





“I’m thankful for sour grapes, sneers, fences that keep damn kids off your lawn, other people’s guilt over not serving in the military, whites-only country clubs and the Republican Party (if that’s not redundant).”



“I’m thankful for fried sticks of butter, tents that can be converted into underwear, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry and the year 2016.”



“I’m thankful that the Endangered Species Act includes tortoises, I’m thankful for anchors, the freedom to deny reality, jowls, low info voters and tempting Hollywood paydays for Ashley Judd movie projects.”



“I’m thankful for The Civil War, the Crusades, Joseph Goebbels’ autobiography, rabies, large fear centers in the amygdala of the brain, hyperventilation, insincere smiles and giant piles of dung named Rupert.”



“I’m thankful for Republican debates, Bin Laden firing his travel agent, the hubris of rich white men, arithmetic and Americans who get angry when Republicans try to stop them from voting.”


Personally, I’m thankful that the majority of Americans have come together to re-elect Barack Obama as our President and share his principles of economic justice, taking care of those in our society who have earned it or desperately need it and seeing ourselves as part of a responsible and compassionate community of human beings. In particular when it comes to policies, I’m thankful for the Affordable Care Act being cemented in place and helping so many people (including some right here on The Planet). I’m thankful for the renewed focus on Climate Change, I’m thankful for the failure of the Kochs and Rove to buy this election for the plutocrats. I’m thankful for President Obama being in office to replace retiring Supreme Court justices and I’m thankful that the lying, unprincipled, elitist Mitt Romney lost big time.

I’m thankful for my family and my health, my remarkable friends here at The Planet and my wonderful “offline” friends as well.

I’m thankful for Kalima, KQuark and Bito who give so much to this site and make it possible for PlanetPOV to exist and stay in orbit every single day. I’m thankful for all of our brilliant and clever members who smarten me up and make me smile daily. I’m also grateful for all of our readers out there who make all of our contributions here so worthwhile.

From me and PlanetPOV to all of you, a very happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful holiday and weekend with those you love and those who love you.

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Hi all – also sorry not to be around T’giving Day. I’m grateful for all of you, for the hard work AdLib, bito, KQ, Kalima and now Sally do to put together a constant flow of information for us. Gratitude to Sue for her new series on courage in action. Even MORE grateful for the good discussions around it all.

I hope that what happened in 2009 does not occur again.America sat back and thought it could all go on “autopilot” with Obama in the WH and Dems in both houses. The past four years have shown that PBO was correct – democracy is about us, not about them. The reaction against Citizens United, voter restriction, and the hatemongering around us has re-ignited the understanding that democracy is eternal work. That energy needs to be on tap to withstand the idiocy we see – reflected in Sally’s cartoons this week – of a GOP that still thinks, somehow, it won. They are NOT giving up! So we cannot relax this time either.

But gratitude is for evidence that Americans are more wise now, are more energized, and that neither the slavering Right nor snarling faux Left have actually undermined the American people. United we stand. Period.


And, CL, I am thankful that I have you to count among my friends! I don’t have many but those I have are the cream of the crop. You, my friend, are floating on the top! 🙂


Oh what a lovely thing to say! Thank you so much! I count you the same, Sally – you enrich me daily with your insights and GREAT sense of humor and irony! Life is NOT complete any day if I can’t see something you’ve said! Thank you for the gift you give to us all – YOU! A big, post T’giving <<<>>>!!


I’m sorry I didn’t get to stop by on Thanksgiving, but I hope you all had a wonderful day with family and friends!


If John McCain does not have Alzheimers,he at least has SOMEzheimers.What a sad pathetic man he has become


Beatlex, I have to agree. McCain has gone from a respectable man to a radical right winger.
He is bat$hit crazy.


Thanks Ad, for another humorous article. You’ve really beefed up your writing this past year.

Thanks for the Planet and all of it’s members. I truly think being here for a little less than a year, has made me a better person, and a somewhat better writer. There is actual thought here, backed by critical thinking. When I think of any of the other blogs on the net, I can’t help but to be grateful that I was steered to this site. Miles above what else is out there.

I am certainly grateful for Obama getting four more years and what that means for the middle class, working poor, the poor, women, the elderly, minorities and gay people. America won big time this month, although many republicans haven’t realized this yet, but they will when their lives begin improving due to Obama’s devotion to the people of this country.

I’m thankful to my fellow Planeteers who worked tirelessly to help the president get reelected. People with real values and enlightened concern for others.


Wonderful, AdLib. I’m thankful that Rush Limbaugh’s audience has declined by almost 50% and the Mitt has finally gotten a chance to rent Disney World for himself as a post-campaign extension of his trip to FantasyLand.

Seriously, though, I’m grateful for the Planet and all the wonderful people on it. (Aside to BFF Sue: I have been swamped, but I am going to dig into your wonderful WWII series ASAP!) I have learned so much here.

The son is snoozing peacefully in his room, having made the trek back from Madison for Thanksgiving. And the dear daughter has invited us for dinner today. (Tomorrow will be my turn to host her and the family.) So much to be grateful for there.

Like you and the rest of the Planeteers, AdLib, it’s hard to express how grateful I am that we will have four more years of Barack Obama’s inspiring leadership. I’m so proud of the electorate of this country for refusing to be bought, and refusing to be bullied away from casting their votes for the right man. America, ya done good.


Happy Thanksgiving to all here on the Planet. I’m grateful that I found this site. Cheers!