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AdLib On September - 7 - 2011

Well, get on your Obama Bashing and Tax Cutting 3D-Glasses (the hatred and greed will look like it’s coming right at you!), the new GOP Debate is here! Well, actually it’s on MSNBC tonight at 5:00 pm PDT/8:00 pm EDT. Can you feel the excitement? Or at least the rolling of eyes?

We’ll be live blogging on this thread during the debate, hope you’ll join us. In the mean time, please feel free to post comments about the GOP primary and any of the cast from this hit reality show, “Election – Arkham Asylum Edition”.

Now for a little pre-debate rundown of the top contenders:

Michele Bachmann is…er…choking. She’s…blowing it. After winning the Iowa Straw poll (I think the petting zoo put her over the top), she now looks like she’s bitten off more than she can chew (hope they don’t run out of the giant tub of Schadenfreude at Costco).

Her poll numbers plummeted after Perry entered the race, her top advisers have just bailed and from the crazier look in her eyes, her prescription of Zoloft must have run out. This should be the last gasp for her, there is another debate in a week or so but as this is the first debate with Perry as part of the Klan, if she doesn’t back him off of her Baggers tonight, she’s likely lost them for good.

So, I do expect her to come out Full Metal Straightjacket at Perry first then if he pushes back, look for the Crazy Eyes to start shooting lasers. In the end, I think she’s already lost the battle, no one has ever seen her as substantive enough to win the nom or the General Election. The MSM touted her before just to get excited about a manufactured horse race…and some in the GOP did to reflect how unhappy they were with Romney being the front runner.

Michele Bachmann must feel like Lincoln in the story she always tells about him, how George Washington shot him in the back while he was riding from Concord to warn the British.


As for Romney, I think we’ll see him stay on message to the point of being painful to watch, about his bonehead “jobs” plan and the economy, “By cutting taxes for the wealthy, corporations and on capital gains, our government will go bankrupt and when the Chinese repossess America, who do you think they’ll hire to train Chinese workers to run the country? Americans, that’s right! And that means jobs!”

Romney is the sneaky kid who tries to win dodgeball by hiding behind other kids. My bet is that he won’t take on Perry directly though he may by innuendo (“As the only Governor here who was a CEO…and not a last-minute ‘I’m jumping in the race now!’ dick…”) or restrained comment but his game is that of the coward, sit back and hope someone else does his dirty work for him or that Perry will trip himself up.

The flaw in Romney’s “Winning Through Cowardice” strategy is that, Baggers don’t care what their anointed ones say or do as long as they hate the black president, Democrats and anything that will help 99% of Americans. If Perry was to say, “Poor people should be ground up into kibble and fed to the poodles of the wealthy,” they would applaud wildly as the conveyor belt took them down to the grinder.

There is no gaffe that can harm Perry with the GOP base as long as he stays hateful. Romney’s “Cowards Way Out” to the nomination may be looked back on as being as wrong-headed as Giuliani in 2008 waiting until Florida to win a primary. And with Romney having a double jointed neck, he’ll be the only one able to simultaneously look backwards and ahead at the same time!


Yes, you, the older oddball with his hand up for the last hour, who are you?

Poor Ron Paul. He could be at the top of the polls and win caucuses and primaries but to the GOP and MSM, he will always be just another job for Ghostbusters. It’s like trying to get a 5 year old to look at the vase he broke, the MSM looks over here, over there, up and down but never sees poor old Ron Paul. He will have his supporters in the audience but neither the GOP nor the MSM will confirm any of the following three things:

1. The Tea Party is racist.

2. Tax cuts don’t create jobs.

3. Ron Paul exists.

Sorry Ron, it’s not us Dems doing this. In fact, here’s a tribute, from us to you:


Which brings us to the clown who will be performing in the center ring of this big top, Rick Perry. The Loon Ranger comes into his first national debate with a weak track record in debates. He seems to do okay if not sabotaged by someone ruthlessly presenting facts:

Fortunately, Politico is co-hosting the debate so Perry shouldn’t have to worry about too many facts flying around.

As mentioned above, Perry is now the front runner and IMO, untouchable in the primary, despite the horse race mentality of the MSM. Tea Party voters take pride in misquoting The Treasure of Sierra Madre, “Facts? We don’t need no stinkin’ facts!” The relationship between Perry and Baggers is like puppy love, it’s all about your heart (or the darkest chunk of coal that has replaced it), not about your head. They’ll love him if he does well, they’ll love him if he stumbles, they will always be there for him, come what may…unless he starts to act reasonable, then they’ll quickly run him over with a pickup truck. Ah, young extremist love!

As this is Perry’s first debate, he’s not great at thinking on his feet and as front runner, when the target’s not on Obama, it will  be painted on him, I’d think Perry plays it lower key and just goes for the “I’m the guy you’d want to have a beer with…like that other Governor guy from Texas who ran for President…whatever happened with that?”.

He’ll likely stay on point as well, tax cuts and Obama-Bad! but I think he’ll try very hard to avoid any conflict or say anything that’s not rehearsed (he may have a good ol’ boy moment or two scripted and up his sleeve).

The rest of the candidates might as well get paid for their extra work and book their next gig on, “Titanic, Part 2”.

Lastly, the setting will no doubt lead to a GOP form of Tourette’s syndrome that will cause all the attendees to uncontrollably blurt out the word “Reagan” throughout the debate. Viewers should not be alarmed and are cautioned not to play a drinking game with that word because a plethora of alcohol poisoning cases occurred last time.

For those unfamiliar with Reagan Tourette’s, this insidious disease causes statements like these to be spoken, “I have to say that my hero on this and my role model was Ronald Reagan. I was just a young Reagan when I Reaganed for the first time. I remember Reaganing, ‘I’m really Reaganed, I get to Reagan Reagan and I’ll always Reagan this Reagan!”. It Reagan was the most Reagan in my entire Reagan.”

So, be all prepared for tonight’s GOP debate. Get your popcorn near the microwave, keep your computer close to the tv to join us live blogging and Tweeting and just so you don’t miss a moment, don’t forget to take a good Reagan before the debate begins!

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Kalima says:

    How the poor and hungry are treated in Texas.


    Miracle or mirage – what’s the truth about Rick Perry’s Texas?

    Governor Rick Perry’s ‘economic miracle’ could take him to the White House. But for many, his state is a land of hunger and poverty – even for some of those who have a job

    • John Turner: So why are so many Texans going hungry?



  2. choicelady says:

    Sorry I missed you all during this. My home computer is entirely corrupted so I could not respond to the corruption I was watching on TV. My lord those people are angry! The thing I noticed is how little they seem to like the America PEOPLE. Back when I was 25 many years ago, they were already calling Social Security a false promise. It’s still here and entirely fixable to ensure solvency for years to come. This administration has held the growth of Medicare to 4% after years of double digit increases. And it can be made vastly more efficient with cuts to the added-on privatization.

    I do hope Perry gets it, but I think Romney might outlast him. Romney may be more problem for the president, but frankly he’s got a lousy track record on every single thing he has done.

    Where Obama is weak was revealed last night in the MSNBC turn to the woman from HP (who was amazingly supportive of the president) in the ‘fact check’ (pinched from Politifact without attribution -- how HP of her)who said that the ARRA stimulus had created between 1.2 and 4.0 MILLION full time equivalent JOBS.

    Where is that information? Why is that NOT trumpeted to the skies? We’ve all seen the charts -- red Bush job loss rates plummeting, blue Obama job loss rates declining -- but it’s never in the MSM or talking points on anything but maybe MSNBC.

    Obama needs a cheering section with the verve and energy we have not yet seen. Someone needs to champion all he’s done, and done well, for all of us.

    Anyway -- sorry to miss you. AdLib -- AMAZING snarky photos of the participants! Loved them all!

    • AdLib says:

      You were missed Choicelady but you probably saved yourself some brain cells if it meant you watched less of the debate than we did.

      I couldn’t agree more, Obama needs to campaign on the positives when he officially begins campaigning. We need to see a ton of ads about the millions of jobs he added and how he crunched Medicare spending down to a 4% increase, how people can’t be denied insurance due to pre-existing conditions or have lifetime limits, how he took down Bin Laden and helped bring down Gadaffi and much much more.

      He truly has a lot of successes to run on and he should be on the offensive about them instead of on the defensive about jobs when the Repubs planned that to be his downfall. Outsmart them, build up his likeability and respect for his accomplishments and still fight for jobs programs, doable and visionary.

      Man, are we going to have to take over his campaign for him or what? You can’t run on modesty if you want to be re-elected President, go bold, go big and let everyone know all you’ve done!

  3. Khirad says:

    Picking From The Field Of 9 GOP Candidates: A Hilarious Flowchart

    ” alt=”img” />

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