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AdLib On September - 8 - 2011

Bathing in the warm glow of last night’s descent into glaring insanity, otherwise known as a GOP Debate (applause for killing hundreds of people, border fences will imprison Americans in their own country, the only way to help the poor is to stop helping them), we now swing the spotlight away from the Children of the Damned’s Table to the Adult Table…President Obama’s speech before Congress on a new jobs program.

His speech begins at 4:00 pm PDT/7:00 PM EDT. A video feed is below at the bottom of this article (it will appear blank until the speech is about to begin). Best practice is to keep one window open to watch and listen to the speech uninterrupted and use another window to live blog with us. If you’re watching on tv, best to mute your computer.

To the disappointment of Republicans, Pres. Obama’s speech is not expected to contain such phrases as “Abject Liar”, “Ponzi Scheme” or “To Serve the Poor…it’s a cookbook!” so some Republicans have chosen not to attend and instead will be catching up on correspondence with Nazi re-enactment groups in their districts.

What Pres. Obama is expected to detail is a $300 billion jobs plan which includes an extension of unemployment benefits, a continued waiving of payroll taxes for workers, an infrastructure rebuilding plan and more.

It sounds like Obama is trying to make Repubs a deal that they can’t refuse. From all signs, it doesn’t look to be a huge, ambitious plan but a collection of familiar and helpful initiatives. The concept may be that putting smaller and reasonable ideas on the table could get at least something passed before the 2012 campaign begins and at least make things a little better.  If Repubs reject them, they will look even worse for it.

Just imagining now but I could see how rolling out a modest and seemingly no-brainer plan right now and pulling out in the campaign a more ambitious and bold approach could touch all the bases. Going too big now could make him look less interested in trying to help and more interested in getting re-elected. Using bigger ideas to campaign on and expressing that only with a Dem Congress could such plans come true, he could re-ignite Hope and Change in many and bigger changes could take place if he and Dems win in 2012.

As for tonight, Pres. Obama does need to come off genuine and compassionate but most importantly, resolved. If he is stonewalled by the Repubs he should use this as a battle cry for change, clear cause for the urgent need to replace them with Dems.

The national argument needs to be made. Change can’t happen with Tea Baggers threatening economic destruction at every turn and Repubs smothering a recovery because it brings Obama’s numbers down. I agree that the time hasn’t quite come yet to go there but after we see what happens with the Super Committee and his Jobs Bill, if cooperation doesn’t occur, it’s time to suit up and take this fight to The People and 2012.

The GOP has been very cocky in their delusional bubble, threatening our economy, millions of those who get government checks, etc. all to extort from Obama all their demands. They have not succeeded at that though they have done a great deal of harm to the nation and its economy in the process.

Why should Obama try once again to negotiate with people who are of such ill will? Perhaps…after returning to their states and getting hammered in town halls…or intentionally avoiding their constituency’s anger by not holding town halls…and after seeing Congress’ approval ratings plummet to the lowest in history, 12%…maybe at least for some, the bubble they’ve been living in has popped. Maybe they now see that re-election and keeping the House is greatly at risk if they don’t work with Obama on a bipartisan jobs deal.

All the Republicans seem to care about is having power and legislating to help corporations…so if the public is getting angrier at them…maybe they realize that in 2012 they could lose all that power and legislation they crave.

Maybe not, maybe they’re smugly sitting back in their DC bubble, confident that Koch and Rove money and new election laws will tilt the election to them and against popular sentiment…but maybe not.

In any case, this would be a great time for Pres. Obama to hit one out of the ballpark rhetorically, capturing lightning in a bottle once again in this speech and renewing hope in people that things are really going to get better. We’ll find out tonight, hope you’ll join us live blogging during his speech but in the meantime, please feel free to comment about your thoughts on what he should say, what we should do to get our economy back on track and how all of this connects with the 2012 elections.

UPDATE: (Video removed after speech)

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. bito says:

    AdLib posted the entire email earlier but this part of PBO’s email needs to be shouted!

    What happens will be up to you. In the coming days and weeks, it will be up to you to pressure Congress to act — or hold them accountable if they do not.

    If you’re with me, let me know. And the campaign will make sure you are looped into our efforts to support this plan.

    And from the transcript:

    But know this: The next election is 14 months away. And the people who sent us here — the people who hired us to work for them — they don’t have the luxury of waiting 14 months. (Applause.) Some of them are living week to week, paycheck to paycheck, even day to day. They need help, and they need it now.


    And I intend to take that message to every corner of this country. (Applause.) And I ask — I ask every American who agrees to lift your voice: Tell the people who are gathered here tonight that you want action now. Tell Washington that doing nothing is not an option. Remind us that if we act as one nation and one people, we have it within our power to meet this challenge.

    As Kilgore Trout/KT contrasted in TO/OT earlier.
    PBO’s book was a positive book “The Audacity of Hope.”
    And what is the name if Perry’s book but negativity, despair and fear--“Fed Up.

    Is the contrast more stark?

    • Emerald1943 says:

      I emailed my Congresswoman Foxx last night to encourage her to support the AJA, not that it will do much good! She is a good little foot-soldier who reads repub talking points so well.

      I also sent an email to the White House to congratulate the President on the speech. I felt like he deserved a pat on the back. I did put in a rather shameless plug for PPOV! Maybe he will visit us sometime!

      As far as the book titles are concerned, what else do the repugs have to go on but fear? I am praying that there is no attack this 9/11. If there is, the President will take one on the chin by the rethugs! It will, of course, be his fault, just like everything else! Grrrrr!

    • agrippa says:

      The implication is clear:
      if we in Washington think that americans are going to be satisfied with us sitting here doing nothing, you are sadly mistaken.

  2. Emerald1943 says:

    For those who would like more details, the White House fact sheet is very good.

    Bito has been good enough to provide us a link on Twitter…


    • bito says:

      Another touchdown for Emerald for watching the twitter widget! 🙂
      The fact sheet is also linked at the end of the transcript of the speech.
      I wish that the puds on teevee read it before they started their carping.
      Rachel has been the only bright spot on the telly anymore for me, she politely put down Fathead Big Ed today.

      • Emerald1943 says:

        Hi bito! I told you…that Twitter thingy is great! I find some of the neatest things on there! Is that 6 points or do I have to kick a field goal?? 🙂

        As far as Big Ed is concerned, he toned it down last night before he came on for his regular show. He was supportive of the President’s plan, and he was especially happy that the Prez stood up for collective bargaining.

        I saw some pretty nasty comments about Rachel last night. I still don’t know what she said that p*ssed everybody off so badly. Somebody mentioned that she called the President “Barry”…perhaps that was a take-off on the “Give ’em hell, Harry” speech by Truman. I’m just sayin’…

        One thing about last night though…at least, no one in the repub ranks shouted “Liar” at the President. There didn’t seem to be any blatant disrespect. It’s almost comical to see these guys backing down now.

        EDIT: Sorry I didn’t see your link before I posted.

      • escribacat says:

        I wish I had seen that (RM putting down Ed the Braying Horse). What did she say?

        • bito says:

          e’cat, I’m not saying that Rachel didn’t have her “if’s, but’s” and speculation on the speech, but Ed was getting way over the top and she was just gave Ed a “whoa Ed, lets try using some facts.

          God MSNBC is Fox lite! Andrea Mitchell just ran a clip of the speech and cut off the sentence in the middle.

          PBO was talking about modifications in Medicare and Medicaid, cuts off the full sentence, and then comes on and asks about the “cuts” to Medicare!
          Let me see if I can find the full quote.

          This is the clip she showed:

          it’s a balanced plan that would reduce the deficit by making additional spending cuts, by making modest adjustments to health care programs like Medicare and Medicaid,

          And this is the full sentence:

          In addition to the trillion dollars of spending cuts I’ve already signed into law, it’s a balanced plan that would reduce the deficit by making additional spending cuts, by making modest adjustments to health care programs like Medicare and Medicaid, and by reforming our tax code in a way that asks the wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations to pay their fair share.

          And what she heard was cuts to Medicare/Medicaid, that’s all?


          • Emerald1943 says:

            Bito, I get so frustrated with these talking heads who equate “adjustments” with “cuts”. The President has said a number of times that adjustments HAVE to be made, which can include things like payments to doctors and hospitals. He has not said anything about “cuts” to beneficiaries nor did he do so last night!

            But we all know how these guys work…they have to gin up some kind of fear or conflict to boost their ratings!

          • escribacat says:

            I know. I’m so fed up with this nit-picking I can barely stand to watch the news lately.

  3. SueInCa says:

    So that is where the Senator elected President Obama has been. Good to see him come out swinging tonight. What a refreshing speech. What could the republicans do but stand up and clap LOL. America was watching them. And that speech was about Americans on Main Street. And he will find out, no one is going to criticize him, at least not if they know middle America is listening.

    Yahoo, I am refreshed.

  4. foodchain says:

    Hey Everyone: my time is still limited but geeez it’s good to read these comments as I have time.

    I loved this speech and hope this is a better roadmap going forward. To everyone, I wish I could read, search and comment in kind to the value you all offer. Maybe October….. but some spots in between.

    What incredible value. 🙂

    • AdLib says:

      Great to have you here when you can be, Foodchain!

      It was a sterling speech, he did everything he could do. Now it’s up to the MSM and the public to hammer the Repubs into working for the benefit of America.

  5. bito says:

    What exactly was the President proposing? What have the pudnuts NOT even read before stating their gabbing and jabbing?

    Fact Sheet: The American Jobs Act



    Not exactly Romney’s 59 points. 😆

    • agrippa says:

      The commentariat does not read stupid things such as legislation or propsed legislation.

    • bito says:

      Reading some Tweets form some of the “professional left” they are picking this apart line by line and not looking at the whole. Perfection is what they seek and perfection will not pass Congress.

      “Missed the forest while looking at the trees?” Some are looking at the leaves and missing the forest.

      Apologies to Milt Shook for stealing this, but “Please, cut the Crap!”

      It was a great speech and The President challenged the GOP/TP and Dems to act for the country and not their party. He was Presidential, everyone’s president!

      • Sabreen60 says:

        I never thought I would stop listening to those so-called progressives on MSNBC. I have stopped. Either they are doing what they do just for the paycheck or they’re stupid or incompetent. Either way it’s a waste of time, IMO.

        • bito says:

          Sabreen, it is frustrating and maddening, they are given time to educate not pontificate and payed extremely well for what they do. Their “what if’s, yeah, but’s” are infuriating. I pulled up the fact sheet, I can see the forest and not trees. I know people that collect cans and scrap metal to buy food because they were “layed-off” and these fat and sassy people get on the the air and say “I’m a progressive, I’m a liberal, but….
          Ed Shultz makes enough money to pay someone to wipe his butt, and this bill just ain’t good enough for him?

          Excuse me. but to all the PL’s Fuck You!

          PBO mentioned needing adjustments to Medicare, which we do need (see MB today about Medicare fraud) and the PL yells Obama wants to CUT Medicare!
          Adjustments to Medicare concerning Pharma, tests, scans…. ARE needed and they are not cuts.

          At times I don’t know who I am more angry at, the far left or the far right.

          • Emerald1943 says:

            Bito, I have to agree with you! Ed was still negative tonight, even tho’ most were fairly positive about the speech. I swear I don’t know what he wants already!!

            I just changed the channel…I was definitely READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!! And what a game it was! Four TD’s in the 1st quarter! Final score 42-34 Green Bay! Two great quarterbacks!

          • SueInCa says:

            Bito here here, I am right with you. I don’t watch them anymore

            • agrippa says:

              I do not watch them either.
              The commentariat, for the most part, is silly.

      • AdLib says:

        The Professional Left is neither.

  6. AlphaBitch says:

    OK, off to make my first donation to Barack Obama. More to follow, if he keeps it up.

    • foodchain says:

      Hey AlphaBitch, I hear you. My biggest beef is with the DNC and the elected democrats; where the Hell are they? Where are their voices? Why can’t they say something about the GOP?

      • AdLib says:

        You have to put a lot of that on the MSM who won’t broadcast what they say, whether on the floor or in interviews.

        There are many strong Dems in Congress whose work and words go unnoticed by the public.

        • Emerald1943 says:

          I hope Debbie Wasserman-Schultz will improve that situation. She is really great for the DNC! Jim Clyburn is another strong one who doesn’t get heard enough.

        • bito says:

          Or Fox will edit it like they did with Hoff’s Labor Day speech.

          Did you hear about Bernie Sander’s Bill to raise the income gap on SS on the MSM? Hell no, they would rather cover Perry’s “Ponzi scheme” than a solution, or the letter sent to McConnell by 25 (last count) Dem Senators saying that the joint committee’s #1 job, is jobs? I got those notices from the DNC!

          What’s the line from ‘Broadcast News’, “Well if it’s not being reported, it must not be news.”

          • AdLib says:

            The MSM doesn’t want to help America, just themselves.

            And accurately portraying things in politics and DC doesn’t help them maintain an eternal status of political conflict.

            After all, if a big majority realized one side was much better than the other, the conflict evaporates as control in DC becomes one sided.

      • AlphaBitch says:

        no frickin’ kiddin’ FoodChain! I swear, I’d go all Kim Jong Il on the GOP arses. But I also look at what happened to Grayson, who tended to act like I wanted. Maybe I’m not the best judge (but try and convince me of that)

        • foodchain says:

          AlphaBitch, We are good judges but an ethic of dumbing down our own people has hurt us. And pitted us against each other. How sad is that! Maybe a collective HUH because reiterating how awful the GOP is is tiresome and worse--whydont’ they get it!!

  7. ADONAI says:

    I just have this felling though, that the “super committee” won’t be so super.

  8. KQuark says:

    The president did great and for once lowered expectations by offering a bigger plan than was leaked. Moreover the plan is long term and not shortsighted like all the Republican “plans”. His forcefulness had the right tone and was timed just right.

  9. AlphaBitch says:

    The Blov wanted to drop a note to Boehner:

    Hey! Whassup with your color? I thought it was my TV, so I adjusted it back until you were orange, then I noticed EVERYONE was orange., Is brown the new normal for you????

  10. bito says:

    The Q&A at the WH is 50x’s better than the pudnuts on the teevee! These are real questions and answers! Real people!

  11. ADONAI says:

    It’s the speech I wanted him to give 6 months ago but, to be fair, he was kinda busy keeping the country from imploding.

    It’s the best policy speech of his Presidency so far.

    • AdLib says:

      Not to mention killing Bin Laden.

      Agreed, I’m not a cheerleader and I really haven’t been hugely impressed with many of his speeches as President but this one rocked!

  12. AdLib says:

    Target the districts of key Repubs in the House and states of key Senators, bring the fight right to their doorstep and get them fearful about losing their seats.

  13. Kalima says:

    After the pathetic and mind numbing of the GOP debate fiasco yesterday, if I were an American citizen, I’d be all fired up and ready to vote right now. 2012 couldn’t come quick enough for me.

  14. AdLib says:

    Aw, Rick Perry could have done a better speech AND he would have called Dems abject liars!

  15. ADONAI says:

    I still liked Romeny’s plan better.

    First of all, it’s all in a handy pamphlet with color graphics. Very cool.

  16. bito says:

    SpeakerBoehner Speaker John Boehner
    Statement on President Obama’s address to a Joint Session of Congress: http://j.mp/pGf4jM

    So he wrote a response before the speech, or he’s a speed writer?

    • AdLib says:

      Oh really? He was afraid people would watch football instead of him so he just releases a lame statement.

      • bito says:

        Yep. AdLib, the statement was almost as powerful as the President’s speech! No? 😉

        “American families and small businesses are hurting, and they are looking for the White House and Congress to seek common ground and work together to help get our economy back on track. Republicans have laid out a blueprint for economic growth and job creation – our Plan for America’s Job Creators – that focuses on one thing: removing government barriers to private-sector job growth.

        “The proposals the President outlined tonight merit consideration. We hope he gives serious consideration to our ideas as well. It’s my hope that we can work together to end the uncertainty facing families and small businesses, and create a better environment for long-term economic growth and private-sector job creation.”

        BYW-STFU Chuck Todd!

  17. ADONAI says:

    I just don’t understand why he was picking on corporations so much. They’re our job creators.

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