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Kalima On June - 1 - 2010

Good morning everyone!

I hope that when and if you have the time, MB will be the place for you to catch up with friends before you leave for work or start your new day. A place to relax and take a break from serious topics and discussions during your day.

You are free to talk about anything here. Introduce your favourite news stories, videos, photos, funny stories or recipes. Think of it as your space, whether you wake up with the birds or chose to have a lay in, MB is open 24/7, from 5 am EST-2 am PST.

Please feel free to drop in anytime, you are always welcome here.

Categories: Speakers' Corner

Written by Kalima

Long time resident of Tokyo --- "Where is this woman I once knew so well? Memories fading or hurtling by like a howling wind at a speed I can't fathom or define. A star hangs like a teardrop from her eye, quivering but never falling. I search the empty corridors of my soul in hopes of catching just another glimpse of who she once presumed herself to be. Where is this woman who trod with such certainty, where is she now? I mourn her passing as another dawn breaks in my restless heart."

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  1. VegasBabe says:

    H A P P Y 4 T H O F J U L Y
    E V E R Y O N E !
    Keep it safe and sober πŸ˜‰
    Off to work now. Serena won her 4th Wimbledon championship, Germany tool Argentina, and football hasn’t started yet so all is right with the world. When football DOES start, it’ll be STEELERS all the way!! Hope your cookouts are terrific. BTW, where’s Kquark these days…haven’t seen him in awhile.

  2. Kalima says:

    Happy 4th of July everyone!!! Tomorrow right?

  3. Kalima says:

    Good morning everyone, been missing, so sorry.

    Really odd story, can’t get my head around this one can you?

    Religious ‘marriages’ for gays, minister indicates
    Homosexual couples could be allowed to

  4. bitohistory says:

    I don’t find this collection of pics as good as Kalima’s Guardian link, but you may like to have a look.


  5. Kalima says:

    I missed 2 days, please forgive me.

    Good afternoon.

    UK firm Octel bribed Iraqis to keep buying toxic fuel additive
    Exclusive: Officials in Iraq were bribed to overlook effects of leaded petrol on children’s health


    • bitohistory says:

      One result of you missing, Kalima, is that I miss my world tours from your links. So glad you now have your AC fixed and you are enjoying a good nights rest.

      Some news from Israel on the Gaza Blockade. Seems that they will soon be able to buy head lights for their non-running cars, windshield wipers too. Engine parts? Nope.

      “Chocolate and ketchup flow into Gaza, but still no cement”

      If you have cash to spare in Gaza, you can treat your children to new varieties of chocolate Israel has just let in for the first time in a few years, or splash out on new tableware it allowed into the territory this week.
      If you need cement and steel to rebuild a home destroyed by war, you’ll have to wait a bit longer….
      The steps taken by Israel so far have disappointed Palestinians who want ready access to materials such as cement, not consumer goods which are plentiful for the few with spare cash.
      Chocolate and ketchup flow into Gaza, but still no cement
      Israel is still deciding exactly what it will and will not allow into Gaza under a new approach towards the enclave, which it has blockaded for four years.
      If you have cash to spare in Gaza, you can treat your children to new varieties of chocolate Israel has just let in for the first time in a few years, or splash out on new tableware it allowed into the territory this week.

      If you need cement and steel to rebuild a home destroyed by war, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

      Israel is still deciding exactly what it will and will not allow into Gaza under a new approach towards the enclave, which it has blockaded for four years. As it changes the policy, some previously banned goods have started to flow across the border.
      A Palestinian man carries a sack of wheat inside a shop in northern Gaza Strip June 8, 2010.

      A Palestinian man carries a sack of wheat inside a shop in northern Gaza Strip June 8, 2010.
      Photo by: Reuters

      As yet, there is no sign of the basic materials and machine parts which aid workers and businessmen say Gaza needs if the homeless are to be rehoused and the economy is to be revived to alleviate growing poverty attributed to the blockade.

      Facing an international outcry over its lethal raid on a Turkish aid ship that tried to break the embargo last month, Israel announced on June 20 that it would ease the blockade.

      The announcement was welcomed by foreign governments which have urged Israel to lift or ease the embargo.

      The steps taken by Israel so far have disappointed Palestinians who want ready access to materials such as cement, not consumer goods which are plentiful for the few with spare cash.

      Gaza has yet to rebuild from Israel’s 2008-2009 offensive against Hamas, the Islamist movement which governs here and the stated target of the blockade, imposed because of the group’s hostility towards Israel.

      Over the past two weeks, the easing of the embargo has allowed grocers to fill their shelves with cornflakes, cakes, biscuits, shampoo and razor blades supplied through the Kerem Shalom crossing to Gaza.

      Like most items, these goods were available, if expensive, from black marketeers who have been filling the supply gap by bringing in merchandise through tunnels from Egypt, Gaza’s main supply route for the past two years.

      “The market cannot absorb this,” said grocery store owner Emad al-Buzm, as he turned away boxes of vacuum-wrapped cakes that had just arrived from Israel.

      “The country needs materials that employ people: cement, metal, raw materials for the factories,” he said, alluding to the economic hardship in Gaza. The United Nations’ agency UNRWA which cares for Palestinian refugees says 80 percent of the population now depends on its food aid, compared with 40 percent a few years ago.

      Cool, now they will have big screen TVs available to dream about placing in their bombed out living room that has no electricity. Soon they can think about buying new draperies, if they ever get a paycheck or job, for their glassless windows.


  6. Kalima says:

    Awful news, gosh I’m sorry for the Gulf Coast, what is going to happen now?

    I feel sick.


  7. Kalima says:

    No A/C, in a daze, forgive me please.

    National Gallery: an art exhibition where nothing is what it seems
    A fascinating new show examines the controversial question of fakery, forgeries and mistaken identities in art.



  8. Kalima says:

    I bow my head to the floor, your floor, I add at least nice pictures.

    24 Hours in Pictures


    • Khirad says:

      Senator Byrd passed away.


      The ecstasy one day, and agony the next…


      He remains a powerful testament to the power for a man to change what’s in his heart and to the power of redemption.

      • kesmarn says:

        And there was this happy side of Byrd that not every one knew about, either:

        • PatsyT says:

          So glad that you posted that kes,
          Music and art can really open you mind.
          Senator Byrd proved that.
          That is some serious skill he has there.
          My daughter, the violinist, has some fiddler friends.
          It’s a lot harder then you might think.
          They are playing mainly by ear.

          • kesmarn says:

            You’re welcome, Patsy. I love old time Appalachian folk music (among many other genres). Byrd was something of a working man’s good ole boy who evolved into a real statesman without losing touch with the best part of his roots.

            And, yes, anyone who’s ever picked up a violin or a fiddle knows it’s not an easy thing to master. Kudos to your dear daughter. It must be a pleasure to listen to her practice.

            • PatsyT says:

              I love that music too kes, especially in those old recordings that sound as if they are coming out of an old tube radio.
              You are right, next year I will miss all that practice!
              She will be off to school.

            • PatsyT says:

              All righty then… Love those Skillet Lickers! Morphine was cheep!
              How did they keep up with the dancing?

            • kesmarn says:

              Just about the time the last one leaves, the first one comes back.

              And yes, there are times, too, when “I vant to be alone…” resonates.

            • PatsyT says:

              Thats fun kes, thanks!
              The nest has two more to go and of course, the dogs!
              I may never be alone.
              I wonder if Greta Garbo had all these kids and dogs?

            • kesmarn says:

              Or, better yet: Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers!!!

            • kesmarn says:

              Ouch! Empty nest. I hear you.

              A little consolation:

      • Kalima says:

        Such a wonderful voice at times, I’m sad.

  9. Khirad says:

    This is why I was in a really good mood today.

    Alright, so it was really 4-2. Still, Germany dominated.

  10. Kalima says:

    Good morning everyone. Our A/C is broken, can hardly breathe, forgive me please.

    24 Hours in Pictures


  11. Kalima says:

    Good morning everyone!

    Will be a little busy for a few days so will wish you all a great weekend. Take care and be safe.

    Gosh I’m missing so many of you, where on earth are you?

    We ALL have probs, Mother EARTH calling, come home please.

    To live or let live. To moderate or not to moderate, even when insulted. To ban or not to ban, a huge disagreement between this bull and your leader we are so lucky to have. Disagreements happen, in the middle of one that could change my internet life, I’ll keep you posted. I care, that’s all we need to know right now. As KQ said often. “Peace.”

    Can this get any worse?

    “BP accused of killing endangered sea turtles in cleanup operation”
    Environmentalists press Obama administration to put a halt to BP’s ‘burn fields’ to dispose of oil from the Gulf spill


    When most people say that they are going to do something, they usually do it. When will Israel stop pussyfooting around and actually DO something useful for the Palestinians?

    “Gazans wait for Israel’s easing of the blockade to make a practical difference”
    Factories are still starved of raw materials as Israel drags its heels over what will be let through


    This has to be wiped out. There is NO honour in killing.

    “Triple murder in India highlights increase in ‘honour killings’
    New custodians of age-old prejudices behind increase in ‘honour killings’ in India.


    24 Hours in Pictures


    #6 It’s already been a year. #12. They look exactly how I feel.

    • Khirad says:

      I’ve been wondering the same. That’s why I always let you guys know when I’m too occupied.

      By the way, the last pic for me. I want some Taybeh beer!

    • kesmarn says:

      Kalima, like you, I miss our posters who have taken (I hope temporary) leave. Please, at least let us know how you’re doing. We do miss you.

      And if I have said anything offensive to anyone, please accept my humble apologies. I haven’t meant to post anything insulting. If something came across that way, it was truly not intended.

      It’s always a balancing act to keep discussions free and candid, while at the same time avoiding hurt feelings. The Planet seems to have kept that balance much better than any place else. Or at least that has been my impression.

      If anyone has felt wounded, I would hope that you could bring that into discussion and I really believe it could be worked out.

      Have a wonderful weekend, all!

      • Kalima says:

        Oh gosh, no you haven’t kes, I was just thinking out loud. Just about everyone here has done a wonderful job of being able to discuss issues without going off the deep end. I’m just wondering where everyone is, that’s all.

        For me, the freedom here is not to be taken for granted, neither is the genuine caring, thoughtfulness or the opportunity to say what we really feel, and I feel blessed to be here. I was hoping that most people felt the same.

        • Mightywoof says:

          I was hoping that most people felt the same.

          I can’t speak for others, Kalima, but I sure feel the same way!!

          There are a lot of MIA’s -- KQuark, Cher, TRP to name but 3 -- I just hope they’re enjoying their summer and nothing untoward has happened.

          • Kalima says:

            Yes, Mw and thank you for your response.

            It is a 30C+ day here and our A/C has broken down, excuse my meanderings.

            • Mightywoof says:

              Oh no!! I’m surprised you’re only meandering -- I’d be totally witless and in a quivering puddle on the floor!

      • PatsyT says:

        I second that kes!

        • bitohistory says:

          Morning Patsy, May I “third” that? When I spent the month without the internets, I was wondering where so many people disappeared to when I returned. I do miss so many of the posts and comments. Is it something to do with summer or k’es and Patsy and their sarcastic attitude? πŸ˜†

          • PatsyT says:

            Hi bito,
            Well I hope it’s not my sarcastic attitude
            but you never know… am I really that sarcastic?
            Can’t we just blame bp? πŸ˜‰

            • bitohistory says:

              Hey Patsy, I have no idea, and no you aren’t sarcastic enough.
              I think I should take the blame, I want to take the blame. No one ever gives me credit for anything ❗ πŸ˜‰

            • PatsyT says:

              Well now I am the lucky one today!
              Should I wait at the door for my prize?
              Is it a pony?
              Free house cleaning for a year?
              A year of free membership
              to the cheese of the month club?
              A Winnebago?
              California Winnebagos…..
              they’re giving em away!

            • bitohistory says:

              And You win the prize, Patsy, for being 9’001st comment on OT ❗ (AdLib was 9,000, so he’s disqualified. πŸ˜›

            • PatsyT says:

              Well your name starts with a b..
              but no p … darn
              Hey you have the credit for the Always popular Off Topic thread!

  12. Kalima says:

    Good morning to all of you. I’m sure that there are many who are glad that it’s Friday again, So TGIF!

    Trouble in coalition paradise?

    “Budget cuts: top Lib Dems fire warning to Tories”
    Simon Hughes warns that curbs to pensioners’ allowances may threaten coalition


    Oh these people are just so bloody “cheap.” Even now they are still more concerned about their image than the disastrous mess they have created.

    “BP clean-up contractors told to ignore workers’ pay claim ‘fraud’

  13. Kalima says:

    Good morning everyone, hope things are well with you all.

    About wanting to export some rain, better take a “rain check” it was sunny today, but still a sauna.

    Two views from the Guardian and the Beeb.

    “Barack Obama sacks Afghan war commander Stanley McChrystal”
    Obama says McChrystal ‘undermined’ conflict, but there will be no change in strategy


    Such a show of pure incompetence should leave no doubt that deep water drilling has to stop. Heard it’s fixed again.

    “Gulf oil spill flow increases after accident forces BP to remove cap”
    ‘Top hat’ damaged by robot vehicle shortly after US interior secretary had praised device


    What an absolutely ridiculous and gormless statement to make.

    “Budget will hit poor harder than rich, according to IFS report”
    Thinktank challenges claim of ‘tough but fair’ measures and predicts poorer families will suffer in second half of parliament


    Well done! My father just told me that she’s originally a Welsh woman, he seemed rather proud of that

    “Kevin Rudd dumped as Julia Gillard becomes Australian prime minister”

    Australia has its first female prime minister after Kevin Rudd stood down on Thursday, handing the leadership to his deputy Julia Gillard.


    24 Hours in Pictures


  14. Kalima says:

    Hello, I’m back! I’ll bet you didn’t even know I was missing.

    My internet connection went poof from 3:30am P/ 6:30am E. I was so upset that I couldn’t sleep. Felt as if I was on a desert island somewhere waiting for my rescue ship. It just came back and is only the second time in 3 years that I’ve ever lost my connection.

    What did I miss? :)

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